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The idea of shooting “home video” is certainly evolving – with video equipment getting cheaper, and new (free) video hosting networks coming out of the digital woodwork every day. I shoot most, if not all, of my videos from home – although I wouldn’t consider them home videos (in the traditional sense of the word).

The good news is that sites like YouTube are forcing people to keep their video recordings short – a lesson which should be learned by anybody armed with a camcorder. In other words: IF IT’S OVER TEN MINUTES LONG, IT’S TOO LONG.

The second lesson learned for “home video” is keeping every one of them focused. In other words: HAVE A POINT BEFORE YOU POINT AND SHOOT. Even if that point is pointless, keep your pointlessness focused.

I Played a bit of Plasma Pong…

Ponzi Helped Explain ‘API’…

My Wife and I Gave Relationship Advice…

She Really Wants to Switch to Mac…

A Friend Almost Fell for a Digital Camera Scam…

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  16. Best set of videos I’ve seen in months. On Ponzi’s urge for Macs, thank you for making the best two points I’ve learned on trying to switch from Windows to Linux — font rendering and apps. I spend most of my time online reading, and good font rendering allows me to read more and longer. Mac fonts are typically fuzzy (I know, I have 10.4.8 installed), and the apps are second-rate substitutes at best.

    Although I love GNU/Linux, I’ve come to appreciate Vista more than I did a month ago.

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