Pirillo's Picks for 03/05/2007

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One thought on “Pirillo's Picks for 03/05/2007”

  1. Chris, I just found your site =D (what took me so long)… The techtv days was how I got into building my first computer and now doing my own IT consult work =).

    I’ve never felt so compelled to complain about windows until now. And when I bring up bugs or problems in some forum, I get accused of “fanboy” and “ranting”.

    I don’t care much about the opinions, but rarely does it end in a good solution. (especially the ones who says “that’s the way it is so just live with it”)

    Forums are just too bloated with info and disorganized. Answers and questions are all over the place… how can you search for answers if you didn’t know it exist?

    If a solutions Wiki can be integrated to the top of each topic of forums, then answers can easily be organized and tracked.
    Too bad there isn’t a wiki to track things that would improve vista.
    Reading through so much blogs/threads can be a overwhelming.
    A wiki to track consumer found bugs, quirks, and also suggestions on improvement and voting would be a nice one place to go and contribute.

    I’m not holding my breath for vista’s SP to fix problems. They are not assuring anything.

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