20 Reasons I'm Not Getting an iPhone Today

  1. It rains a lot in Seattle – no phone is worth getting pruned over.
  2. I don’t need to give people another reason to beat me up.
  3. Despite the Apple brand, I’m confident iPhone 2.0 will be more my cup of tea.
  4. Going from 3G to Edge is like going from DSL to dial-up.
  5. Can’t replace the battery? Is that a feature?
  6. I’d rather find a sponsor for it (and the plan), instead.
  7. Buyer’s remorse will set in after bragging rights are no longer valid.
  8. Still unclear on Windows / Outlook integration.
  9. Do I really need to make Steve Jobs any richer than he already is?
  10. Do I really need to give AT&T any more of my money?

    Apple iPhone -  Most Ripped Gadget Ever?

  11. I’m already sick of the hype.
  12. My current mobile device (a Blackjack) is working just fine for me.
  13. My current iPod isn’t broken yet.
  14. I’ve tried touch-screen phones before and hated the experience.
  15. I’m afraid of dropping something worth more than my TV set.
  16. No support for the SlingBox yet.
  17. Unsure of the iPhone media recording experience at this point.
  18. There’s no iTunes content subscription service yet.
  19. Waiting to see how many Apple fanatics return theirs.
  20. Why should I? Seriously, WHY?!

73 thoughts on “20 Reasons I'm Not Getting an iPhone Today”

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  7. Also: DRM, proprietary software, AT&T individual plans (not business plans) reliant, slow network speeds, lousy 2 megapixel camera, no video, crappy tiny keyboard (need stylus), horrible sound quality, smude-prone, over-priced.

    Whew! That’s a lot of negativity for one product to boast of, eh?

  8. “working just fine for me”
    Amen! That’s the thing about apple products, why go with something shinier and newer when what you have isn’t broken. The iphone is overrated, so are IPods (but that’s a whole different story). The IPhone is complete crap, which is surprising for an Apple product (sorta – I still remember might mouse *yuck).

  9. This phone will do everything for you! Even take out the trash!

    That’s ok. Speaking of trash, I’m getting the new “iTrash”.. it’s Apple’s new trash compactor. Among other features, it comes with a music player, Google Maps, and has a calendar you sync with Outlook so that you know what days to take out the trash. Really cool! ;p

    Eventually I’ll be getting “iDog”. Apple’s answer to pets.

    Stay Tuned! ;-D

  10. The hype is rediculous. Everywhere you turn it’s iPhone this, iPhone that. I am so sick of it. I’m not getting one.

  11. #4… right on. Why such a next-gen company would go with connectivity that’s a generation behind (and like 4 generations behind in terms of speed) is beyond me.

    iPhone 2.0 please.

  12. 1. Move.

    2. I like you, but I see your point on this one.

    3. and v3.0 will be better than v2.0, and v4.0 will better still.

    4. Going from WiFi to 3G is like going from DSL to dial-up. So what’s your point?

    5. You CAN replace the battery… it’s just not a 15 second affair.

    6. You want a sponsor? Do like us little people and sponsor yourself!

    7. Buyer’s remorse? More than when I purchased an XV6700?

    8. Who cares? Works great with Mail, iCal, iPhoto, & iTunes.

    9. Yes, Steve NEEDS your money.

    10. Yes, AT&T gave away the farm to get the iPhone.

    11. What hype?

    12. I’ve used the Blackjack. You have low standards.

    13. Let me borrow your iPod for a day and it will be!

    14. You haven’t tried touch screens yet if you haven’t tried the iPhone.

    15. Sounds like you need a new TV.

    16. No Slingbox? Tragedy! PocketPC version might as well not exist.

    17. Huh?

    18. Thank God there’s no subscription service for music. It WOULD be nice for TV shows & movies, though.

    19. Zero.

    20. To join the 21st century?

  13. Agreed almost in full!! Too much free advertising (i.e., fan hype) for tmy taste. And I am a Mac user.

  14. “I’m afraid of dropping something worth more than my TV set.”

    You’re confusing worth with cost. They aren’t the same thing.

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  16. 9. Do I really need to make Steve Jobs any richer than he already is ?

