Personal Software Firewall – Perseco asks Chris what is recommendations are for a personal software firewall.

First, Chris recommends staying away from the built in Windows Firewall and finding a good software firewall that you trust and can configure better. He also recommends staying away from Windows Live OneCare, as it doesn’t perform as well as other products.

Comodo comes recommended from the chat room if you’re looking for a free personal software firewall:

Unfortunately, most firewalls leak. But Comodo’s Firewall is unique in that it passes all known leak tests to ensure the integrity of data entering and exiting your system. Comodo has put firewall through all kinds of sophisticated tests to ensure its firewall powerful enough to ward off these attacks with default settings. No other firewall has had to work this hard. Take this test yourself.

Symantec sells Norton Internet Security 2007:

Key Features of Norton Internet Security 2007:

  • Automatically detects and blocks viruses, spyware, and worms
  • Advanced phishing protection identifies and blocks fraudulent websites
  • Rootkit Protection finds and removes hidden threats in the operating system
  • Smart firewall blocks hackers and stops spyware transmitting unauthorized information
  • Intrusion Prevention automatically shields newly discovered security vulnerabilities
  • Network protection configures security settings when logged on at home, or on public networks
  • Full System Scan performs a deep scan to remove existing viruses, spyware and other threats
  • Norton Protection Center provides a central place to easily check overall security settings

Zonealarm Pro is an all-inclusive firewall and privacy protection suite:

  • The Most Secure Firewall with Privacy and Identity Protection
  • Delivers proactive firewall protection.
  • Proactively protects your PC with the most advanced, multi-layered, firewall-based security available.
  • Prevents and removes spyware.
  • Stops spyware before it gets on your PC, removes spyware already on it, and offers extra protection from dangerous websites.
  • Protects your privacy and identity.
  • Stops hackers and criminals from stealing your identity or financial assets.

Of course, a firewall is only one part of the equation: you should also have anti-virus and spyware protection for additional security.

What software firewalls do you recommend?