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Brandon Paddock has been twittering about how the iPhone currently (indefinitely?) does not support 64-bit installations of Windows. I’m less inclined to believe this is a conspiracy, however. There’s a reason I’m still on the classic 32-bit version of Windows today. Then, this note just came in from Lockergnome subscriber (Iowan!) Mike Gatzke:

I have written to you from time to time in the past. In reading your latest postings, you asked that anyone buying an iPhone to let you know their experiences. I bought one yesterday. I didn’t wait in line for hours on end, but I did wait for an hour and a half at the AT&T store in Ankeny, Iowa (interesting experience).

My experience so far is that the phone is working as advertised. Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of “situations” that required some investigation and resolution and there are some features that I think still need some ironing out. However, so far, a very satisfactory experience.

Situations arose that other iPhone customers might run into: I have my computer set up running DEP (Data Execution Prevention) to prevent Buffer Overruns. However, the new version of iTunes required for the iPhone wouldn’t run with DEP turned on. So, I went into my Control Panel, System Settings, Advanced, Performance, DEP and allowed iTunes, the iTunesHelper and Outlook as exceptions to DEP. Once I did this everything seemed to run smoothly. Also, the iPhone doesn’t want users to manually control their music library. The iPhone, currently, will only use the Sync option with selected playlists. It does not yet function like iPods where you can drag your music to the device and play albums individually.

Other than these two items, everything seems to be working flawlessly, quickly, and has been quite a positive experience.

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  2. I had no DEP problems…

    Most likely the guy either has:
    1) A bad version of Flash installed (if iTunes uses Flash)
    2) A bad codec or DShow filter that iTunes is trying to use
    3) Maleware/Virus messing with his system or a bad driver.
    or 4) An actual memory problem.

  3. Frankly, although I like my MacBook and iPod (I have had a Nano and now iPod) I find that I am not the least bit interested in a iPhone.
    Much of this is due too cost. $600 is a lot for a cell phone and wireless internet. The memory is way too small to be considered a iPod for me.
    I also hate touch screens. I like to push buttons thank you very much!
    So, although I think Apple has a Apple like cell phone. I am quite happy with my free cell phone my carrier gives me. After all like most people. I just make phone calls on it.

  4. I think anyone who just bought a “ginnie pig iPhone” is foolish (it should still be considered BETA). I’m just gonna sit back and read all the blogs about everything that has gone wrong with it and learn from everyone elses mistakes. Eventually Apple should create a 2nd gen fixing most of the bugs found . After the product has saturated the market enough, within 6 months to a year it will probably be 1/8 to 1/4 off the origional price. Not to mention at&t servers almost crashed on the evening of Jun 29th due to nationwide overload.

    So lets see.. pay 5/600 for a fluke 1st gen, or wait it out a few months and get a near flawless 2gen for less, when both the phone itself and network compatibility has improved. Hopefully it may be open to other more reliable cell carriers down the road too.

    It’s just like the iPods; in the begining you paid more for less GB of space and weaker resolution. Now you pay less, for a substantially better quality product.

  5. There are two settings for DEP. Use DEP with _all programs_ or use DEP with _Windows system files_ only (not exact wording). I think the default for DEP is check Windows files only, but don’t quote me. I had DEP problems with latest iTunes since I run DEP for all programs (except those that barf on it). Selecting the iPhone tab in iTunes caused the error and, more or less, locked up the machine. AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe (I don’t own a blasted iPhone!) is part of the updated iTunes. I think if you mark the program as a DEP exception, it might work with DEP all programs. It might be traced to a memory problem. But I’ve never had a problem with all programs DEP and iTunes before this latest update and the extra iPhones code.

  6. “ginnie pig iPhone” [sic] ?

    Do you understand that virtually all the “problems” with the iphone can be fixed with a software patch? Other than 3G, GPS, and corporate WPA I have not heard of any problems which require more than a software update.

    Here’s a list of items which can probably be fixed in the next 2 months by software: cut/paste, send text with attached picture, full motion video capture, real apps, real chat, stereo bluetooth, …..

    After using this phone several hours/day for the past 2 weeks I can conclude that it is dramatically better than anything else out there… period. It works, it syncs, it doesn’t crash, it has integration. If the “beta” version is this good who needs a future release.

    What’s integration? It’s software designed for users. When I’m listening to my ipod and the phone rings it stops the ipod, answers the phone, when the call is finished it starts up the ipod again without asking!! That’s user friendly operation and it’s why the iphone is already the best phone in the world.

  7. I bought the iphone because I needed a new phone and I also wanted an ipod video. My previous phone was falling apart and I believed this would be a great time to get the iphone.

