Switching from XP to Vista to XP to…?

I was getting ready to post a follow-up on my switch from Vista, but it turned into my next article for CPU Magazine (sorry, you’ll have to wait for it to hit newsstands in a few months). Suffice it to say, it seems I really struck chords and nerves the other day.

I’m uneasy, in the sense that Christopher Null’s proposal to re-release Windows XP sounds a helluva lot better to me than waiting two more years for another version of Windows (which is likely to be a radical departure from everything we’ve come to know and understand in Windows itself). So, my plans are:

  • Keep Vista running on my laptop. Since I don’t rely on that machine for workaday taks, using XP isn’t necessary. However, I’ve already had to reinstall Vista once on that machine (due to a faulty Windows Update execution) – and I’m looking at having to reinstall Windows Vista yet again because something in the system is causing it to run substantially slower than it should – and I think it’s related to the hard drive.
  • Start using XP on my primary workstation desktop, while keeping Vista 32 and 64 installed and ready on separate system partitions. I’ll have to do this relatively soon, I fear. Microsoft’s IntelliPoint software keeps crashing and the scroll wheel doesn’t work properly in Google Earth, Sound Forge, etc.
  • Wait another year before trying Windows Vista again – and until/unless XP starts to get in my way, I’m still going to approach Vista SP1 with extreme caution.
  • Wait another two years (2009) for Microsoft to show me what Vista should have been in the first palce.
  • After Leopard is released, think about finding a sponsor to do a 30-day “Switch” documentary, running Windows in Parallels / Boot Camp, etc. Crazy idea.

FWIW, I still freakin’ LOVE Microsoft – nothing could tear me away from the Xbox 360, I can’t live without my Wireless Laser Mouse 8000, I can’t wait for my Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 to arrive, I think they’re more transparent than most tech companies on the planet (especially the way they’ve embraced blogging), I love their Research Labs, I love many of the people who work there, I love wearing my Windows Vista ballcap, I love that WIndows generally does what I need it to do faster than I’ve seen it done on OS X, I love that Windows has the ability to handle a near-infinite variety of hardware, I love my Smartphone…

…but I still can’t say that I love Vista.

31 thoughts on “Switching from XP to Vista to XP to…?”

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  3. feeling it, until the ‘oh-my-i-might-lose-some-sponsor-dollars-in-the-future’ suck job at the end. no one “freakin’ LOVES” microsoft. no one.

  4. Of course you still say you “can’t love Vista’ because it wouldn’t get your name plastered all over the Internet. I have had Vista installed since Jan 31st and have not had ONE problem. I would never go back to XP. How quickly we forgot all the naysayers were there when XP first came out. Oops, that is what moves the word today, negative publicity. Everybody loves crap shotting every body else.

  5. Yeah, I love my Smart Phone too.

    So here is the approach that I took, and would recommend to you as well. First, decide on which will be your mission critical machine. In your case, the desktop. Go ahead and leave Vista on notebook. Do the usual RAID striping thing on the mission critical machine for peace of mind as always.

    As for looking at Leopard, I cannot really recommend that, knowing your needs from a desktop platform. You application needs are quite specific and XP is the best choice for now I think.

    On my side of the fence however, I am feeling the way about Ubuntu Feisty as you likely felt about Vista; to some extent anyway. Important changes and improvements that needed to happened did not, and for the most part it gives me zero reason to “upgrade” from Edgy.

    What’s funny is that when it comes to upgrading, my fiancée has similar feelings about the whole upgrade thing as I do. She is a rabid Mac user, although refuses to use Intel Macs. Don’t ask me why, but respect her choice on the matter as it save us the upgrade cost. 😉

  6. Hi Chris, In your comments and thoughts about VISTA, you forgot something VERY importent, VISTA is completely INACCESSIBLE for the blind / visually impaired! Our screenreaders ( ZOOMTEXT 9) (JAWS 8) are NOT supported in ANY way shpe or form, it is inexcusible for Microsoft to NOT at least provide accessibilty for us, since over 65% of Blind / Visually Impaired in Canada and the USA have computers, this number may be higher but I have not been able to find newer info on that since 2005, I must admit that XP is great for accessibility , one thing as well, a lot of us who have computers also are “geeks” and have gotten to know computers quite a bit.
    I am a full-time windows user, ( dont have the money to use a MAC).

