Pet Food Recall: DANGER

Dude! If you have any of the following pet food products (made by Menu Foods) in your pantry, THROW THEM AWAY IMMEDIATELY:

Please, please, PLEASE pass this information forward.

10 thoughts on “Pet Food Recall: DANGER”

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  3. There is even more and kroger.
    It is for meat/gravy products. Not what I call the mushy food that I feed my animals or the dry food.

    Thank god!!!

  4. No Friskies, no Meow Mix. I’m good.

    It seems that wheat tainted with rat poison is the problem. And this wheat supposedly came from China. WTF? As my wife asks, was this deliberate on somebody’s part? My question, is this same wheat in the human food chain? Why did these factories buy Chinese wheat, when we export our wheat to China? Was is that cheap??!

  5. Thank goodness I feed my dog only cooked chicken. O___O My dog’s a little Chihuahua so she can’t really chew on hard food. i hope ur pets are okay, Chris!!

  6. I have been following this story closely, as I have several animals in my care. Thank goodness I haven’t fed any of my pets anything on this list. I am so sorry about the loss of your cat, Engtech. Menu foods needs to be held accountable for this.

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  8. I’m so sorry for anyone who had their pets sickened, or worse lost their friend. It’s terrible this happened, it shouldn’t have had to. Last I heard over a hundred pets had died, and that number is likely to rise. But even for animals suffering kidney failure, it’s a serioius side-effect of the tainted pet food. For people who love their pets, no amount of compensation will bring back to life or return the previous health of their furry companions.

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