    Problems I have encountered thus far:
    1. The internet connection blacks out for no apparent reason from time to time.
    2. Photos taken using the camera cannot be organized into photo albums within the camera.
    3. The cute turn the phone sideways to get the landscape view wears out quickly and can even become annoying if you tip the phone ever so slightly and find the view you wanted shifted the other way.
    4. Inability to view flash content.

    My personal pet peeve:
    The $500-$600 plus dollar phone did not come with a user’s manual. Of course I’ve never read any of the previous cell phone user manuals I’ve gotten over the years, but with such a new piece of technology a paper guide would have been useful, especially when I originally unlocked the thing. (Yes I am aware there is a manual available for downloading – and yes I even have tried to download said manual with NO success.)

    Even with its quirks and minor annoyances, I really like this phone. My favorite feature is the googleearth/map installation – awesome.

    Was it worth the price? For me – YES.

  8. I have owned my iPhone for about 3 days now. I think it’s a good device but I have had a few issues (sometimes very frustrating) with it. So far, I have not found a way to send the same text to multiple people at the same time. I have not figured out how to add people to a group short of doing it in address book and then syncing the phone to it. But the most vexing problems come when the phone is connected to the interenet and for some inexplicable reason, it stops what it is doing and returns to the main menu. This happens in google maps and Safari most often although it’s happened a few times in my mail app. Also, sometimes the music will cut off when I am browsing online. It did not do this as much when I first got it a few days ago so I assumed it was due to the cache or possibly cookies so I emptied them. Now that I think about it, although I’m not too sure how the phone’s internals work, perhaps I should turn it off tonight. (I’m think maybe it has RAM that’s full so it can’t handle the processes.) If anyone knows anything about these problems, I would love to hear it.

  9. Dan I agree with you. I like the phone and all, but it CUTS off and returns to the menu ALL THE TIME on me. It does this while on the internet, it does this while looking at pics, notes, text messages, iPod. It cuts off while listening to music and surfing the internet as well. The signal isn’t good at all, I’ve had more dropped calls than I’ve ever had with a phone. I hate that there’s no way to customize your own ringtones or download them (atleast I haven’t found out yet). I also hate how you can’t send texts to multiple ppl @ same time. The call volume and speaker needs to be louder. I’m hoping all the issues people are having will be fixed with an update soon, but I’m kind of wishing I would’ve waited to buy it like most other people…it was a birthday gift though! 🙂

  10. I love my iphone but i had to change the first one because my battery kept dying and for some reason i am going back to the apple store to change the fhone again.I can’t use the ipod,the internet or even any other features because my battery will die.The battery will only last me for 4 to 5 hours and am not even using it.Is anyone having problems with the battery.

  11. I had received a free iPhone through my job and I have extremely mixed feelings about the phone. I am a huge fan of Apple products and have yet to be really disappointed in any product. The iPhone itself is a great handset and has a lot of great features and the user experience is definitely superior to any handset on the market. Unfortunately the phone itself is horrible. Obviously due to the service but I can barely even make calls close to 85% of the time on the phone. When I finally do get through, I often lose the call. It has been very frustrating for both myself and friends trying to have conversations…Just my two cents…

  12. my battery also lasts only 5 or so hours, and sometimes after a charge, I can’t get it to turn on. It’s very frustrating. I also have the issue with crashing while using safari. And the phone speaker is really bad- the highs are too high and the lows are too low. I have to turn it all the way up to hear someone with a low voice but then it hurts my ear. I tell you though, I forgive her for all these things because she’s so pretty. *sigh* I love my iphone.

  13. Over the past 3 weeks, I have done quite a bit on the iphone. During that period, it has been freezing from time to time but also crashing. This day, I turned it of for a while and switched it back on. It seems that the menu doesn’t come up as the apple image is the only thing that appears but does not disappear.

  14. Chris, I have had my iPhone 3G for about a 5 days and tonight it started closing 3rd party apps as soon as they were clicked (like your’s is doing).Also several times has gone to a black screen with just the Apple logo (Apple’s Black Screen of Death). Battery life is poor, for those using them heavily you will have to charge them at some time during the day or it will die before 5pm.

  15. The Iphone promised much but after 3 months light use the keypad does not work along the row where 4, 5, 6 of the phone keypad are located. It works sometimes and then again does not. I am not sure if its a hardawre or software problem. Overall a great disappointment. Never again!

  16. i have an iphone 3GSand this is my problem:
    – I turned off 3G to stop using internet from my celular provider (Orange from Romania)… but when i enter SAFARI it still connecting to internet (wireless OFF too)… so my phone is using my mobile internet provider and cost me a lot of money on the bill…. what can I do? please help

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