Gmail Problems

Gmail scalability issues, perhaps?

Hello, Chris. My name is [BLANK] from [BLANK]. Have you heard of anyone having problems with Gmail recently? Something has happened to my account; I did not change my password but now I cannot login. The Gmail Team told me to wait 5 days and then try to recover my password. I waited the requisite time (without any access whatsoever).

Today, I tried unsuccessfully to recover my password. As a last-ditch effort I chose to have Gmail send an email to my secondary email account. I was then told that an email had been sent to my secondary account. That wouldn’t be bad — except — I have never ever had a account.

This makes me wonder — have they deleted my account? Did they give it to someone else? This is so bizarre, it just cannot be normal. Thank you for reading this.

I use Gmail, but only as a secondary account (and to access Google’s growing list of services. I’ve warned people before: no matter what you happen to use, if you get the service for free, expect interruptions. The same holds true for any service provider (Microsoft, Yahoo!, etc.).

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  2. Considering the number of non-spam emails that get sent to me on my Gmail account, I have to wonder if people can’t keep their accounts straight.

    I’ve got three accounts. One big problem is that Google changed the password rules, so I can’t use my standard password now (but it still works for my most used Gmail account. 😛

    I’m thinking about coming with four passwords, from moderately strong to really strong. My “casual” password, for most websites and such, my “personal” password for email, my “private” password for my private stuff, and my “financial” password for banking and such.

  3. I, too have quite a few Gmail problems this past month. Just right now I cannot send any of my emails nor can I go into my inbox. Last week I couldn’t log in at all either. I checked my internet’s connection and it’s all good. It’s quite frustrating as I rely on email communication for daily communication with hearing people as I am Deaf. (Use it as my ‘voice-mail’ service). Hope Gmail clean up their act.

  4. I’ve only been using Gmail for about two weeks but in that short time span there have been three or four instances when Gmail would not be accessible. I guess the previous post was correct in that you have to expect service interruptions if you rely on a free service. I had expected more from Google.

  5. I have problems opening gmail. Does anyone else have that problem. I mean, the page just can’t open, it is like an infinite loop of reloading…

  6. Pete A…im having exactly the same problem….started on the 31st. so now feeling better someone else is experiencing it….but whose gonna flippin fix it?

    at 450 bucks a share can someone get outta bed.

  7. I could not get in to my account no matter what I did… Then I by mistake noticed my computer showed the wrong date, I corrected it and… tadaa! Now everything work as it should!

  8. I am able to get to my account through the web, but for the past two days now, I have been unable to access through POP. I remember when this happened with Juno… they just “pulled the plug” on free POP access one day and that’s what sent me on a search, finally finding GMail. Do you think they just eliminated free POP access, or is this a software bug?

  9. I have problems opening gmail. Does anyone else have that problem. I mean, the page just can’t open, it is like an infinite loop of reloading…

  10. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Trying to load over and over, and just does not load, the weird thing is that i can get on to it from my guest account on my computer, but not my account, weird…. Help…

  11. My gmail inbox was completely empty when I went to check it 2 days ago. All the email has vanished. I know there are reports of this dating back a few months ago…just wanted to get the word out that it’s happening again!

  12. I’ve been using Gmail reliably for a couple of years now with out any issues at all. And then on fri had to do a full re-install of my os and when I set up my the POP stopped working on my main email account. At first I thought perhaps it was an Apple bug, but after a brief diagnosis found that something is really wrong with one of my Gmail accounts. I must say it is frustraing. Though I must confess I did find some solace in knowing that these problems extend beyond my little world. Hopefully, they will remedy the problem soon, or I will have set sail for fairer shores.

  13. Hi there,

    I am very frustrated too ..I keep getting the message from G mail saying they are having technical difficulties..

    The connection is intermittant..on and off…
    do we know how to remedy these technical difficulties? i wonder…

    meanwhile ..panic! my life is on the line!


  14. unable to send a message that contains more than 2-3M attachment. It happened a few times in March and April 2007.
    Another problem that I faced last time is to receive the message with JPGs in attachment – gmail writes “scanning for viruses” and die. I have messages I may only download through POP access.

