How to Record and Upload Media from your Mobile Phone

So, I finally got around to trying Shozu this evening – and, for the most part, I’m quite impressed. It doesn’t solve all my problems, however – and some recordings will likely need to be re-encoded and stamped with an image overlay before I would care to “podcast” them.

ShoZu is a free service for your phone that makes it incredibly easy to send and receive photos, videos and music while you’re on the move.

The results aren’t picture perfect, but it’s certainly better than what I was using before (which was, largely, simple email attachments from the phone or nothing at all). Here’s how it looks on YouTube:

And here’s what it looks like when it was sent to Buzznet automatically:

And here’s what it looks like on Blip.TV:

3GP? My biggest complaint is that there’s no place for me to send video that will (a) automatically transcode it into MP4, MP3 formats with permalink URLs, and (2) slap my own overlay atop the video. Unless there is such a service available, and I just don’t know about it yet. The only reason I use Blip.TV is that it automatically posts to my blog(s) and MySpace account – which is a time saver, even if not 100% what I want.