Why Isn't Marijuana Legal?

Let me get this straight, America:

  • It’s perfectly fine to sell alcohol to adults
  • It’s perfectly fine to sell tobacco to adults
  • It’s perfectly fine to market “pharmaceutical” drugs to anybody
  • It’s perfectly fine for us to consume mass amounts of caffeine
  • It’s perfectly fine to put trans fats in products
  • It’s perfectly fine for us to get our kids addicted to sugar

…but marijuana still isn’t legal?

Give me a freakin’ break man. Are we still living in the early 1900s here?! If the evening news was full of videos like the following, I’d certainly be tuning in a helluva lot more (and maybe, just maybe, light up my first MarcCanter doobie in the process):

68 thoughts on “Why Isn't Marijuana Legal?”

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  2. I tend to agree with you, despite my otherwise conservative values. I smoked a great deal of marijuana whilst working in Indochina in the 1970s, & I must say that there have been only positive effects flowing from this experience.

  3. dude, you’re a moron. i’ve been following you for a while now. i’ve just unsubscribed from everything you have. geez. wake up man.

  4. Well, its true. Its only fair to make things that can’t be controlled when its illegal, legal and extort some measure of control. This applies to everything, Drugs, Downloads, etc.

  5. You are 1000% correct, Chris. And remember, at one time alcohol *was* illegal and was still just as popular and reefer is now.
    It’s just that the elite don’t want to loose and excuse they have to jail practically any person they want at will.
    It’s about control, and money.

  6. Oh my goodness. That video had me rolling! Seriously though, it should be legalized. It doesn’t harm your health any more than smoking cigarettes or drinking (and actually has some beneficial aspects – which the previously mentioned “habits” do not). Plus, it could be one more thing that the government could tax the crap out of. I’m sure that would make them happy. So, actually, I’m rather surprised they haven’t thought of that as another way of creating revenue for themselves. Guess they weren’t put into their positions necessarily because of their brains though.

  7. I totally can see Chris’ point of view on this. In the big picture however, maybe the term “anything in moderation is ok” starts off as a means of rationalization eventually turning into “:I can quit anytime”. This is probably truer for some people than others. Over time, the habit eventually becomes your priority. The priority eventually becomes your life.

    For something containing so much potential power over our lives, perhaps it is best certain substances remain illegal. I gave this some extra thought in comparison as to why we may never see a hangover cure in a convenient pill. A large portion of our utopia might remain drunk 24×7? Lol…

  8. it’s 2 AM in the Bangkok Airport, and I am going to try to answer this question. It’s because the government has a million complex incentives to keep it illegal, including the money it makes from both prosecuting it and growing it indirectly

  9. Because big pharmaceutical companies haven’t figured out how to get their cut, that’s why. If marijuana wasn’t something that could be easily grown by consumers, it would be a legitimate treatment for all sorts of mental and physical ailments from bi-polar disorder to cancer and HIV-AIDS.

  10. Tax…yeah…

    The infrastructure is in place (and will remain in place) to bring contraband through the US military, the DEA, the local and state police, but somehow, when the IRS gets involved–then we’ll be able to stop the smuggling.

    We can’t even stop cigarette smuggling. But tax pot–“it’s a goldmine!”

    Yea right.

  11. The reality is clearly stated by asking the government the question, there must be a reason why they would not allot to become legal. The black market would dissapear by legalizing not only marihuana but any other drug, people will do it no mmater what so why not having quality instead of having people dying from smoking or sniffing poor quality stuff? Again ask the question to the governement, and eventually you will realize there is a reason (money) behind this subjrct

  12. Actually it used to be legal, along with opium, cocaine and LSD….laws had to be passed because people have demonstrated by their misuse of the drugs that they can’t handle the responsibility. Drugs aren’t evil, people are.
    We suffer the consequences of the few who spoil it for everyone.
    It’s also the reason the beginning driving age keeps going up too.
    The Indians have used peyote and other drugs religiously for centuries.

