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With some degree of certainty, I’m going to get raked over the coals for posting this – but without much promotion, subscribers have been commenting on how hot my wife is (specifically, in relation to this YouTube video of me explaining how to set up a free teleconference and export the recording as an MP3 file automatically). Some viewers found the information quite useful, and some viewers found the knowledge of my wife’s hotness completely overwhelming.

Is Ponzi hot? Dude, she’s my wife – of course she’s hot.

But she’s also very intelligent – which makes her even hotter. If “hot” gets you in the door to learning, then maybe I oughta turn off Cool-N-Quiet, instead? Ponzi’s not just hot – she’s beautiful, on the inside as well as the outside. I simply don’t say that enough (in private, or in public).

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  3. Yeah, Ponzi is a cutie – a result of inter-racial and inter-national mixing – very good and very healthy – but I have a question: do you have 10 minute limit at YouTube ? I have also “Guru” account but I have 10 minutes limit…

  4. “Dude, you’re right. But she’s waaaaaay too hot for you (and you know it.).”

    Agreed. Chris, you should thank God every damn day you get to be with your wife, she’s smokin’ hot!!

  5. i miss techtv too well in Canada the old call for help comes so i watch that even if i already watched it before

  6. It’s ~so~ true — intelligence _radically_ increases the hotness factor of any girl, at least in my geeky eyes. Are there guys who think the other way and are scared off by a smart woman, especially if she’s also good-looking or even just halfway to ‘cute city’? Of course there are, and hooray for that — it leaves more of the brainy beauties for us! :>

  7. Oh definitely hot, Chris, and as Joe noted, way above the peasant stock she settled for, ha! But you nailed it — a woman with brains is ultra-sexy (I know, I married one.) Thanks for sharing.

  8. I don’t know why people would specifically call in and go on about how good looking she is, maybe I’m the only person who doesn’t honestly think that she looks that great.

  9. You’re a very lucky guy. She could be a movie star. I never seem to find a good mixture of smart and hot. It’s either smart, not hot…or hot and dumb as a brick.

  10. First, yes your wife is hot. (And I can totally say that being a woman because we all know we judge each other. *grin*)

    Secondly, thanks for the great tutorial. We are starting podcasts up with and this has been awesome.

    I appreciate all the help you do for those of us who are more “tech challenged” and new to this. You rock, my friend.

  11. Chris~ I live in Hawaii and Ponzi reminds me a lot of the beautiful local women that live here. Does she have family here?

  12. Yes, your wife is a hottie but that is not what stuck out for me. I have always thought you are a naturally funny guy. Even when you’re not being intentionally funny, you still make me laugh at times. That being said, the dynamic between you and your wife while you were teaching her how to do this was hilarious. Her cute little facial expressions after you answered a few of her questions were great. I couldn’t tell if she didn’t get the answer she was looking for or just didn’t like the way you answered her question, but it was priceless none the less. Couple that with your unintentional humor and it turned into a highly entertaining look into your relationship. Good stuff, you should post more!

  13. Folks mention TechTV way too much; what you’re doing now is way cooler, Chris, and I hope you realize that. Just wanted to say that, since someone had posted yet another mention of “what happened to TechTV”…

  14. Not to dismiss the hotness of your wife… but the thing I noticed is the great job you’ve done dropping the weight. I remember the video of you on the ski machine-thingy, and what a difference!

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