    You would not be making him more rich, he’s already done that by selling to the shops, stores and the wholesalers, you’d probably just be paying a bloated store price so that they make a decent profit.

  17. Almost completely agree – apart from item 14. Could you please elaborate on whether exactly the device you tried was a Pocket PC/Win Mobile device, or something else.
    Over here in Europe, devices like the Sony Ericsson W950 Walkman phone (and it’s successor, the W960 – coming soon) have better specs (and are great to use) than iPhone. And they come free (or at least heavily subsidised across multiple carriers.

  18. Consumers never learn that hype is inversely proportional to to the quality and usefulness of the product being hyped. It’s scary to see just how many people haven’t learned that yet despite the higher stakes of this hype. It’s only a matter of time before this is all forgotten, and the iphones are gathering dust and the next over-hyped product will prompt the same idiots to fork over too much money for some other gizmo.

  19. My question is this – why does anyone really need a mobile/cell phone of any kind. Why do people need call waiting – the most ignorant thing every invented. Have you been put on hold while the person you are talking to takes someone else’s call. How did that make you feel. Why do people need photos on their phone????? Has the world gone mad and why are people getting sucked in to all this useless junk???

    End of rant:)))

  20. You asked in your rant for someone to explain why they would by a iphone. Here is my list in no specific order.

    1. The iphone follows one of my design ideal of “KISS”.
    2. It replaces my current phone.
    3. It syncs with iTunes so I can listen to podcasts, music or watch video
    4. It can take pictures (my current phone can’t)
    5. I get a video iPod
    6. I can easily send SMS messages
    7. I can send emails and receive emails through my gmail account.
    8. I get 8 gig instead of the 2 gig on my iPod nano
    9. Easy to use touch screen.
    10. Easy to access and use note application.
    11. Easy to access and use calculator
    12. Visual Voicemail
    13. Uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet when available.
    14. I get a web browser that is easy to use on a cell phone.
    15. The user interface is simple and user friendly.
    16. Easy to use SMS UI.
    17. Google maps
    18. I might have to support it in my job.
    19. I am interested in technology and its impact on how we as people work and play.
    20. I don’t have to read a manual to understand how to use the iphone and its applications.

  21. 1. Your number one reason to not get a phone is that it rains a lot where you live? Doesn’t rain affect any type of phone? Or electronic device that is not weather proofed? Did you think about that before you got a BlackJack?

    2. I’d see this with any other expensive gadget or device. But clearly you do have a lot of reasons already, so I see your point.

    3. Yes, it will be better, but does it necessarily mean that someone won’t be able to use what it currently does offer. It’s just like anything in technology – do you buy a laptop today when you need it or wait because something better will come out? I’ve always found that it’s -always- getting better, so get one when you need it.

    4. Yes, it should have EVDO or HDPSA. Steve has even said a 3G iPhone would be forthcoming. Probably the most valid reason on your list.

    5. No, and I’ve never seen it touted as one. It probably should, but my guess is, with Apple’s track recored, it probably never will. Therefore, even if you wait for version 2.0 or 3.0, it’ll likely still have a non replaceable battery – so I’m not sure this is a great reason ‘not to get an iPhone today’

    6. A sponsor? Are you serious? You’re whining about all the problems of the device but you’d want it if you could weasel someone else into buying it for you? You either want it or you don’t.

    7. It might, it might not. You’re generalizing.

    8. Engadget had a post about iPhone syncing with Outlook and Entourage:


    It looks like it will not sync with email. Yes, this is something that should be addressed.

    9. When you purchase a product, do you really think about whether or not you are willing to pay the CEO of the company, or are you thinking about whether or not the device is useful. Since we’re talking about whether or not the product is worth buying, this point is completely ridiculous.

    10. Obviously not – they seem to be pretty good at sucking your money away from you already, with your apparent zen-like diligence towards your product choices. if you’re hateful towards AT&T then just don’t buy products from them at all. Clearly though they had the blackjack and the iPhone, one of two made the decision for you. You can hate that decision all you want, but you could have always chosen to not have gotten the blackjack either.

    11. Yes, there’s a lot of hype. If you’re sick of hype, ignore it. But hype doesn’t effect whether or not a device is good. If I find the device useful, then I will get it, no matter what anyone else says about it. If excess hype prevents you from buying a device then clearly your opinion is being swayed, whether or not you would like to admit it.