    Take care and I love the “show” you do on youtube.

    Emily Green

    Toronto, Canada

  7. I love my Xbox 360 too… ha.

    I’m getting a free upgrade to Vista for the laptop I picked up in December. Should be here in a few weeks, actually. I’m considering putting it on to experiment with it and leave XP on my desktop for now as well. But I don’t know… I don’t want my laptop to be screwed up either…

  8. I’m reading all this with a smile because it reminds me the same critics that were threw to Windows 95 when it was first released. People don’t like change. I have to say that I had the same feeling when I first try Vista when it was released in November. At that time, it was not working well, drivers were missing or creating blue screen (nVidia on a D820) and Visual Studio and SQL Server had compatibilities issues. So I reinstalled XP. 3 months later, I try again Vista and the support is already much better, some fixes were issued and while I don’t think it’s a that great OS, I think it’s better than XP on new hardware.
    If you are stuck with Vista, I would recommend you to try Virtual PC and install XP on it for all your software that would not work on Vista.

  9. I’ve just installed Vista and after a couple of dreaded ‘blue screens’, it seems to be OK (the’blue screens’ occurred when I installed my new ‘Vista Certified’ ATI X1650 Pro Video Card). It doesn’t regognise the card in ‘Devices’, instead it shows it’s Driver. My main issue is the transfer of my documents fron XP. The Easy Transfer Wiz did its thing fine till I put the CD in the Vista machine and then it wouldn’t recognise the disc’s presence . I updated the Drivers again but no joy. I’ll keep plugging away. I found this site when I ‘Googled’ “XP to ‘Vista” and I can assure you that there are a lot of unhappy campers out there who are having the same problems.
    After one week with “Vista’, I have to ask the question. Why, Microsoft, why ? Other than the odd visual difference, it seems to do no more than XP did. And I have already downloaded about a dozen ‘fixes’. Sheesh !

  10. ive had windows vista for 2 months now and today i bought a new win xp pro and im happy to be saying good bye to vista and all its crap

  11. By my reckoning there must be a very large number of disgruntled PC purchasers who have found themselves saddled with Vista, wish they had XP and maybe lacking the technical expertise to upgradeto XP.

    That is though exactly what I did. My new PC, now running XP, performs at blistering speed. I kept Vista on a separate disk. I can still boot up in it if I feel like staring at a rotating blue bagel for ages while Vista thrashes the disk.

  12. Omg rofl at some of you guys. Don’t you guys realize Vista takes 4 times as much RAM too run as XP, as well as more proccesor and video power? Vista looks nice and all but DirectX9 runs faster than directX10, XP runs faster than Vista. Vista is like a fancy downgrade if you ask me.

  13. As a student with little money but doing a networking course, a computer and its right software/hardware that WORKS is very important. I would consider myself a power user of XP and so the inevitable upgrade of my machine that is now 3yrs old came apparent. One question, do i go with Vista?! I have a copy of XP that came with my machine in the form of a recovery disk (yay) so it was either i buy a new copy of XP of Vista, I dont want to loose some of my functions and software that runs on XP but damn, I need to upgrade so my machine lasts and i think the only way to do this is by buying Vista… I’ve yet to have it come through in the post but all I can say is i hope it works with my hardware, as i’m not going to be able to purchase another computer for about 3yrs, otherwise i’ll chuck in the sock with Microsoft and go with the free alternative that is Linux! What would other people have done in my situation considering XP is dearer then Vista?! Cheers

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