Fast Laptop Giveaway

Am I crazy? Yes, but that’s not why I’m giving away one of my laptops. I’m likely to give away another one of my laptops in the near future, too – but first, I have to do this particular laptop giveaway.

It’s not a contest, however – as the lucky recipient will be chosen at random at a date to-be-determined in the near future. There are two ways you can shoot for the prize, and both of those options have to do with subscribing to my podcast feed.

  1. Post a video response on YouTube (I’m Giving Away my Laptop), proving that you have subscribed to my podcast feed by holding up your device and showing everyone. Subscribe to in any podcast program (like iTunes, Zune, PSP, etc.). Showing me the feed itself – or a Web page – will not suffice.
  2. Write a review for “The Chris Pirillo Show” in the iTunes store – just be honest with your review, as flattery won’t curry favor or increase your odds. If you already have iTunes installed, you can use this podcast link.

The goal? To boost the amount of active podcast participants. As you’ll notice from recently recorded media, the audience is always heavily involved. You ask questions, you give answers, you share information.