Photoshop Video Tutorials: Don't Look Here

I don’t think I was descriptive enough when I asked for a review copy of CS3 for Adobe. If I go back and write an extensive description of how I’d plan on reviweing something, I’d likely get the copy – but I’m just not an in-depth review kind of guy. I’m more of a “here, let me bring up this software to show you how to do this.” Maybe they’re just not all that into bloggers or video blogging? Thank GOD I didn’t ask them to sponsor Gnomedex.

Thank you for your interest in Adobe products. We have taken the time to review your request against our criteria and have found that due to one or more of the following reasons we are unable to provide you with software at this time:

  • Unestablished publication (For example, your publication is too new to evaluate or has a non-existent track record with reviews)
  • We are only providing copies to publications with plans to review the software.
  • Inability to gather relevant, qualifying information (For example, we are unable to evaluate reviewers without receiving example reviews, circulation rates, etc. during the qualification process)
  • Too few readers (For example, due to the price and volume of the products we send out for review, we are unable to accommodate all requests and must ensure that the publications we send products to will publish reviews seen by a significant number of readers )
  • Not a target publication (For example, we do not supply publications outside of our target market with review copies. In addition, we do not supply pornographic or similarly-themed magazines with review copies)
  • No longer supplying review copies of requested product

Please understand that due to the high volume of requests for review copies of CS3, we are unable to accommodate all requests.

I’m rather used to being turned down for review copies, believe it or not – but it never hurts to ask. S’okay. There are plenty of other products for me to try. I shouldn’t have told ’em that I do short-form “help and how to” videos on YouTube, man – it could’ve destroyed my credibility.

More than anything, I’m embarassed that a software PR agent (from Edelman) sent me the press release, asked me to submit information to qualify for a review copy, and then… I realized he had no idea who I was in the first place. Now, I’m not saying that I’m the ultimate power in the universe when it comes to reviewing or sharing information about software – and that I could have been a LOT more descriptive in my plea (?!) for a review copy – but I also didn’t initiate the email exchange!

Just as a word of courtesy for all you PR / marketing folks who think that it’s cool to send people press releases: don’t send them information about a product if you’re not also willing to send them the product itself, with a guaranteed review or not. Moreover, don’t send people press releases if you have no idea who they are or what they might be able to bring back to the company you represent at some point in the future.

I know plenty of people at Edelman (or formerly at Edelman) who don’t have to ask me for a background check to know I’m qualified for just about anything when it comes to consumer technology. If you don’t know me, know anything about me, or if you can’t even PRETEND to know me, then don’t email me about anything – period.