Conference Call Services

Following up on my previous post about conference calling services, I asked a bunch of my LinkedIn contacts about what they use for their own conference calls. There’s a clear mindshare leader…

Lars Hilse:

Try—works fine for my opinion.

Kari Barker:

Are you familiar with Skype? It’s a great contact system. You make calls to hard line, cell phones or other computers. Computer to Computer (skype to skype) is a free call in the US. You can add people for conference calls on skype lines or to hard lines. they also feature a ‘chat’ or IM screen and history can be tracked on the screen. If you are calling from within the US you can call any US number all year for about $30.OOUS There is a fee for out of the country calls.

If you don’t need the long distance piece so much – and are just looking for Conference Calls — as previously mentioned should do it.

Mark Withington: works great. You might also think about for an outsourced PBX.

Steven Hughes:

I have also used and TalkShoe, both make recordings available offline one on CD (FreeConferenceCall) or downloadable MP3 (TalkShow)—great for podcasts, plus they have an opt-in pay system that will host public talkshoe shows. Great for answering questions from multiple listneners and works live with a chat client. Both give you numbers and invites to manage callers.

Michael Melone:

The resounding answer seems to be They partner with GotoMeeting so that you can have a free conference call and show presentations remotely… this is particularly nice because it is also a fraction of the most popular alternative, WebEx.

Marc Aniballi:

I use for all my calling. It’s Skype without the PC – SMOKING service, handles conferences and the rates are CHEAP. I use it for all my non-local calling from my cell phone.

Peter Read:

Try VSee. It’s free and allows up to 11 video callers.

Robbin Block:

Try PowWowNow. They offer a free service.

Brian Karas:

We’ve had good experiences with, going on a couple of years now.

Corey Bryant:

We have been using FreedomVoice for a few years now and they recently introduced a conference number. No reservations are needed and very eay to set it. We use it when needed and it gets billed to our toll-free number account.

Devin A. Brown:

Free Conference is an option.

Keith Barrows:

I’ve been using Free Conferencing powered by LiveOffice. I’ve also used FreeConference a couple of times.

Stephen MacGill:

We are big fans of Conference Calls Unlimited. Great customer service, small business focused and many features not found elsewhere. Zane Safrit, their CEO, is also a good resource on this topic.