'Get a Mac' Ad Videos

Well, it looks like two new “Get a Mac” ad videos have been posted to Apple.com. I do enjoy them, but I still have a bone to pick with their points of PC contention.

Security – Absolutely hilarious, and pretty much spot-on (in respect to Windows Vista’s endless UAC prompts). This is an example of someone in the marketing department understanding a perceived annoyance in the competition’s product. This is an example of a GOOD Mac commercial.

Computer Cart – Funny, but far from completely accurate. This isn’t the first time Apple has used logical fallacies to communicate a message, though. By watching this, the viewer is led to believe that only PCs have cryptic error messages that halt productivity – or that Macs never need the IT department’s attention. Wrong! Microsoft Windows does not have a monopoly on software errors.

Flashback – Genius, especially for those of us who remember playing in DOS. That said, I’m not so sure that my parents would understand why this is funny. Apple should have concentrated more on the aspect of Microsoft apps being all over the map in terms of usability (not to mention the overwhelming lack of lifestyle software in the OS, itself).