    12. This is entirely your situation and why this whole list is pretty narcissistic. It’s brought together people who are sick of iphone hype and dont’ like apple products, but really, it’s just you yelling out that your personal situation is one that does not need an iPhone. Power to you. But not everyone owns a blackjack, or even a smart phone, so how does that point apply to someone else? And if your list isn’t applicable to other people, why would anyone care about your points?

    13. Fine, your iPod isn’t broken. But if it was, would you get an iPhone, or a new iPod? From your opinion, it doesn’t seem like you would get an iPhone whether or not your music player was intact, so I don’t really see this point as being valid either.

    14. Yes, we all know the touch screen argument. We dont’ really know if the touch screen works well or not unless we’ve tried the implementation ourselves, though. I’m skeptical myself, but we shouldn’t rule out something unless we’ve tried its implementation and found it to be unusable or vastly inferior.

    15. Yes, and I’m afraid of dropping my cellphone and my iPod as well. Or my glasses. Or any of belongings, really. Are you not afraid of dropping your BlackJack? Will iPhone 2.0 give you any less fear of dropping it? Why again is this titled “20 reasons I’m not getting an iPhone -today-“?

    16. Slingbox support would be nice. I can think of a few other things than that that would be great to have a portable device, though.

    17. No, it does not record audio or video. Hopefully it will. One of those things more important than slingbox. You could probably fill a list of 100 features that the iPhone should have that it doesn’t. But you could probably do so for the BlackJack, BlackBerry, Moto Q, or any other phone for that matter.

    18. I don’t ever buy stuff from iTunes anyways, so that’s not an issue – but would you really want to download a feature film over edge if you were given the option? Not likely. I can almost see it with songs, but not quite. Again, it would be nice to have this, but I’m not entirely convinced it’s a dealbreaker for a lot of people. If it offered this service, would you buy one, or would it just make your list 19 reasons instead of 20?

    19. If you look at Apple’s Support Forums, there’s always droves of people returning stuff or having problems with every product. There’s always lemons and bugs and people having problems. If you look for them, you will find them. This isn’t, however, a great reason not to get something, though, unless there’s a problem inherent with every single iPhone, in which case, there would be a recall. How do you know that the people who bought one didn’t actually take the time to think their purchase through? You’re assuming that drones of people saw a shiny device and got their credit cards out right away. This is possible, but to say every iPhone buyer did this is generalising, again.

    20. This is not a reason. No one’s forcing you to buy one.

    Your list is pretty stupid, I’ll have to say. I’m not buying an iPhone either, because I can’t afford it – the device nor the plan. But your list is incredibly self-centered, which to me completely negates the reason for publishing such a list in the first place. My pet-peeve with the iPhone is not the droves of people claiming they need it (although they are fairly annoying) – my pet peeve is those claiming that they don’t want or need the device, putting them into a list, and using it as reasons why no one else should either. As far as I can see, there are only 4 or 5 really valid points on your entire list.

  22. 12 (not 20) reasons I got my iPhone on June 29

    #1 – Internet access everywhere: EDGE+wifi = everywhere *I* frequent! And yes, I do need internet access everywhere. I am regularly paranoid with stocks,emergency emails,website traffic status reports, blogs, facebook, etc. Yes, that’s my life, just like your rainy life in Seattle

    #2 – Software update: If you have been keeping track with Safari 3 or QT, or even the hackAMac contest, you should know that Apple is good at updating on flaw discovery. That guarantees any missing and yet important+practical functionalities to be added in the near future, but most of all, new glitches to be fixed regularly. I don’t think MS have been providing the same level of updating service for Windows Mobile on numerous known flaws.

    #3 – Reads: It supports and displays common document formats, including pdf,doc and xls. Someone might complaint that it doesn’t edit. I personally would not edit any document on a device of this size.

    #4 – Revolutionize phone usage: The iPhone provides way to make the usage a lot more streamlined and thus answered a lot of my ‘prayers’ to the cell phone god over the years, including an organized SMS session management feature, and way to smoothen the lengthy voicemail report with glitchy interaction between my phone and the server.

