Student Loan Consolidation: Eliminate Them!

I started my student loan discussion by asking virtual friends about their opinions, which quickly spun out into a separate student loan debt entry. The more I started to think about it, the angrier I started to get.

I remember applying for student loans and being nervous about getting turned down. Sorry, but I grew up in the middle class – neither poor nor rich enough to afford a higher education that might keep me from being poorer and potentially help me find financial success. But the idea of student Financial Aid always pissed me off. I was bitter, depressed, and most importantly: offended.

It’s not right that we charge our citizens (of any age) to become a productive member of our society. It’s just… not… right. I’m not saying that education doesn’t cost money, but it’s no wonder why kids today see no hope for their own future – knowing FULL WELL that to get to the future, they’ll need to do the very thing they’ve been told by their elders not to do: climb into debt.

…what the hell kind of lesson is that? Oh, I’ll tell you what kind of lesson it is. It’s student loan corruption, at the highest levels:

America isn’t going to find salvation in charging its people to make America better – period, end of f’ing story. This isn’t about being conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican… it’s about abandoning the institutions which have already abandoned their constituents. Rather, the institutions which have already begun to serve a completely different kind of constituent.

Student loans? Hell, this country should’ve paid *ME* to go to college.