Blog and Writing Tips – Free eBook

I gotta hand it to Chitika – even though I haven’t had much luck with them in recent months (in terms of ad network viability for Lockergnome, since we don’t have a product-driven resource), they’ve done something quite nice for the blogosphere:

BlogBash – 30 days 30 experts! was one of the most successful events ever done on the Chitika Blog. Dreamed up by Chitika’s CTO Alden DoRosario and inspired by an interesting series from the Month of Apple Bugs, Chitika’s goal for this event was to “empower the blogger.” The experts wrote about an array of wide-ranging topics, from “Dare to be Odd” and “Shopping and Blogging: How to make the marriage work”, to “Help me! My mom is my blogs only reader!” and many more.

I was one of the “experts” (and I use that label very loosely, as I’m not sure I’ve ever been an expert in anything). The eBook is worth downloading if you missed the series as it unfolded. If you learn at least one thing from it, then the PDF was well worth the price of admission (free).