    #5 – Sync: Heavy lifting are done by iTunes. Like the interface or not, iTunes is good at syncing iPod-like devices. Syncing iPod with musics,contacts and more had been easier than syncing any other ‘equivalent’ devices. I would gladly embrace this ease in my daily data-centric usage of a cell phone. And according to Apple’s website, it would work with your Outlook too!

    #6 – Webkit-based full-HTML browser: No, I mean NO other existing cell phone provides this level of internet access. Not only is it full-HTML, the latest version of Webkit would also be available through Software Updates, allowing my phone to support the latest standards. (Did I mention that MSIE barely supports CSS1?)

    #7 – *blush* LINE PARTY: waiting in line with dozens of nearby iPhone owner-wannabes is FUN!! I knew my area would have some left after the line was cleared, but just waiting in line with people sharing the same interest, same insight, and same language was itself a great experience. BTW, I managed talked to a potential employer while waiting in line, BOOYAH! Talking to them and running into them afterwards (if it happens) would be fun too: “hey, enjoying your iPhone?”

    #8 – Stability: Unix-based Mac OS X, as stripped down as this one might be (or might not be), it is promised to be stable and nearly restart free (may happen in extremely rare cases under improper uses).

    #9 – YouTube: Did I mention that I watched your video on my iPhone via EDGE?

    #10 – Organizer/planner: Other phones, even ones from years ago, would have these functionalities. But the previews from Apple’s website convinced me that this would be easier than I could (and proven to be down right true upon activation and synchronization). My basis for me being convinced? Adaptive IO media, that’s the key for traditional paper-based organizers, which I used throughout my undergraduate years despite the ownership of 2 computers in 2 locations + 1 laptop.

    #11 – AT&T: YES, I would not have bought an iPhone if it is not AT&T, or if they wouldn’t allow account transfer for existing customers. My existing account works great in my area and I want my next phone to stay that way! And they did provide Apple with the unique Visual Voicemail feature, which is not available from any other phones or providers.

    #12 – Battery life: the reason I put this last is that it really depends on my potentially more extensive usage. But giving up 3G (which doesn’t exist in my area anyway) does promise longer battery life compared to 3G phones, which won’t do me any good anyways.

    All-in-all, I feel like my 12 comments are pretty solid and well explained. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you want some first-hand review of the iPhone.

    If I can go back in time, here are a few more reasons for me to buy

    #13 – Multitouch works like magic: I have not removed the film over the screen that came with the package, but the touchscreen still works smoothly. Virtual keyboard is responsive and typing on a smooth surface actually allowed me to type faster than ever (on a phone). Each touch can be as light as you can imagine, and thus allowing my finger to move across the screen with less work (punching and lifting). Error correction also worked like it should 95% of the time.

    #14 – Camera quality: There is a YouTube video that compared iPhone’s camera to N95’s. Yes, iPhone’s camera is not as good as that, but it works! The picture quality looks amazing on the screen, and I am having a lot of fun taking pictures of my contacts whenever I ran into one!

    #15 – Animation quality: Unlike HTC Touch with elaborate screen transitions, the animations used in the iPhone are mostly subtle and elegant. It enhances the user experience without being intrusive. Also, the quality is as good as you would expect on a good desktop, I guess it’s all thanks to Core Animation that came with OS X.

    #16 – Speaker phone quality: Two words – crystal clear. The sound was amazing for such a small speaker. A few friends of mine with different speaker phones heard it and were all amazed by it.

    #17 – Feels good in your hand and fits nicely in your pocket: not the brick like a lot of bloggers and random people have suggested online.

  23. Please keep

    reasons away. Oh wait, you won’t have anything else left to share then…

  24. As I see it. The IPhone would be a upgrade to my IPod which it isn’t! at $700 for what ? 4G/8G?? forget it… that’s way over priced for a phone… drop it to $350 and I’ll snag it… else put a 30GB Harddrive in it and I’ll snag it then too… and ya it has to work with iTunes….

  25. Hi there – you should have added crappy Bluetooth integration to the list. Unlike the majority of the cool music phones on the market, the iPhone doesn’t have the ability to wirelessly stream music via Bluetooth. (Full disclosure, yes, I do PR for the Bluetooth SIG, but I am also a huge fan of the technology and just hate to see such an opportunity for a great feature in a cool device go to waste.)

