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Well, it looks like two new “Get a Mac” ad videos have been posted to Apple.com. I do enjoy them, but I still have a bone to pick with their points of PC contention.

Security – Absolutely hilarious, and pretty much spot-on (in respect to Windows Vista’s endless UAC prompts). This is an example of someone in the marketing department understanding a perceived annoyance in the competition’s product. This is an example of a GOOD Mac commercial.

Computer Cart – Funny, but far from completely accurate. This isn’t the first time Apple has used logical fallacies to communicate a message, though. By watching this, the viewer is led to believe that only PCs have cryptic error messages that halt productivity – or that Macs never need the IT department’s attention. Wrong! Microsoft Windows does not have a monopoly on software errors.

Flashback – Genius, especially for those of us who remember playing in DOS. That said, I’m not so sure that my parents would understand why this is funny. Apple should have concentrated more on the aspect of Microsoft apps being all over the map in terms of usability (not to mention the overwhelming lack of lifestyle software in the OS, itself).


22 thoughts on “'Get a Mac' Ad Videos”

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  2. Its just like negative ads for political campaigns. Its just easier to drop a load on the competition that it is to sell yourself.

  3. Error messages: I got a urgent phone call tonight from a coworker (PC ridden): “My PC won’t start IE! Says its missing a DL something or other, what do I do?”

    Phone calls from my mac brethren: *sound of crickets*

    There is truth here my friend.

  4. chris i think the point of the error message commercial was to say that macs get far less errors than pcs.

  5. i think most of the error messages pcs get is form hardware, if you put garbage in your computer (garbage hardware) you get garbage out (cryptic error message). cheap pcs are built with garbage hardware thats why they are so cheap how ever not all pc are made with garbage hardware i mean look at how good windows runs on mac hardware it runs better than most pc hardware. btw i am typing this on a pc. if apple reads this and wants to give me one ill take it.

  6. You’re right to suggest Macs can have crypted error messages. I was installing a wireless printer form my mother-in-law and kept getting “Error -9672.” This was despite have a brand new Macbook and brand new HP C3180 printer (free from the Apple store with the Mac purchase). Well, turns out the drivers on the CD were old. Upgrading the driver from HP’s site did the trick. But “Error -9672” eerily reminded me of my former days using Windows products. BTW – this was the first time I had setup a printer to run off the Apple Airport Express. It’s really slick. I’m guessing this is now common with all the WiFi products but, except for the driver issue, it was easy to setup (used Bonjour) and works like a champ.

  7. Chris – any chance of adding a feature that let’s authors with really poor typing skills go back and edit their posts within, say, 5-30 minutes? My previous entry is riddled with typos!

  8. There’s a difference between a factual innaccuracy and a logical fallacy. What you point out falls into the former category, not the latter. I think though, that the point of the commercial isn’t that Macs don’t get error messages (we do), but the point is that they are not as cryptic. (which depends on what software you’re running more than the OS) mac:”I don’t get cryptic error messages”

  9. Bah, fell into the trap of identifying myself with a device and leaking it into my language. ARggh.

  10. I had a very small issue with the UAC prompts commercial, because that is one of the features that OS X came out with first. (pretty much like sudo in unix) and I DO know Mac users who are annoyed with the Mac’s “Please enter your password to authenticate” prompt that happens every time you want to install a program or make a change in the preferences.

    Yes, that can be turned off, but so can UAC.

  11. Typical apple bullshit, i go there and it says get quicktime, so i tought stuff this and left.
    There ads are always so lame, especially when they refer to multimedia stuff and their stupid apple apps like iPhoto and iBullshit etc.
    The windows guy is actually having lots of fun with games.
    What they say about security is true, but it ends there. I’m sick of their crappy user interface and bullshit 1 button touchpads.
    Microsofts not all that good either with all their spyware.

    I have linux running beryl for everything except gaming. Macs are overpriced pieces of shit.

  12. Your product doesn’t have to be good, you just have to make the oppeonet’s product look worse than yours….

  13. Mac’s security was only good because hackers didn’t go at it seeing as Mac’s weren’t as popular a few years back. But now that they are out there, things changed. For example, the new Mac Book Air got hacked in 2 minutes at a competition, while a Sony Windows based took 2 days, and no one was able to hack Linux. Give it a few years when Linux becomes popular and it will be getting hacked pretty fast also.

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