20 Reasons I'm Not Getting an iPhone Today

  1. It rains a lot in Seattle – no phone is worth getting pruned over.
  2. I don’t need to give people another reason to beat me up.
  3. Despite the Apple brand, I’m confident iPhone 2.0 will be more my cup of tea.
  4. Going from 3G to Edge is like going from DSL to dial-up.
  5. Can’t replace the battery? Is that a feature?
  6. I’d rather find a sponsor for it (and the plan), instead.
  7. Buyer’s remorse will set in after bragging rights are no longer valid.
  8. Still unclear on Windows / Outlook integration.
  9. Do I really need to make Steve Jobs any richer than he already is?
  10. Do I really need to give AT&T any more of my money?

    Apple iPhone -  Most Ripped Gadget Ever?

  11. I’m already sick of the hype.
  12. My current mobile device (a Blackjack) is working just fine for me.
  13. My current iPod isn’t broken yet.
  14. I’ve tried touch-screen phones before and hated the experience.
  15. I’m afraid of dropping something worth more than my TV set.
  16. No support for the SlingBox yet.
  17. Unsure of the iPhone media recording experience at this point.
  18. There’s no iTunes content subscription service yet.
  19. Waiting to see how many Apple fanatics return theirs.
  20. Why should I? Seriously, WHY?!