  26. It’s amusing to listen to people critique something they’ve obviously never touched.

    OK, Vaspers, let’s have a look…

    DRM? Huh? My un-DRMed MP3s and video clips play just fine on it. Or are you criticizing it because it can play both DRMed AND unDRMed files? You are either wrong or foolish… take your pick.

    Proprietary software? Huh? Well, you’re gonna dislike MANY phones out there. Your aversion to proprietary software probably stems from using lousy proprietary software. There’s nothing wrong with proprietary software that is excellent.

    AT&T individual plans (not business plans)? So what? Most people WANT individual plans. Business plans will be available for the “elite” (yourself) later.

    Slow network speeds? WiFi is slow? Oh, that’s right! WiFi isn’t available everywhere! Guess what! Neither are EVDO and 3G, which are both slower than WiFi.

    Lousy 2 megapixel camera? You’ve never used it. In fact, if you knew enough about photography, you’d know it ain’t all about the NUMBER of megapixels… the QUALITY is more important than the QUANTITY of these pixels. For a cellphone camera, it takes excellent photos. It’s not as nice as my Nikon D40 (a $500 camera), which isn’t as nice as my Canon EOS 5D (a $3000 camera). But is it supposed to replace such items? Only a fool would think so. It is an extremely easy-to-use, balanced 2MP point-and-shoot camera. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that ANY current cellphone is going to take a photo that can be printed poster-size and match the quality of a decent dedicated DSLR camera. It ain’t gonna happen.

    No video? Thank god! Fewer YouTube-wannabes. On my last phone, the only videos I shot were accidental, when I wanted a still but got video.

    Crappy tiny keyboard (need stylus)? You’ve never used it or you’d know the truth. Your mama gave you 10 styli and most of us will go to our graves having never lost one. Just because every other touch screen keyboard stinks doesn’t mean this one does. It is shockingly good for anyone with basic keyboarding skill. True, you can’t type without looking, but do we REALLY want more morons out there trying to text and drive at the same time?

    Horrible sound quality? Oh, you’re an audio-snob, too? Here’s a shocker… it’s not as good as your typical surround-sound setup in your home theater. You’d think for $600, you could at least get a 12MP DSLR and 7.1 surround system built-in, right?

    Smude-prone? Not sure… not sure what smude is.

    Over-priced? Depends on the yardstick you use. Your yardstick is obviously shorter than mine. It’s a tremendous bargain compared to my $400 underachiever-of-the-year XV6700.

  27. Steve – it is a phone. You punch in a number and talk to someone. It rings, you answer. Do you not have a tv, computer, cd/dvd player??? Who wants to watch a video on a tiny little screen??? You are probably one of those idiots who think it is cool to drive a car and talk on the phone or, god forbid, watch a video while driving. And because I was forced to drive into a ditch to avoid being hit head on while some stupid female was talking on her cell and didn’t even realize I was right there in front of her, I think it is time for people to put these phones away and get a life.

  28. Validity is in the eye of the beholder. Take my opinion on the validity of your entire comment for example. We obviously would disagree about that.

  29. I haven’t boughten an iPhone, mostly because I’m currently with t-mobile and not in the mood to break my contract.

    That being said, the person I’m staying with in Miami bought one and I’ve been playing with it for the last 24 hours.

    I had concerns about the following:
    – typing on a keyboard with no feedback or tactile sensation
    – touch screen usability
    – using it as an actual phone
    – the headphone connectors
    – Phone price and AT&T plans
    – breaking the darn thing
    – a few other minor details

    I can honestly say that after using it for 24 hours, I am seriously considering jumping from T-Mobile and getting an iPhone. I have never used a device that responded to me so well. The way it learns my typing style and reacts to the way I use a device is phenomenal.

    Typing on the keyboard is easy. I’m faster than a palm or any other device I’ve used.

    it doesn’t “sync” with my e-mail, but I use an IMAP server (like any serious e-mail user should) and so it’s not a problem. It downloads my e-mail just as outlook would and updates accordingly.

