Pirillo's Picks for 03/01/2007

Hours after sending these links to subscribers, I received a note from Kaywin Davis:

You just did me a great service: I’m 72 and probably one of your oldest subscribers. I’ve not been feeling well and assumed it was just part of getting old. When I saw your health link I decided to check it out (Symptom Search). I typed in my symptoms and received a diagnosis. I called my doctor and he ordered a blood test. The prognosis is I have pernicious anemia. The doctor stated it was treatable and prescribed ferrous sulfate and vitamin C. Thank you for the wonderful and timely link.

Dude. That’s awesome!

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  2. Hi Chris,

    I’m a long-time Lockergnome subscriber. I’ve been getting a lot of “404 error” responses to links in Tech Digest and your blog. Is it me or something else? Thanks!


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