The Ultimate Free Guide to Stop Viruses and Spyware

Wanna know how to keep your computer free from viruses, pop-ups, spyware, and other junk? Here’s how to do it without installing a single piece of software:

  • Tell all the males in your house to quit surfing for porn
  • Buy CDs and rip the tracks from there
  • Get a Netflix or Blockbuster account instead of using BitTorrent
  • Instead of looking for software cracks / serials, look for coupons
  • Stop operating in Administrator mode

Adhering to these five points (and forcing your family or roommates to do the same) should be enough to cut your risk by 90%, I’m guessing. You could do more to protect yourself, though, if you feel the need to download something:

  • Download drivers through official (or sanctioned) sources
  • Avoid unnecessary browser toolbars, plugins, or enhancements – and if you’re not sure if a toolbar is TRULY necessary, don’t install it
  • Read through every bit of a software installer process to ensure you’re not adding something that you don’t need and/or want – and if you’re not a geek, don’t install ANYTHING without first asking permission
  • Think twice before clicking on links sent to you by email or IM – especially if they prompt you to log in somewhere or download something else
  • Surf through OpenDNS servers for automatic Web site typo correction as well as an extra layer of phishing filters

That’s probably worth another 10% as far as protection from spyware / viruses are concerned. If you wanna be super-duper protected, surf the Web with Firefox or move to OS X (sorry, gang) and run Windows apps through Parallels. For more tips on keeping your computer clean, stay tuned to the podcast or our YouTube channel.

18 thoughts on “The Ultimate Free Guide to Stop Viruses and Spyware”

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  3. Lots of great tips, except for the using blockbuster and netflix instead of Torrents. Torrents don’t all have to be illegal, and it’s stupid to assume that all or most of the files contain spyware which is not the case. I mean after Sony’s rootkit incident and DRM on cds, I stand a greater chance of having my computer affected by legally purchased software when compared to the rare risk of some pirated material containing malware.

  4. You forgot apply MS security patches to windows..

    Seriously though… Install Comodo’s AV and Firewall… Both free, and comodo is one of the better firewalls as far as leaking goes.

    Then you can still surf for porn and use torrents 😛

  5. I have to agree with your suggestion OS X. When I read the title of the article, I thought, “Get a Mac.” As a retired tech coordinator, I get calls frequently from friends and family wanting help with their virus/worm, problems – always Windows!
    I do appreciate your newsletters, Pirillo’s picks, etc. Thanks. I have recommended you to many people. I REALLY miss Tech TV.

  6. One of your tips for combating virus, spyware, etc. is to use Firefox. But you use Maxthon, don’t you? What Maxthon settings, add-ons, etc. do you use to minimize these kinds of risks?

  7. 90% of the progress to stopping viruses and spyware is this behaviour change tied to a sudden realisation that you will lose every photo you have taken in the last ten years, every letter, every contact you know, and a whole chunk of your time to maybe get it back – especially since you are amongst those people who do not understand what backups are for.

  8. Hi,

    stopping viruses is really easy,

    All you’re gonna need is a free Microsoft tool named Process Explorer.

    In 99.9% is revealsall the malware the system, which can be seen at the first glance.

    Check out my eBook on the subject.

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