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Last week, when I was out of town, Ponzi had a slumber party with a couple of friends. We encouraged them to stream their cooking live, and the chat room went berserk. Everyone was asking her about all her favorite tips, tools, brands, etc. They whipped up a nice “casserole” of leftovers – which Ponzi always does well. I’d go as far as to say that (often) her leftover mashups taste better than the originals after she’s done with ’em.

Tonight, once more, we convinced my wife to stream her cooking prowess to the hungry digital masses. I dubbed her the “sexy chef” (since “naked chef” was already taken, and we’re not too hip on sharing THAT much of our lives with the world). The results speak for themselves – she made quite the tasty Friday night snack. It’s too bad you couldn’t join us in person!

I saved the recording (but forgot to stop the recording, so if the Q&A gets too long winded for you, don’t feel pressured to watch the entire thing). We had fun. I’d do it again. Anytime. Interactive programming is much better than dead tape (read: podcasts). I wish ustream had better achiving and cross-posting options. [If you can’t see the video below, try the cooking video page]

I hope she’ll post the recipe to her blog before too long. Maybe she’ll just Twitter it?

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  • This video was edited on an AMD QuadFX computer
  • Dell 3007WFP-HC monitors assisted in production
  • Screencasting through TechSmith Camtasia Studio
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  2. Last video wasn’t playing smoothly for me. 🙁 If you used a different player, it could be nicer to watch another piece.

  3. Video doesn’t work for me. I click it, and only get a USTREAM.TV screen or logo :^(

  4. Can’t view the Ustream videos. Uninstalled and reinstalled Flash.
    Tried IE7 and Firefox 2.003. Youtube works ok.

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