A Victim of eBay Fraud

Travis recently joined the small list of chat room regulars. Last night, he jumped online with quite a story – and I asked him to email it to me so that I might pass it back to the blogosphere. He’s been the victim of yet another eBay fraud:

Here’s the deal, on June 5 I decide I to buy myself a nice Dell 24″ 2407WFP monitor from eBay. As always, I quickly checked the sellers feedback and at the time saw no red flags, the seller had sold a few monitors successfully before. I went ahead with the bid and won the auction for $488 + $25 shipping ($513). The following day I get the standard order shipped via USPS email from Paypal saying it was shipped via USPS Media Mail (used for books, movies, etc.), which seemed strange, but at the time I didn’t think much of it. After waiting about a week I still hadn’t received the monitor and the USPS tracking showed no indication of it being shipped, I figured, it happens right? I contacted the seller several times and tried calling but the number was disconnected (big red flag). A few days later I was contacted by several other people who had ordered the same monitor and were wondering if I had received mine. I looked at the sellers completed auctions page and saw about 10(?) other 2407WFPs that had sold.

At this point we were able to determine that the auctions were indeed fraud and it looked like the seller was trying to get some quick cash. On June 18, I filed a fraud claim with Paypal to have my money refunded. Today (July 5th) Paypal marked the case as resolved, I was at first happy until I saw the disturbing balance on my Paypal account. Paypal only covered $200, and let me a note “This is the maximum amount covered by PayPal. If your claim was for more than the amount recovered, the outstanding balance is due from the seller and we will make our best effort to recover it for you.”

I have been jumping through hoops for weeks, sent dozens of emails, made several calls, and still I am $300 in the hole. What did I do wrong? Or someone scamming $5000+ from 10 people combined just a common occurrence on eBay?

Dunno. I think eBay’s feedback system is incredibly broken if things like this continue to happen.