Instant SMS Friend Updates via

I did something I haven’t done in a while – opened up the toll-free line (1-888-PIRILLO) to enable you to record your thoughts on the latest Internet addiction, Twitter. According to the unofficial wiki:

Twitter is a way of life. It’s living with a publicity policy. It’s friends, Romans and country people the world over engaged in timely snippet conversations that fit into 140 character chunks.

According to the official site:

When you send Twitter a mobile text (SMS), it gets sent out to your group of friends and also saves to your Twitter page. Your friends might not have phone alerts turned on so they might check your web page instead. Likewise, you receive your friends mobile updates on your phone.

And according to my wife, Ponzi:

OMG! Thanks to Twitter, we now owe Cingular $1,402 for the month of March!!!

According to the rest of the world, Twitter… well, why don’t you just listen to what Twitter is (according to some of its users)?