iPhone Problems

Brandon Paddock has been twittering about how the iPhone currently (indefinitely?) does not support 64-bit installations of Windows. I’m less inclined to believe this is a conspiracy, however. There’s a reason I’m still on the classic 32-bit version of Windows today. Then, this note just came in from Lockergnome subscriber (Iowan!) Mike Gatzke:

I have written to you from time to time in the past. In reading your latest postings, you asked that anyone buying an iPhone to let you know their experiences. I bought one yesterday. I didn’t wait in line for hours on end, but I did wait for an hour and a half at the AT&T store in Ankeny, Iowa (interesting experience).

My experience so far is that the phone is working as advertised. Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of “situations” that required some investigation and resolution and there are some features that I think still need some ironing out. However, so far, a very satisfactory experience.

Situations arose that other iPhone customers might run into: I have my computer set up running DEP (Data Execution Prevention) to prevent Buffer Overruns. However, the new version of iTunes required for the iPhone wouldn’t run with DEP turned on. So, I went into my Control Panel, System Settings, Advanced, Performance, DEP and allowed iTunes, the iTunesHelper and Outlook as exceptions to DEP. Once I did this everything seemed to run smoothly. Also, the iPhone doesn’t want users to manually control their music library. The iPhone, currently, will only use the Sync option with selected playlists. It does not yet function like iPods where you can drag your music to the device and play albums individually.

Other than these two items, everything seems to be working flawlessly, quickly, and has been quite a positive experience.