Dual Monitor Display Increases Productivity

I’m tellin’ ya – if you haven’t gone dual, you’re not ready to rule.

Someone who goes by the handle “imafrayedknot” left a comment for my Dual Monitor vs Single Screen video:

Productivity is about more than just the brute number of pixels. Using multiple monitors allows me to efficiently organize my desktop resources by using each screen as a partition. I use this triple monitor display.

With 2 monitors you would have a black bezel right in the middle of your line of sight between the two monitors. Three monitors eliminates this problem. Furthermore I’ve found that my personal workflow is natively three pronged – I put my central focus task up in the middle 21.3″ screen and support it with resources on the two rotated wing displays. I run photoshop or dreamweaver in the middle, with firefox on the left and internet explorer on the right, or outlook on one side, a spreadsheet on the other and word in the middle. It just helps me synthesize information efficiently. I love it and would never consider going back…It would be like working with one eye closed or something.

Once singletons see any two screens (or more) in action on the same machine, they’re always jealous. It’s not the size of the monitor that matters, it’s what you… nevermind.