  13. i believe its because it cannot be controlled at the moment and is the reason why its not legal. give it a few years, im sure it will be

  14. its because the gov. can’t profet from pot. they can off of alcohol and tobbacco and all that other stuff but not pot

  15. i think weed should be leagl is if beer and cigs are legal why cant we smoke pot at least that dose sum thing for u am i right it dont cause holes in your throat abd beer and whiskey ect.. cause addicticon problems like that shit and cigs also the goverment is scared that if weed is legal they will lose profit off cis and stuff if it is legal sum day i can under stand dont smoke and drive and shit the goverment will make a killing in profit i tried it once and loved it just thinnk of it all that bud cops have in the storage if they made it legal the goverment made it leagal they could sell joints in cig packs for like 104 a pcack wit like 20 joints in it they will make a killing who wants to form a group of sum sort to get that shit legallized e mail me at [email protected] or request me as a friend on myspace my email on my myspace is [email protected] my name is stephen and we will get a huge partition around plz do it as fast as u can

  16. The gov. is dumb! How Many people do you here about dying in wrecks and things like that from smoking pot compared to getting drunk and driving, if anythig, alcohol should be illegal! I like pot yes, thats not why im saying this, ive been saying this for years, and everyone i know tends to agree… even if they dont smoke it. And how many times do you here about it giving you lung cancer and emphazema?! I mean seriously the government says they cant profit from it and that its too dangerous, but they can most def. profit from it, and its not really dangerous, whats the worst thats gonna happen… get the damn munchies?!

  17. I completely agree, I don’t understand why government officials and authority’s have such a beef with marijuana. There is nothing wrong with it from my point of view and many others. It’s better then alcohol, I have never heard of anyone dieing from driving while high and I have never heard of anyone doing anything tremendously illegal. or anything illegal at all. Alcohol should be the thing that is illegal not marijuana. You cant die from it and you get nothing but positive effects. It helps and has been proven to help with some severe illnesses and has also been proven to help with day to day things such as headaches and upset stomach etc. Most people haven’t even tried it. They just discriminate against it because there parents did or because “society” says its wrong. But NOBODY understands. Unlike ciggs it dosent hurt you much! only when smoked and it can be consumed other ways to get rid of the bad smoking part. Marijuana is 10x better then ciggs and it also has good healthy positives to it. I dont understand how a so called “drug” that has been proven and used in ancient times and through the present to help with medical problems be illegal. Alcohol kills, driving on alcohol kills. Marijuana does neither of these. Ciggerates kill and give cancer but what does marijuana do? NOT that. When under the “influence” of marijuana you can still get your daily tasks done and not be a pest to society. The worst that could happen is that you smoke go out and do what you need to do and laugh quite a bit and be a bit more happier then normal and also maybe be a bit hungry thus spending money and thus boosting our economy from giving company’s money to spend some of that money back on taxes which gets our government back money. Now think about if they found a way to legalize it and tax it. Legalizing it will free up room in jails because of dumb marijuana arrests it will also stop wasting our TAX PAYERS MONEY which is OURS remember that guys, on stupid arrests such as possession. It will also get our economy more money because they taxing this stuff and get extra money for shit. This infuriates me knowing that politicians and authorities can be so oblivious to the positives to this. Legalizing this is not saying “hey kids its alright to do drugs” because marijuana is not a drug from my point of view it helps people and such and is just as good as asprin! There are such things as DRUGS out there and marijuana is not one. This drug does not cause deaths(like alcohol) does not cause anger which will make you do stupid things(like alcohol) and you can drive and this and you are 100x more cautious and drive better while high. Your reaction time may be slower but you drive slower anyways! so its fine. Jesus, I wish people would just get some common sense.

  18. I completely agree. Cigarette can end up giving you lung cancer quickly versus weed which a lot of studies shown that lung cancer chances are sometimes lower because of the THC which reduces tumor growth. It’s ridiculous that they sell alcohol which people can over drink and die from alcohol poisoning. People drink and kill others and themselves everyday just by getting in a car. Smoking weed doesn’t effect your motor skills in the least compared to alcohol. I’ve driven many times while high and I actually seem to drive better and slower and a lot more cautious. I wouldn’t recommend it because if you are new to smoking weed it might be a little over bearing at first. Smoking weed makes you content in whatever your doing. Take one hit and your mind expands completely to another lever of intelligence. You think of things you never thought of and you kind of feel smarter. As strange as it sounds smoking weed helped me see a bigger side to the world. The only thing that was bad for me about weed was I smoked all day everyday because i loved being high and never got anything done. I ended up watching TV and when i went to work i couldn’t wait to get home to get high. Smoking weed is a great thing kept within moderation for those whole have no self control. But that goes with all the other things listed above in the statement I am responding to. Alcohol is worse and addicting as well as pills, as well as cough medicine. I very much agree why keep something so harmless and helpful illegal. Government can sell the product and end up making tons of money and most likely crime rates will go down. People will be to high and happy to give a shit to steal and less people in jail for weed. which is stupid too.

