The iPod does a Paris Hilton Sex Video

iDont care what you say: the iPhone is not the end-all, be-all iDevice. I refuse to fall iVictim to the iHype, and iReally iWish all you damn iApple iFanboys would get off my iDamn iBack. iGet it already: you love your iPhone. Great. Life goes on. I’ll be interested in the iPhone after a few iFirmware iRevisions down the iRoad. Until then, it remains a locked-down, overpriced device that doesn’t iCompletely trump its iPredecesors.

For the mobile industry, it’s a gigantic leap ahead in terms of usability and experience – but it doesn’t come close to wiping the walls with compelling iFeatures. You tell me that I need to hold an iPhone in my iHands to get the iTrue iPhone iExperience – but I already know that it’s not going to iHave me at “Hello.” Give me until Leopard, at least?! Jeez, I feel like I need to be a dissenter just to balance out all the iEcho chamber iPhone noise.