  15. yup as of last nite (april 11th after 6pm) a usually slow and jerky gmail pop access ceased working all together… rejecting my password and timing out… it ruined my evening…
    i’ve reset my pop account info a dozen times by now (inadvertently dumping about 9 months of correspondence from my apple mail program in the process )

    still not working almost 24 hours later -etc
    this sux bigtime

  16. see RCS post of march 22nd i am encountering the same problems right now concerning sending and receiving gmail this s*cks

  17. uh what is an error code 700? looked up the definition, but guess the real question is can i do anything about it? it’s them, not me, right?

  18. I have a gmail account that I have been unable to open for three days now. The site simply does not open. Is anyone else having these problems?

  19. I also having password problems as mentioned in the first message. A few days ago suddenly I couldn’t log into my account. It kept saying I was entering the wrong password. I really panicked and thought someone may hijacked my account. But after a few hours I could log in again as usual. But today it happened again. Now I can’t log in to my account. It’s very strange.

  20. Yes I am having the same problems too. I have been a gmail user right from the start, use it all the time. No problems until the other day, tried to login as normal and it wouldn’t accept my password. I requested a password reset to my secondary email account. Did I receive anything from gmail….no, nothing (even though in February I did, when I had to reset my password then). So now I am patiently waiting for the 5 day period to pass by and will try and reset my password that way. I have a bad feeling about this….I somehow doubt that I will be able to retrieve my gmail account ever again.

  21. As of 4/20 I cnanot log on, either via POP or directly. Error msg is “U/N and P/W” do not match. Of course they do and haven’t been changed. I’ve emailed Google help (outgoing appears to work). I deleted my cookies recently and am wondering whether that could have anything to do with the problem….

  22. I was having the same problem where I couldn’t open my gmail. The page would just keep loading and not connect. Something in this thread worked like a charm. Somehow the date on my coomputer was wrong – once I corrected that I could once again read my mail (after 4 long days). I was really beginning to panic

  23. Hello,

    I was going crazy trying to figure out why my gmail was stuck in some kind of loop – loading and reloading. My date was wrong too! I corrected it and that solved the issue. Thanks!

  24. yup,me too having same problem…..unable to open my account from 3 days…wats the problem…..somebody plssssssssssssss help!!!!

  25. my gmail account says I am giving it the wrong password. I logged in earlier today with that password and I know it is correct. I cannot access my secondary email account either and I know that I am putting the correct password there too because it is saved to automatically put the password in. I don’t get it. Anybody else having this problem? A couple days prior to this issue I was getting a temporary error page from gmail every time I tried to log in.

  26. Ben Ferm, you’re some kind of genius … have been trawling the Web like mad to resolve this sudden myseterious Gmail infinite-reload problem that sprang up and … lo! My calendar was set to the wrong date! Don’t know how you thought to look, but many thanks.

  27. Having used Gmail for 12 months without a hitch, I have had no way to login there or any account section of Google for a couple of days, just shows blank page for minutes the get time out message. Luckily I have Incredimail which is still downloading messages, no idea how. After calling Gmail’s office in Sydney I was told there were no issues.

    Much searching later I found the following on a Gmail group page..

    Temporary ‘Oops’ errors…..
    We are aware of some users experiencing the following errors when attempting to sign-in to Gmail: Oops…502 Oops…766 Oops…767 These are temporary errors and affected accounts remain secure. I will update once I know the expected duration for these errors.
    By Google employee Gmail Alerts Manager – May 16 – 2 new of 2 messages

  28. Ben, you are a lifesaver! The date on my computer was wrong (because I had used the calendar to check something) and I never changed it back. Changing the date back fixed the Gmail reloading problem. Thank you again.

  29. Tthanks for the tip on changing the calendar date.

    It solved problem straight away.
    Weird thing is, how did my pc date get changed to read July 27 instaed of May 27???

    Need to do it?
    Double click the time in the bottom right hand corner and check the date is ok, if not adjust > apply> ok.


    Thanks again

  30. I have the same problem with both my e-mail accounts with gmail. cannot get to the opening page of gmail. Have not been able to get my email for almost a week, but asked someone else to try and they were able to get my mail when i gave themmy account and password. I cannot get to to even enter my address and password

  31. Hey guys,
    I have checked the date, time, etc and still cannot get into gmail. My computer won’t even load the page. Any ideas?

  32. I’ve had the same problem as many others here, the page just wouldn’t load, it was all blank. I checked the date and it was correct. Then I thought about clearing out all my browser cookies, files, history and passwords, and IT WORKED!