  19. 100% Correct.
    They should make it legal.
    Oh course they want you to think it bad, but look there are more death because of obesity then marijuana. Plus marijuana isn’t really considered a drug since you don’t get addicted. It should be just like tobacco, either you choose to or not.

  20. Just because alcohol and tobacco are legalized does not make them okay. Marijuana is illegal, which means that despite opinions, it truly is bad for you. Sure it may get you high and make you “feel good,” but there is no positive outcome, even if the outcome is not harmful to you. When people get high, it does have a negative affect, even if the smokers don’t see it. Not only are you at risk to harming yourself, you are also at risk to harm others around you. The same goes for alcohol. Marijuana is illegal and I am pretty sure that it will stay that way. You can try all you want, its not going to legalize. It is harmful to the economy and your lungs as well, its still SMOKE.


  21. im compleley on your level people its absolutley ridiculous y its not legal, Especially when the pigs disscreminate you 4 what you love and enjoy i was haven a blaze with the boys after work jus got paid [amazing] got some grade then what do you no 2 pigs come cruzeing over ‘whers the weed then boys’? said we jus smoked it as them being cunts they decided to get the dogs and male officers to search us, well me really they said ”have you got any drugs on you”? no i replied but i got weed ”how much’ ”10bag” [3.8g] they Criticized me as being i quote [dirty disgusting mess of a human being] i work hard i pay my fucking taxes i dont consume much alcohol so i said to the pigwoman how much coffee do you consume a day? she said im asking the questions im in charge here so preety much they al been brainwashed into the corruption of money and greed the one thing that gets to me is amsterdame has the lowest crime rate in the world

  22. MARIHUANA TAX ACT OF 1937 provided penalties for growing marijuana because it unfairly competed with the paper pulp farms and represented a threat to ground oil production.
    Kerosene was not used in lanterns- it was marijuana oil and for the wealthy whale oil.
    Kerosene use also forced the hangers-on to adopt electric lights or suffocate from kerosene fumes.
    It was a money making project, and if marijuana were to become legal then think of all the law enforcement agencies, penal institutes, courts, not to mention cities that would suffer from loss of marijuana related revenue.
    (compare http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1937_Marihuana_Tax_Act)

  23. It’s pretty obvious why it continues to be illegal. Like most things, it’s ALL about the economics.

    Because there’s nobody w/ money on the line to push otherwise.

    Alchohol, tobacco, etc, are all VERY difficult to produce in commercial quantities. Sure, you *can* craft brew some beer/wine at home. But it’s too much of a pain in the ass for most people. And you flat out can’t do home-made cigs. It’s not even remotely feasible.

    Now look at Marijuana. If it was legal, ANYONE that wanted some, could grow it themselves. Sure, maybe some negligible business in seeds, etc. And some minor commerce from people too lazy to water a plant, or on vacation, etc. But by and large, nobody would make money on legal pot. And if nobody stands to make a bunch of money on it, then nobody is going to pay a bunch of money to lobby congress to change the laws.

    In the absence of vast sums of lobby dollars, no congresscritter in their right mind is going to go on record as being in favor of any kind of drugs legalization, no matter how many facts they can muster to back up their argument. They’re simply not going to want to get labeled as the pot congressman.

    In order to get the laws changed to legalize it, a HUGE marketing effort would have to be started first. No way will a congressman ever propose something like that out of the blue. It is going to have to be in response to a huge groundswell/movement. And since nobody is going to make a killing after it’s legal, nobody is going to spend the marketing money to get the ball rolling to do that.

    My best guess, is that eventually either enough states will pass legalization laws in the face of the federal ban on it, that the feds will have adequate cover to re-think it. But in that case there’s still virtually no incentive for the congress to change the laws. They simply don’t stand to gain anything from it. Or eventually someone will push a states rights issue as far as SCOTUS, and will be successful in arguing that it’s not an inter-state commerce issue, and thus the feds are simply overstepping by trying to regulate it.

    Either way, it’s gonna be a LONG, LONG time in coming.

    If you want to make it legal, figure out how to make money doing it, and then you can afford to buy the laws you need to do it.

  24. you wanna know why marijuana is illegal its because the government cant control the sale of it if they could find a way to stop civilians from growing it they would grow their own it would be perfectly legal because their are still no medical reasons not to smoke marijuana it is the only non violent drug

  25. Many of the comments posted here demonstrate why marijuana is still illegal. Ignorance is the number TWO reason pot is still illegal. The government would legalize cannabis if they could control (that is TAX) the substance. It wouldn’t matter how ignorant people were…the drug companies would make commercials and run ads in maxim and eventually everyone would see things differently.

