Twitter vs Jaiku

Enough of the “Twitter sucks” or “Jaiku is stupid” arguments – you’re wrong, and I have the direct results to prove it. The presence platform (pratform?) is here to stay. Doesn’t matter if you’re on either network or not: Google loves ’em.

Earlier today, I needed to find a post that I had written about OEMs sucking – so I went to Google to look for the OEMs suck post. The results blew me away – and you need to start taking both Twitter and Jaiku seriously if you haven’t already. Let’s look at the first organic result:

Jaiku | Chr15 P1r1LL0: Where / how do PC manufactuers (OEMs) suck … – 12:37pm
Chr15 P1r1LL0: Where / how do PC manufactuers (OEMs) suck? What are they doing wrong? Setting up the live conference call soon. …

WTF? The second result:

Jaiku | Latest from siouxmoux
Chr15 P1r1LL0: Looking for feedback (how OEMs suck) – … Chr15 P1r1LL0: Where / how do PC manufactuers (OEMs) suck? …

OMG! The third result:

Twitter / chrispirillo
Where / how do PC manufactuers (OEMs) suck? What are they doing wrong? Setting up the live conference call soon… about 1 hour ago from im …

Understand, this all started with my original twitter about setting up to talk about how OEMs suck. The problem is: I failed to twitter the link to our live video feed in my initial twitter which was subsequently re-sneezed (jaiku’ed) by danmac. I’m grateful the content was reused, but Google totally dropped the ball on placing the link to my original twitter in the #1 position. Ouch. And you wonder why I twitter a link with damn near every tweet?

It’s just a matter of time before Twitter and Jaiku (and the like) are gamed to the point of general uselessness. The SEOs are coming, folks – be forewarned.

16 thoughts on “Twitter vs Jaiku”

  1. I love Jaiku for the additional features but it’s mobile support for non-Nokia phones sucks. I mainly post to Twitter from my Treo 700p and I would LOVE to be able to do the same on Jaiku. I have been trying to get an activation code since I joined, about 2 months ago.
    If they could get that worked out I might spend more time on Jaiku than Twitter. I doubt I would switch completely because I doubt all my contacts would.

  2. I haven’t decided anything yet. I like Jaiku a lot but without everyone being there it won’t be the same. Also, I’m all about mobile and Jaiku isn’t there yet. Unless you have a nokia. And even then they are saying that it will be a java app that you will have to run. I love that I can get twitter updates right to my phone via SMS or IM. For now I will continue to use both and see what happens.

    What are your pros and cons for both Chris?

  3. Different 2.0 nets have different audiences and different uses. If you can manage to become a time management ninja like Merlin Mann, you can have your 2.0 cake and eat it too and have time on the side to conquer your overflowing inbox. Hiii-yaaaa!

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