Chris Heads, Chris Heads

“Chris Heads, Chris Heads – roly-poly Chris Heads. Chris Heads, Chris Heads – mash them up, yum!”

Thanks to Snowy in the chat room for creating these transparent PNGs from some of my silly wedding photos. You can also download my heads as desktop icons for Linux, Windows, or OS X!

I’ll be interested in seeing how creative the world will be with my face in the future. Where will it show up next? Do I smell a Photoshop thread brewing? Anybody care to create an API for my face? C’mon, you know you wanna. It’s all good – I hope? Mash ’em up!

Chris 2832 Chris 136 Chris 238 Chris 338 Chris 441 Chris 539 Chris 638 Chris 741 Chris 839 Chris 940 Chris 1040 Chris 1138 Chris 1239 Chris 1339 Chris 1440 Chris 1540 Chris 1641 Chris 1740 Chris 1838 Chris 1942 Chris 2038 Chris 2135 Chris 2239 Chris 2338 Chris 2438 Chris 2541 Chris 2639 Chris 2752

18 thoughts on “Chris Heads, Chris Heads”

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  4. If you run your eyes over them really quickly they look like they are moving… sort of like the Mona Lisa that always appears to be watching you.

  5. Two words – custom cursor actions (ok, three words). Static head for basic movement, open mouth Chris for double click cursor, and so on…lol.

  6. There is something absolutely terrifying about 50 of your heads being icons on my desktop. I think I might go around the office and make a few creative “alterations” to the computers around here.

  7. God, this is just…


    Even Art and Artie would never have thought of this.

  8. Cant get the Download RAR to undecompress correctly, keeps coming up saying that it is damaged or corrupted. Could you fix this to have those Icons…Pretty fun, as a Chris Pirillo Fan.

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