    The older I get, the more it angers me to hear ignorant people talk about how dangerous cannabis is to ME, a grown AMERICAN man. I’m sitting here writing this at 4am because I suffer from severe insomnia. I can go get some highly addictive, incredibly euphoric benzos that cause me to go into a hypnotic trance for ten hours and it’s totally LEGAL. I could stand up in church on sunday and tell the whole congregation and everyone would be sympathetic and pray for me.

    But if I stood up and said “hey, I can smoke half a gram of pot and sleep like an infant with no side-effects, hangover or addiction” everyone would still pray for me, but it would be to protect me from the devil.

    If I were king of the world, I’d line up every ignorant naysayer of cannabis and find out what their health problems were and what medicine they took to relieve it. Then, I would tell every one of you heartless assholes that your medicine is “bad” for you, and create a list of reasons you can’t have it anymore. You know, Tylenol is bad for your liver…Tums cause kidney stones…cough syrup impairs your ability to drive. I would take away your medicine and let you suffer….

    …then I’d wait a month and give you your medicine back, as long as you promised to stop being an asshole. I’m not as HEARTLESS and IGNORANT as the HYPOCRITES who think THEIR medicine is somehow “good” because the government can tax it while the drug companies keep the masses addicted to DANGEROUS drugs.

    So sleep well assholes. Pop your pills, smoke your nasty cigarettes, drink a pint and beat your wife. Sleep well knowing that I’M WIDE AWAKE as usual, but I’m not smoking pot so everything is all right. I am so thankful to all you ignoramuses who “protect” me and everyone like me who is suffering.

  26. I recently quit smoking weed after using it for years. And even after quitting i still think it should be legal. They should just tell people that it will harm your short term memory and kill motivation. On the other hand it will reduce pain make food better boring conversations more interesting and will i repeat will make you a more well adjusted human being.

  27. My history teacher used to tell me the reason it wasn’t legal is because the pharmacies who were selling all these different drugs to make people feel better, would stop selling shit because people could just buy some cheap weed and then plant their own with some seeds. It seemed pretty ridiculous when I first thought about it, but after a few hits from the bong, it seemed to make sense. XD

  28. if it was legal the government would put a bunch of shit in it like they do cigarettes.
    im glad its illegal in a way

  29. Look, the point is why not legalize it. I mean for F***S sake, its a PLANT, not a chemically transferred substance. If anything this plant makes life a lot better.

  30. I think it’s ridiculous that marijuana is illegal! It makes virtually everything better and more enjoyable! Then there’s alcohol, which causes aggression in loads of people, impairs motor skills to a higher degree than marijuana, even if you’re blinded like a motherfucker! Alcohol is highly habit-forming, terrible for your liver, and is abused worse than any other “drug,” and yes, alcohol is a drug for all you dumbfucks that think that just because its not illegal, it can’t be classified as a drug! Alcohol is extremely psychoactive, and if you took away the element that causes addiction, heroin would not be as bad for you as alcohol! Then there’s cigarettes, which eat holes in your throat, cause cancer like no other, and are unpleasant to smell or taste! I just got done smoking a menthol, which are supposed to be the less harsh smoking of the types of cigarettes, and my chest hurts worse than if I were to chain-smoke three blunts! It’s F-ing ridiculous! Legislators need to fuckin’ wake up and realize that marijuana is not harmful, or at least not near as harmful as it’s made out to be! Shit, just think of this: people get depressed because the economy sucks, so they go buy a little marijuana for cheap which the government could still tax the hell out of, get high, feel better about life, and then get hungry and go stimulate the economy by buying food! Where is the harm in that!? And I don’t want to hear that marijuana makes you dumb! I started smoking in high school and I still graduated 10th in my class! If you don’t want it to rule your life, then just make a conscious effort to not let it! It’s called will power dumbfucks! Get to know it!

    Legalize this shit, PLEASE!

  31. i think that who doesnt aregge with smoking weed are stupid because it helps out alot with certain deasse and other things… i have done it but it hasnt effected me much but i enjoy the plant that is natural grown.