  33. I cant get into Gmail since last night… It is just a blank screen that keeps refreshing itself over and over… Cleared history, cookies, etc, and the date is right… Any ideas?

  34. Hi! I’m having the problem that gmail is not accepting my PW, but I know it’s correct (and I didn’t change it). Moreover, it still works in POP3 via Outlook. Strange!! Did anyone else have this problem and then it started working after some time . . .

  35. I am having the same problem as Chris. I can not get into my gmail account. I tried everything, and takes me to a sign up page. When I enter my username, it says it is taken already,, of course it is taken it is me. Five days now and I give up.

  36. Hi all…
    Got problem opening Gmail…!
    It happen almost a week…
    Anyone can help??
    I just cannot open the page…
    take it so long to wait…then…Bump…they won’t open…
    Is it Technical Problem in Gmail??coz my connection is good…

    Hero Agoes.

  37. Hello. For the past few days I have been having a really disturbing problem with gmail (and only gmail). Any click in any email on any link is opening twice the link…

    I tried uninstalling the google toolbar. Did not help.

    FF still has some work to do to correctly deal with arabic language display, and thus, arabic people find themselves almost obliged to use IE.

    am on winXP IE7.

    Any help???

  38. Yep. Suddenly my gmail account just won’t work.

    When I put my password, and hit enter, the password box just turns white.

    It will not process my password.

    I did “reset” my password through my 2ndary account — just in case.

    But that made no difference.

    Stumped, high and dry in New York.

  39. No luck at all in getting into my gmail account. The page with the word “loading” on it is all I get, and it won’t go any farther.

    Wonder if I should open another gmail account or just forget gmail altogether. Is there any where I can contact gmail and get someone to answer me about the problems?

  40. Chris,

    Did you ever get access to your GMail account? I’ve just run into the same problem, which I think is related to a Firefox extension (Better GMail) that I updated recently.


  41. im trying to get on today and the page wont open even for me to write my id or password…argh been going on allll day !

  42. I cant even seem to access GMAIL today!!! I’ve been trying for 90 minutes. Yesterday it took me over an hour before I could finally get in.

    I know its not my internet connection, as I am able to access Yahoo and other internet surfing options.

    Whats going on here???


  43. I’ve not been able to access my Gmail account for a couple of weeks; screen says “Loading” forever. Is there someone to contact for help with this? I’m so frustrated. I deleted cache and cookies and I could get to the login page once, and then back to “Loading”

  44. I am having all the same problems with gmail. It is beyond ridiculous. I can’t load my account, let alone get into specific mail. I’ve loved gmail in the past, but I think it’s time to switch.

  45. For the last 3 days my gmail kept refreshing and wouldn’t load the page. I’ve been searching for the problem and spent several hours trying to figure it out. In short, it was driving me nuts and I was starting to pound my keys in frustration. Thanks so much for posting about checking the date and time–I was in 2008, apparently. Ben Ferm is a genius and I will immediately buy him a beer should I ever run into him.

  46. I’m having some quirky problems. My gmail account has randomly dropped people from my address book. Also, when I go to compose mail and start to type in a name, it will bring up a list that I can then highlight and that name should appear in the To box. However, when I highlight that name, only the first letter that I typed, ends up in the to box. Sometimes, I cannot even get the highlighted list to come up. I also made a group in my address book. I sent a message to the group but not everyone got the message. When I checked my sent box, two people in the group were left off the email.

  47. I too am having a lot of the same problems as listed above. I can log on to my accout, but I cant check my mail. It sends me to an error 404 page cannot be found page. Really annoying and I would really lilke to get a fix for this!! Any help would be great


  48. It came back yesterday; gone again today. Argh. It’s the new version that doesn’t want to load. I haven’t been able to load it since the end of November. I wonder why it would load yesterday, but not today.

  49. I can’t get gmail to open at all, just says loading and goes no further…..what’s going on? I need this account to be able to send and recieve email with part of my family…please help

  50. I have been having problems getting into Gmail. Discovered 1) I can enter new msgs through the preview section on my google homepage, and at least once have been able to get into the whole inbox by that circuitous route; and 2) I have been able to get into my inbox using a computer at work, just not through my own home computer. Does not always work, don’t understand that. I had wondered about all the ads on the side, I see now that the invasion of privacy that was bothering me is an issue, and I understnd why some friends have stopped responding to my gmail e-mails! Will find something else.

