What is DSS?

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Pilot_51 want’s to know what DSS is and why should he care about it?

In the world of wireless phones, DSS stands for Digital Spread Spectrum, which offers users a good level of security to protect their wireless conversations. The basic idea is that your phone will hop across various frequencies so that it is difficult for a third party to listen in to your conversation.

HowStuffWorks has a nice description of what DSS does for you:

A cordless DSS telephone provides… highest security. Due to digital transmissions and constantly changing frequency channels in use, only the matching receiver has a copy of the pre-assigned spreading code. Millions of scrambling codes are available and are selected automatically when the headset is lifted from the cradle. Common radio scanners cannot hear a DSS cordless telephone conversation.

So that’s DSS in a nutshell. Do you have any recommendations for a DSS-enabled phone?