How to Backup on your Network – Are you backing up on a regular basis? You should be! As we move forward in this digital world we’re putting more and more of our personal data on our machines; but, what would happen if something horrible were to happen to our hard drive? That’s why we should regularly backup our data.

A network drive acts as a central place where files can be copied onto. It costs a bit of money to have a network drive for backing up, but if you’re not a very technical user, this solution would be best suited for you.

Backup PC is a free, open source, web0based software that you can use to backup your digital information, but it’s a much more technical backup system than the average user would normally need.

Whatever solution you choose, you should be backing up your data, because you never know when a disaster is going to strike.

So, what do you use to backup your data?

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