  51. I have been having problems with my gmail account as well. I have had my gmail account for a good 3 years now and it hasn’t had a problem until now. I simply can’t get into my email page. It just shows a blank page when the page is done loading. Arggg!! This is frustrating when I know I have important email coming my way.

  52. I have read most of the emails of complaint, and so far have not been able to discern if any assistance or solution to the problem of being unable to open Gmail Inbox. I am having the same problem and would like to know what i have to do to resolve the problem… Can you help me.

  53. try turning off the phishing filter in Norton. That worked for me for solving the blank page that I got when I tried loading gmail. Try signing out of gmail and signing back in (once you’ve turned the phishing filter off!!)

  54. I can access mine through basic HTML. The new version is still rarely coming up, and the older version never. I can usually access the new version once, after I restart my computer, but only once. I don’t know enough about computers to figure this out, but maybe the details will help someone. Sometimes, randomly, clearing history and cookies will help. Here’s a quote from someone more literate: ” Firefox has issues with the size of their Javascript library, so I have to run it through basic HTML”. Hope that helps.

  55. I’ve also had the infinite hang on “loading” when going to inbox. This is cured by signing out of gmail and signing back in again (but the problem recurs eventually …. still want a permanent fix)

  56. this is the 3rd day without being able to open mu gmail acct only have my comp for 4wks so i really need help

  57. I’ve been using Gmail for about a year without a problem, then just this week (1/14/08) I started getting a blank page instead of my inbox. I “signed out” instead of just closing the Gmail window and it seemed to fix it (I’m still keeping my fingers crossed though).

  58. Thanks for the helpful tips. I haven’t been able to get Gmail to load for several days and I turned on the Norton Protected Mode and viola, there’s my Gmail.

  59. Loading taking forever … when I clicked on “older version” in the Gmail Help page my inbox came back. Don’t know whether it’s permanently back yet, but it’s something else to try ….

  60. I have the same problem of my inbox not coming up, and tried turning off phishing, but didn’t work. Now it’s gone one step worse so that even Gmail sign in page is a blank. Will this sort of thing fix itself in a few days?

  61. Panic here too!
    All of a sudden I can’t get into my gmail, claims that the username and password do not match. I’ve not changed it and having read this page, I’m pretty sure its not been used by evil villians!?!??! I cleared my cookies the other day, so I’m starting to think that might be something to do with it… but I’ve tried from different PCs (and even the moby phone) without any success…
    Extra panic is the security question doesn’t recognise my answer as correct, and the secondary email address that its sending out instructions to is – though it doesn’t tell me the prefix (e.g. that its [email protected]) and the Yahoo account I have is a… I’ve tried sending an email to the address but it bounces back as not existing, but when I log onto the website and logon using the extension, it resolves to… help!

  62. Finally got my gmail account back. Just looks like you have to be patient.
    Got this email from them after a week:
    We have completed our investigation and we are re-enabling your access to this account. The account settings have been restored to the first name, last name, and secondary email address that you provided.
    We sincerely apologize for what you have experienced in this regard and appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
    To reactivate this account…..”
    I’ll be POP3-ing the account tonight!

  63. My wife and have both been having difficulty accessing Gmail. Long search followed by “Cannot find server” error. Cleared files and cookies made sure cookies were enabled. Everything else works great just no connection to Gmail. I can even see my Gmail in a gadget on iGoogle, but cannot open it. Occasionally I can get on on my computer, but for my wife it is totally unavailable.

    Then I shut down my Wireless connection and used a neighbors and everything is working including Gmail So what is going on? Any Ideas?

  64. I have had the same issue with Gmail reloading over and over again. Both times it happened to me I solved it my making sure my computer calendar was set on the right date. Both times this solved the problem and I was able to access Gmail.

  65. I’ve been unable to get into any of my Gmail accounts for the last 2 days. After entering the correct username and password, it loads up a blank page and says Done at the bottom

    I have deleted cache and cookies, repeatedly. The Date on my PC is correct. I used Mozilla firefox btw

    I am so frustrated, i am about to tear my freaking hair out! No email = My life comes to a screeching halt.

    Please help!