  32. what you guys dont see is that under our amendment rights , we are not allowed to legalize marijuana in our govt. unless all 50 states agree , once holland legalized drugs in 1984 the marijuana use went from 15 to 44% in only 8 years , and eventhough marijuana isnt addicitive like caffeine or tobacco, its jut a mental mindstate which makes you believe your addicted , my board has been discussing this issue and although many peopple agree with this subject the conservative party still has alot of power on this issue , this doesnt mean that liberals agree to it either , its just a subject which came up in a way to make tax money in order to help boost our falling economy , thank you for listening
    -Mario Peña D-California

  33. I agree with all of you that weed should be legal, people say we are brainwashed by other bad influences but that’s a load of bullcrap because all the gov wants is more money so they don’t want people growing their own weed if it was legal. WAY safer than cigs and alcohol so wtf? It s plain retarded

  34. Plant are not drug, it still is “drug” without chemical. If I were soul reaper then I will be happy to explain you all dumb***es that weed make you strong, tiredless and destroy cancer but I won’t tell you that weed isn’t safe. You believed me then you dead. Real me will say you desevre it for believe famous smoke weed, great path and drug seller, they want give you going to death and hell

  35. “Plant are not drug, it still is “drug” without chemical. If I were soul reaper then I will be happy to explain you all dumb***es that weed make you strong, tiredless and destroy cancer but I won’t tell you that weed isn’t safe. You believed me then you dead. Real me will say you desevre it for believe famous smoke weed, great path and drug seller, they want give you going to death and hell”

    What. The. Hell. I can’t decipher this post. I mean, what is this I don’t even…

    …well, let’s just look at the following:

    “Real me will say you desevre it for believe famous smoke weed, great path and drug seller, they want give you going to death and hell”

    …I really don’t have anything to say. This is so damned incomprehensible…

    …**** it. I’m killing myself tonight. A world that contains even a SINGLE person like this is NOT worth living in. Cheers, everyone!

  36. The main reason why pot is illegal is because some rich man in charge of a paper company years ago discovered that hemp and other products like hemp can be used to make a cheaper paper, In fear of loosing his company he ran an anti weed campaign that over protective mothers joined in on and signed a potation that made the world think that weed is bad when in all honesty it is actually better for you then Tobacco and over abusing alcohol.

  37. marijuana is so much safer than alcohol,u pay more attention to the more important things.like when your driving u dont get road rage or anything like that you stay real calm and mellow.but i will say that some people smoke herb just because its illegal.

  38. if the gov. makes marijuana legal then it will keep a bunch of people out of jail people like me will never stop smoking herb it tastes and smells way to good to just stop.the way it makes you feel is uncontrollably awesome!

  39. I read almost this whole forum and about 95% here agrees that marijuana SHOULD be legalized.
    l l l
    l l READ l
    l READ l l
    l l l READ
    v v v

    If EVERYONE in the U.S. who thinks that marijuana should infact be leagal were to take twenty minutes of there time to write there congressman, it would be legal in no-time.

  40. I think that obama is fu**** retarded and should legalize weed I mean I think that marijuana should be legal before alcohol is. You dont hear about ppl wrecking or anything while they’re high off weed its all the damn alcoholics in this nation. If anything weed should take the place of beer anyday of the week in my opinion!!!!!!! and another thing weed is freakin naturally grown beer is fuckin made and for all the religious people, WEED IS NATURAL no offense but when you smoke you dont act stupid like you do when your drunk weed acually makes you think and makes you pay attention!!!

  41. marijuana is onley illegal because the goverment cannot tax it and if they started to tax it that still wouldent work because people grow it in there basements and other places so the gov would be screwed lol so ya thats why its not legal

  42. for one marijuana is less harmful then alcohol and it also has not linked cancer to it!
    plus if it was legalized it may make money and help out the econmy

  43. the gov can make a profit if they sold it at walmart or at a drug store but some reason they wont legalize it is cause of dug people coming and killing you but you should worry about that not the goverment i mean god we can take care of ourselfs so just flipping leaglize it already gosh nothing happens when you smoke weed yeah you become a pot head but anthing that you want more of is a drug like soda we NEED WEED if we had weed legally and you could buy it then no one would do crack or smack or meth i mean like what the [email protected]#k this is bull shiet we NEED WEED yesterday was 420 day so happy 420 day -spacecowboy

  44. lol this video….. what a damn shame. right now im writing my junior research paper on the legalization of marijuana while listening to gucci(i digress) anyway that cop was a DUMBASS and if you cant handle weed, dont do it. and damn it, dont call the cops. youll just embarrass yourself( which is exactly what happened). btw, maybe his fat ass overdosed on sugar from eating so many damn brownies. and big ups to you, chris pirillo, bcuz real talk, the feds are the biggest drug dealers in the f*cking world.( you can overdose on ambien quicker than you can overdose on weed) peace out! reppin Wild 100s, Chicago, Il

