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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Uploading to multiple video networks is a royal pain in the ass – YouTube, Blip.tv, Metacafe, Revver: they all have their own interface for uploading videos. Since we don’t have unlimited bandwidth and an infinite amount of time, it can take a good portion of the day to post all of our videos to all of the networks we upload to.

Zoomrix recommended Video Post Robot, which purportedly uploads to multiple networks. Unfortunately it isn’t free. At almost $200 it takes a rather large investment to upload to multiple networks.

It looks like Video Post Robot is a bad idea, as community member advil0 points out:

The current owner just recently bought that domain and product, the previous owner, Chris Jonstan, made this program, at the time, my friend bought it, it had a different site format, but since the current owner bought it, it has become a spam site, please, do not buy it. My friend bought it when it was a good product, the program does work, they just spam you.

It’s not spyware: when you buy it, they give you it, it works, but they spam your email address with a whole crap ton of spam, viruses, adaware, etc.

So, it looks like our endless hunt for one unified uploader drags on.

Do you have a turnkey solution for uploading videos to multiple websites?

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Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4), MP3 Audio (.mp3), Microsoft Video (.avi), Flash Video (.flv)