    As for video capability, sure that would be nice… but I’ve never used my k750i for video. Every phone I’ve ever tried to take video with has created crappy video that is almost useless. Heck, even my $600 dollar digital camera doesn’t take video that I consider high quality. As a company that is known for video processing and high quality, I’m glad Apple didn’t hold off on releasing the iPhone until it had great video capabilities.

    Dropping it? Have you seen the PC World Stress Tests? I’m not all that worried. No more than I would be with any other device I have.

    Price? Well.. considering I paid $400+ for my k750i in Canada, I don’t really think an extra $100 is a big deal.

    Overall, I have to fundamentally disagree with something you said in the video. It IS an amazing device. It really is.

  30. 8. Still unclear on Windows / Outlook integration.
    9. Do I really need to make Steve Jobs any richer than he already is?
    10. Do I really need to give AT&T any more of my money?

    Based on these three, you are too busy spending your money with Microsoft to spare any for Apple and AT&T. Pity.

  31. What ever happened to Humor ?
    I haven’t heard such GOOD HUMOR since I was a little kid and the bell would ring on the icecream truck .

    Hey Chris I have been listening to You rave on for many more years than I care to remember. One thing I can say is your info has always been invaluable.Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    It takes Courage to speak,even more to think.

    signed, One Ole Gnome who doesn’t want an I-Phone.
    I gotta go it’s starting to rain (slowly) replaceable batteries and they hurt.

  32. I am going to have to admit, I love my iPhone. I have had it a few days now, I don’t have much to complain about. Other than AT&T, EDGE, and the screen being a magnet for smudges, it is perfect.

  33. I had a technician from Junediga come to my house, while repairing my computer I asked him some questions regarding the iphone and its ability. He concluded almost the same issues on this website. He also noted the inability to record active calls on the phone.

  34. Chris or whatever your name is. I watched your video about the reasons you are not getting an iPhone today. I find your so called reporting style sub amateurish and apathetic at best. I learned nothing from it and probably am stupider having watched it. Before you go public with opinions about things, perhaps you should do your own research. Its sad that YouTube and bloging gives folks like you the ability to spout off about things you have no knowledge of. Just because you have a microphone, it doesn’t make you an authority. I for one will be avoiding your broadcasts in the future.

    For the record, i didn’t buy into any hype, nor did I buy an iPhone. In fact, I have no intention of getting one.

  35. All you need to know is that you will very likely be very delighted by your purchase of a v1 iPhone. Don’t heed Chris’ FUD.

  36. Lets think about all the other MP3 players out there and the ipod. Oh lets see ipod wins. The ipod is basically the most successful mp3 player ever created. i dont see the Zune being as popular. Whats better than a cellphone built into your ipod? Have you seen any other mp3 players with it?
    Blackberry is a yucky-berry. Those blackberrys cant even be classified in the same category as the iphone.

    The fact is that most of you havent ever seen an iphone let alone touched and played with it. You cant judge the iphone by its cover. You need to spend time and play with it, use it and have fun with it. Youll come to realize all the great features of the iphone and how easy it is to use. Dont hate it because its an apple or becuase of all the advetising etc. Ignore all the hype and look at the iphone for what it is. Its a GREAT phone. Yes there may be problems but apple is usually great with solving those problems. One again dont judge the iphone by its cover, look at the ipod for what it is and all the great technology thats been put into it. THE IPHONE ROCKS!

  37. I have a family plan 5 lines U$ 69.99. If I get one iphone my minutes drop from 850 to 700, chat will be limited to 200 messages (today 1000). My plan will jump to U$ 109.99 with less messages / less minutes. No memory card / no chat / no way of replacing a simcard and using it internationally. For what? Increase CEO bonuses ? It is a ripoff partnership no doubt.

  38. i wish the camera was at least 2 or 3. i mean for the money and all.
    and more 8gb. and 3G this june?
    oh and steve jobs, he gets paid $1 a year from apple.

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  40. =O And you call yourself a Seattlite and you won’t go out and brave the rain (even after 29 straight days of dry)!

    I don’t blame ya for not rushing out and getting one, though. Kind of getting tired of the Apple fanboy club praising every little detail of something that Apple produces; even if it’s the worse thing since the side ponytail or… something else that worse!

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