  45. The government has nothing better to do than be on their high-horse and making people fear or hate something that is natural and not really worth worrying about. Marijuana should be legal and the government could than tax it and make a profit on it. They would have one less drug to worry about. I used to be worried about it until I tried it 4 years ago. There is nothing to fear and I haven’t done it since then. People have to stop being so stuck in the past about topics like this. Oh and by the way, it’s not addictive like cigarettes and other drugs (i.e. caffeine).

  46. anyone who thinks weed is harmful needs to wake up from their fantasy world of “everything i have learned is true.” Weed has all kinds of positive effects that one can easily look up off any legitimate medical site. Besides bonding with other people and establishing close and dependable friendships weed has enabled me to overcome crisis after crisis including the death of my mom.
    Yes smoking has irritants to the lungs as would any burning material which is not healthy BUT there are ZERO diseases or illnesses that can be caused by it. Cancer? THC has been and continues to be tested and has proven to eliminate cancer cells. Yes, it eliminates it not creates it. I smoke weed every day and i love it. Is it addicting? No. I have gone months at a time not smoking weed in my lifetime without any problem. If i wanted to i could stop all together but i wont because it is a healthy habit i enjoy similar to hiking or watching the news every day. The government hasn’t legalized weed because it is shown as a drug that makes you lose control. Some people say its because of all the money. Ironic because last i checked we are trillions in debt because the gov does’nt know how to handle money properly, at all. if they did the country wouldn’t be broke but mabey i am just over-simplifying things… If the gov cared about its people it would stop fucking up kids lives for those who get caught with weed on them.

  47. Often it is even considered to be ‘cool’ to smoke ‘weed’ and get high.
    But before we know it, this apparently innocent occasional smoking of
    marijuana, or cannabis, will slowly but surely lead to a desire to use
    more, more often and in stronger concentrations. And then after a while
    we can no longer speak of the occasional fun moments of being high, it
    can become a serious addiction that influences our body and mind
    intensely on a daily basis and can start ruling our life.

  48. who cares if it’s legal or not? it’s these freaks that seem to need it so bad that they’re all upi n the air about  it not being legal that i’d worry about…so what!!! it’s illegal..live with it..do need the shit THAT BAD???i mean hey i drink once ina while but if alcohol suddenly disappears off the face of the earth i don’t give a care..it’s not what sustains me/

    1. The point is that the government shouldn’t have the power to control what we do to our bodies. The government’s job is to protect our freedoms

  49. Every major study of the marijuana laws in the last 100 years has concluded that the only connection between marijuana and heroin is that they are both prohibited and, therefore, sold in the same black market.The most recent study of the subject was the report of the US Institute of Medicine on medical marijuana. They reported:
    Instead it is the legal status of marijuana that makes it a gateway drug.
    In other words, the people who support prohibition are using the bad effects of prohibition as justification for prohibition. The conclusion of all the research is that we have a “gateway drug policy”. It is the laws that create the problem.

  50. why you all mad if aint t adictived just live without right < f stoners btw the dummes mf i ever meet were stoners  and some how got true college,

    1. Did you even read what you just wrote? I can’t believe you graduated elementary school. Wow.

  51. Weed is harmful because of this prohibition that to government decides to enforce. It brings a decently non harmful and a non addictive substance (unless you get addicted to things like video games) into something that could be potentially addictive and harmful. This is because the underground dealers (which the government seems to prefer) lace the marijuana with addictive chemicals or products which make the marijuana heavier. They can put whatever they wish in it because it is unregulated. Learn from our mistakes from alcohol prohibition and regulate it!

  52. Weed definitely should be legalized, but it’s not a miracle drug. There IS a small chance of addiction, it has more carcinogens than tobacco smoke (depending on who you ask) and correct me if i’m wrong, but I believe it hasn’t been proven to eliminate cancer cells.

    But this shit doesn’t make you rage like alcohol and coke. You just get really fucking happy! What’s so wrong with that? Vaporize it or put it in brownies and it is a virtually harmless drug that deserves to be legal. Besides, we have the right as Americans to do whatever we want to our bodies.
    There are probably a dozen other reasons to legalize it, but mainly, it’s because the government should not have the power to regulate or ban anything so harmless.

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