  66. I have gmail which has been treating me well.Recently I have been having problems sending e-mails.The e-mail is sent ok but pictures that are associated with e-mail do not show up.Went back and tried known e-mails with pictures that I had succesfully e-mailed before,now don’t work.Message shows up but not pictures.Since most of my e-mails that I receive have pictures or videos along with wording,when i forward ,only the wording arrives without the pictures or video sent.I then get e-mails saying that the picture or videos are missing.I then look at the sent message and sure enough only the wording is there.No pictures Please help as I am not computer technical.Thanks Charles

  67. there is nothing like coming back from the weekend to find that Gmail will not accept your password….. Well have completed their little request for help sheet now sit back and wait to see if there is anything they can do to help
    I created the account back in 2004 how am i supposed to remember who invited me? 3/4 of the questions they ask i can only answer by having access to my gmail account.

    Wonder if i’ll get the account back … Lets not hold our breath.

  68. Well I did get my account back,
    Only to have it stolen again about 30 min’s latter.

    I would like to thank the scammer “Yang Yunheng”.
    Well I can only suggest to people don’t wait the 24 hours …

    To other people in the same situation … don’t wait the 24 hours I was able to force the form to work by repeatedly trying to access my account and reset the password.

    Look for the password reset being sent to a address you have never owned ( eg hotmail)
    And remember it is almost imposible to get any help from Google!!!

  69. Ok

    In the end I had to delete my account
    after spending all of yesterday regaining access only to have to stolen again.

    It was being used by a bloody ebay scammer.

    Well after all that fun I’m giving up on Gmail …. For having no support!!!!!

  70. was having the same problem as everyone here, havent been able to access gmail for a couple of weeks, found a blog that said to google ‘gmail notifier’ and install this prgram, did this and was able to access gmail straight away i use firefox and it puts a tab at the bottom of the page and goes straight to your email when clicked

  71. Hi Chris
    I’m having problems with Gmail and don’t know where to go for help.

    Each time I put the address in the browser it takes an age and then comes back with a note that I have ‘chosen to open (blank)which is a: application/octet-stream from:’

    I am then asked if I want to save to disk or open with (browse). Does this mean I have a virus or something? Is there some other explanation that anyone can think of? I have done a virus scan with Norton and it came up clean.


  72. Hi Chris
    I managed to find something at Google under ‘known issues’. It wasn’t my exact problem but by using the ‘older version’ link I was able to access my gmail account.

  73. Nice to know other people are having similar problems. I have the same probs with gmail. When I try to log in, my username and pw come up auto, proving that it isn’t a typo fault but when I hit login, the pw disappears and prevents access. Then it asks me for my first teacher’s name which I never gave them in the first place. Mine was fave film. Trying to get a pw reminder didn’t work either. None of the standard FAQs fixes it so do I have to dump the address and sign up from scratch? Anyone with any help? thanks.

  74. Hi I have been using Gmail for many years but the last moths I have been having a lots of problems with my account and now I cant logg in !
    Its telling me the pass word is wrong ! I know my password and I sure hope they will sort this out soon !
    I work trough my mail account so if it not works and this kind of problems continue I ll have to change to somthing that works !
    I have a lot of informations and important links that is in my mail. I ll take this as a lesson to write it all down in the future !
    Right now I dont know what to do ! Wait I gess ! =(

  75. I use and iPhone and MS Outlook on a Windows PC to read my e-mail from my gmail account.

    Until recently, all incoming messages would transfer to both devices successfully, however now, it seems to randomly select some messages that download to the iPhone but not to the PC.

    It is particularlt wierd in that I cannot find any common characteristics in the messages so treated – and particularly srious in that I cannot now be sure that I have seen all my messages except by logging into gmail and comparing what I have there with what’s in Outlook and the iPhone.

    Anyone got any ideas how to solve this please?

  76. I cannot get gmail to work with incredimail it keeps telling me i have the wrong password and I know i typed it in right…Please help I am losing my mind thanks.

  77. I am trying to open Gmail site on my computer, but it is showing cannot find server and page cannot be displayed everytime….earlier it was working fine, suddenly it got stuck…kindly help me with the same

  78. It was strange. This morning it said my password was not valid for one of my gmail accounts but it accepted my password for the other one. I only use a few passwords and i tried all of em.. i had to reset it by saying my acct was hijacked and filling out the form. pretty crazy.

