How to Make 3D Text – A user in the chat room suggested that Chris make his banner on YouTube 3D. In order to do that, Chris used a program called Xara 3D.

Xara 3D lets you create 3D text and easily edit it: make it thinner, thicker, tilted, add shadows and lighting, and other cool effects.

Unlike other bloated image editing tools, Xara 3D serves a specific purpose:

Traditional 3D programs are notoriously difficult to use and understand. Not so Xara3D. Unlike much modern ‘bloatware’ that offers more features than are ever likely to be used, and take an age to learn and understand, Xara3D has been created to perform one job, and performs that job with style, speed, and slick simplicity.

Xara3D is solely designed to create the highest quality 3D text and graphics, such as logos, titles, headings and buttons. It’s the perfect way to add impact to your web pages, mailshots and presentations (all images are fully anti-aliased for that smooth, professional quality). Xara3D can also create awesome 3D animations in seconds – GIFs, AVIs and simple Flash movie sequences – and you can even enhance your desktop by saving any animation as a screensaver!

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