Safari on Windows? Yawn.

Along with friends, I’ve been tuning into the “live” WWDC coverage. MacRumorsLive has been doing the best job out of all the fan sites, even though it’s not a rich experience (so to speak)…

Leopard shipping in October. Basic version, $129. Premium version, $129. Business version, $129, Enterprise version $129. Ultimate version, $129.

How could Apple do this?! I mean, how will users ever understand the differences between Leopard Ultimate and Leopard Basic!? Oh, the humanity – the HUMANITY! 😉 Oh, and Leopard’s new “Quick Look” feature is a total rip-off of what I told the Windows Shell team to do well over a year ago. How dare someone else implement it!

Sarcasm aside, it seems that Apple is opening up a new browser holy war with the release of Safari for Windows. Is it just me, or is this particular announcement about three years too late? It’s difficult enough to get a site to look fine in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera! I’m excited, but I’m also not looking forward to it (and I’m also not very likely to switch from Maxthon).

Downloading Vioxx Online

I seemed to run into font conflicts with Safari for Windows, as I already had a version of Lucida Grande installed on my system. It was “normal” after I removed Safari’s version of Lucida Grande (found in the ‘Safari.resources’ folder). I’ll have to demo ‘er for one of today’s videos. My initial impressions? It’s really only for iPhone widget developers.

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  3. It’s so people who are developing apps for the iphone don’t necessarily have to have an iphone or even a mac to get it to “look right”. pretty smart in those regards.

  4. “It’s difficult enough to get a site to look fine in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera!”

    It’s not difficult to get a site to look good in Safari and Opera — they (and to a slightly lesser extent, Firefox) are standards compliant. The problem is Internet Explorer. Design your site for Safari/Opera and then fix any problems.

  5. Chris,

    The reason for Safari on Windows is to provide a Windows-centric development environment for the iPhone.


  6. I’ve always wondered how my sites look on Safari. I’m looking forward to it, at least as a way to check websites out for appearance.

  7. I code for web standards, not for specific browsers, and at the end of the day I rarely have to adjust to any browser to get the functionality that I want. It works in safari, ie, firefox, opera, wii, the ds, and even those weird limited browsers that randomly populate mobile phones.

    Don’t blame Apple for bringing Safari to a larger audience. It gives developers a way to verify that their web apps will be happy running on iPhone. If you’re developing for just two browsers, you’re developing into a dead-end.

  8. “Is it just me, or is this particular announcement about three years too late?”

    It’s you and Dvorak.

  9. I had the same problem with the fonts, when I first opened up safari none of the fonts were showing up and there was no text, I deleted the lucida grande and the body text showed up but I can’t get the titlebar/menu to work. any help?
    please email me at [email protected] with suggestions thanks

  10. I agree with the author above, who said that coding to standards is what should occur. If everyone adhered to standards, browsers would get better or die, and users would win on every platform. [Just because MS has the majority of the market doesn’t mean they have some God given right to make the majority of blunders]

  11. Firstly make sure you’ve installed the Apple fonts (

    Next navigate to program files / safari and rename the safari.resources folder i.e. “safari.resourcesx”…

    Start safari (it won’t work)

    Rename the safari.resourcesx back to its original state

    Go into the safari.resources folder and rename/delete the 2 font files to something else

    Now run safari

  12. what was your quick look suggestion for windows vista?

    i was thinking that quick look was just like preview handlers. was your suggestion way different than the vista implementation? maybe you should have been more vocal because i never heard about it.

    david from windows shell team

  13. Have you noticed the timing of the release?

    Safari in Windows is being released weeks before the release of the iPhone.
    Mr. Jobs is making sure Apple’s iPhone doesn’t have the same compatibility problems the introduction of the iPod had (ie Mac only.)
    This isn’t the start of a new “browser war.”

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