Live Video Production Workflow

Here’s the workflow, rough though it may be:

  • Segment gets recorded live-to-tape
  • Segment gets encoded by the live video service
  • Download link is provided (immediately, as in the case of ustream)
  • If the recording is in FLV, it must be converted before redistribution (iPod and PSP compatible MP4)
  • Video is uploaded, tagged on YouTube and – possible MP3 audio created
  • Show notes, if any, are recorded – either in paragraph or bulletpoint form
  • Full text is posted to my Media page, with a likely cross-tease in my personal blog

Mind you, that’s about as “simple” as it gets right now – I haven’t even begun talking about how I want to format high definition video recordings yet. That’s what I’m hoping to do sooner rather than later.

Ultimately, I’d want my live video service to automatically reencode and upload the video to my YouTube and Blip.TV accounts. From Blip.TV, a post is automatically made to my Media blog and MySpace account (with text added manually in short time). If the service provider would play ball, it would eliminate a lot of our current headaches – as we’re already a few videos behind. 🙁 Worse yet, ustream doesn’t offer a feed for video subscription – nor does it host MP4 archives so that I could likely bypass Blip.TV altogether.

I must reopen the dialogue with Podtrac this week – they’re another cog in the machine.

8 thoughts on “Live Video Production Workflow”

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  2. Amen Brother!

    You are heard loud and clear, and these items are on our roadmap. As you can imagine, we have lots to do, but serving the end-to-end needs of broadcasters such as yourself is a priority for us.

  3. Would posting videos recorded on ustream to youtube be all that appealing to ustream? I don’t see that helping ustream’s traffic flow any especially since ustream is counting on the player linking viewers to their home page.

    MP4 download for the author of the content is only fair, but then again that can draw away yet more potential traffic.

    If ustream isn’t working on a RSS feed for individual profiles they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

  4. Hi Chris, if you’re interested in creating live MPEG-4 broadcasts which are automatically archived into mp4 files that will play on your iPod, Apple TV, and mobile phone, you may want to check out our service Veodia. It also posts the files to your blog automatically.

  5. Chris, don’t know if you know this, you probably do, I just haven’t seen it yet. If you already have the flv file, you can use Safari to open the site with the flv, open up “Activity” find the address for the flv, then download the flv through that URL (I typically like to use Firefox to download it though, because I’ve found that Safari, for some reason, likes to drop the connection with downloads from time to time). Once you have the flv on your hard drive, open it in QuickTime (not even QT Pro – the basic will do this) and then save it as a mov.

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