What Do Women want in Laptops?

So, Ponzi wrote An Easy Fix For The Laptop’s Biggest Design Flaw (which I happened to forward to Michael Dell, BTW). Comments came into her blog from other females.

Laura Moncur of GadgetsPage.com:

I’m a velcro-wrapped power cord user. At Home Depot, I bought a package of velcro wraps meant for power tools (I guess all those power tools have the same problems), so it fits around the cord AND the brick. Works pretty well, but it takes up more space than my Nintendo DS. For plane trips, I found an REI backpack that is UGLY but works well and holds EVERYTHING, including the GPS system, the wireless router and all the cords for them as well. It fits under the seat in front of me, but I have to position all the items in it very carefully to achieve that feat. You’re right, this is an issue…

Misty O’Brien:

I carry several pens, either my “official” planner, or a smaller version (depends where I’m going), a notecard box for random ideas, my iPod, my phone, daily pills, nail file, nail clipper, calculator, small baggie with “good luck charms” (foreign currency, small trinkets with confidence boosters on them, i.e. create, believe, et cetera), keys, wallet. Sometimes, if I am working a shorter shift, I’ll bring my work apron (I’m a cashier) and shove it in my purse. I’ve also been known to carry my current crochet project as well. I don’t even want to think about trying to carry a laptop. I should be carrying my digital camera, too.

Seems the women of our lives understand this problem more than we (males) do.