  79. I have two gmail accounts, one for my personal use, and one for my new film, Loop-da-Loop and Giuseppe. Until now I had no problem getting into each account. Now when I enter my film’s user name, it opens my personal gmail account. What up?

  80. I also have problems with my gmail. Its not that I cant log in, its that once I log in it says not responding. 30 seconds later its normal for about 5 seconds. Then again, not responding. I need help!

  81. I am not getting my inbox blank since I connected gmail account with outlook express two days back.Now whateve emails I get I get them in all mail caption rather than inbox in gmail account.And I am not getting any new emails on my outlook express.How can I fix this problem?Do suggest.

  82. I also got the same wrong password message when trying to log in (although my password was correct). Instead of using my username I put my full email as username and my password and logged in.
    So try using your full email were it asks for username e.g. instead of john9 use [email protected] and your password. If this does not work try again after a few days.

  83. I cannot get into my account!! I put in my user name and password and am told they are wrong. I go into help with password and I am asked a question I didn’t put in. It asks for my father’s middle name ……my father didn’t have a middle name so I would never pick that question. I waited the 48 hours like I was told and I still can’t get in. I am expecting important email and now I can’t retreve it.

    PLEASE HELP !!!!

  84. I have been having this problem for MONTHS and because I could not stay signed into google, I was unable to comment! But I finally fixed it, and it has nothing to do with clearing cookies, or cache, or making sure ‘delete browsing history’ was unchecked, or making sure the site was on the allowed list – as I had tried all that to no avail. And this answer you wont get from google (for obvious reasons!) But when I couldn’t access my gmail, or stay signed in on IE8 all I had to do was…. Uninstall Google Chrome! Voila! Everything works in IE again!
    I have been searching for months for an answer and contacted google help a myriad times and heard NOTHING back, so I hope this helps someone out there who might be as frustrated as me! Ahhhh I have my toolbar back! Hello bookmarks! 🙂

  85. I don’t have a problem with the PW, but once I get in I wish I hadn’t.Almost always I try to open an email and it starts there. First I get a note at the top of the page that says “Looking”. Shortly after I get a note that says “still looking”. Occassionally I get an “oops” message. That’s it. Sometimes it really gets exciting because at the top of my screen I get “(Internet Explorer not working)” If I try to do anything th screen generally goes grey. The the game begins because depending how long I
    wait, The not working goes away and so does the grey overlay. The next problem is that I try to do something. That causes a repeat performance of what had just happened. Any chance I can get some help before I try Yahoo (which my wife uses without any problems)?

  86. Does this system work or am I not working it correctly? I see that there are not that many questions over the past few years so I think that this system/program is a dead system.

    Anybody out there or am I the only one on this site?

  87. Yes! This happened to me! Three times in the past month it has told me my password is incorrect when I KNOW for a fact that I have to correct password. I have decided to terminated my gmail account due to this problem.

  88. What do I think? That’s a joke in itself. i wrote in Sept. and it is themiddle of January. The Geeks at Best Buy feel that something is in my Google acount and not in my gmail. I’m not sure,because theonly time I see anything go wrong is when I am working in email.
    Any chance there might be someone out there that is ever going to help.

  89. I cannot get into my account. As soon as I put in my password it telss me the password is wrong I must re-enter and it is still wrong. Please help

  90. I can not send emails. System asks for password.. I enter a correct password and get the same response. I have gone to and used the process to get a new password. System worked for a few send functions and then back to the same problem – password is incorrect. I can receive but not send reliabily. When the system works properly, I do not get the dialog box to enter a password.

    1. many of the comments here have a very common cause, your gmail account has likely been hijacked. It seems to be a growing issue, too!

  91. i am not able to log on , it just goes to internet can not find. i have had the same
    gmail account and passwords for 4-5years.

  92. Gmail offers 2 options for viewing g-mail. One is standard the other HTML for slow connections.
    Be advised if your browser is on HTML…there will be No SELECT ALL button and you will have to manually delete every g-mail(e-mail) one by one. So, if you have 700 spams, you will have to click them one box at a time and then hit a delete button. On the other hand if you are viewing thru Gmail’s standard view…there is a button that chooses all mail on the page…and then a one time hit the delete button, called delete forever. The standard view saves a humongous amount of time and is anti-carpel syndrome at the same time.

  93. My sent messages no longer are copied to my Sent Folder. I get a message saying it might have something to do with my Filtered Messages. Can’t figure it out though

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