Windows Vista: I'm Breaking up with You

No, seriously. When I have the time, I’m “upgrading” from Windows Vista to Windows XP. My keyboard is completely ambiguous.

I stand by my original assertion that the shipping version of this OS is late beta, at best. I realize that other enthusiasts are leaving Windows altogether (and leaping instead to Apple’s OS X), but there’s not yet enough momentum behind my willingness to do that. I’ll leave the installs of Vista 32 and 64 on this PC, but I’ll spend most (if not all) of my time back in tried-and-true Windows XP.

I’ll give Vista a second chance when the first service pack is released later this year, but until then…

  1. My scanner doesn’t really work (Hewlett-Packard Laserjet 3052). HP hasn’t caught up with support yet, and software updates won’t be available until SP1 time-frame. The software works like a charm in XP – amazingly well, as a matter of fact.
  2. Windows Movie Maker crashes on a regular basis.
  3. My IPFax software doesn’t work (the driver will likely never be updated to be Vista-compliant). Never, EVER caused me a problem in XP. I need this software to work, and dual-booting to use this is not an option.
  4. I still can’t get my Lifecam to work, but wound up purchasing the vastly superior Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision instead (which puts Microsoft’s new webcam software AND hardware series to shame).
  5. On the same machine (AMD Quad FX), XP trumps Vista in terms of performance. I don’t have specific benchmarks on hand, but I can tell you the difference is quite palpable. This is even with most of Vista’s eye candy tuned to a dull roar. We’ll see if it runs just as quickly when everything’s reinstalled there. I only discovered this after rebooting to try my scanner in XP – blazing differences, similar tasks.
  6. NVIDIA chipsets and video cards. Need I say more?
  7. I simply can’t get to my OS X machine from Vista (or mount a WebDAV server).
  8. Copernic Desktop Search, a far superior desktop search client to Microsoft’s, either doesn’t like Vista or Outlook 2007 – not sure which, yet. Either way, I can’t run it right now – and the Windows Desktop Search tool is still as lame as ever (sorry, Brandon). I’ll miss the new Start Menu, but I think there’s similar third-party software that’ll keep me happy in the meanwhile.
  9. Explorer keeps losing my view settings. THIS IS DRIVING ME UP THE FARKING WALL! Now, I realize that XP suffers from this problem as well, but it’s never been this bad. There are so many new options that it’s difficult to reset each window’s view every time – including column headers, which are now permanently stuck on “Tags” and “Date Taken” (even though I may not be in a folder with objects supportive of these fields). Yes, I realize this problem stretches back centuries – but it seems to have gotten worse, not better.
  10. My workaday software still seems to suffer from weird quirks now and again. I really don’t have the time or patience to wait for each developer to catch up just so I can go on living my life. All these little annoyances are starting to add up to one major headache. Instead of detailing each one separately (and extending this list exponentially), I’m just wrapping all of ’em together into one point.

If you think I’ve missed something somewhere, think again.

Sorry, I… I gave Vista a real chance. I just can’t use it as my primary OS anymore. It’s NOT horrible at its core (by any stretch of the imagination). If all of your hardware and software are fully baked, you’re good to go – but that’s not the world I live in. I will continue to recommend Windows Vista for some users, mind you. I wish I could take the best parts of Vista and bring them back with me to XP. I’m still more than willing to help Microsoft improve Windows and get the message out to users, but I simply can’t sacrifice my own time and productivity without benefits in clear sight. I’m begging Microsoft and all of my hardware and software vendors to make Windows better for me. Until then…

The Whoa starts now (and is continued here).

338 thoughts on “Windows Vista: I'm Breaking up with You”

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  21. Tried it yesterday on my gf’s new notebook and couldn’t complain. They pretty much osx’ed a good chunk of the gui, haven’t used it long enough to ramble about the tech issues though…

  22. Hmm. Maybe you should be carping at the various third-parties at not getting their drivers and applications Vista-compatible for launch. ATI works great over here as does my Canon scanner… actually every peripheral I have works fine with all three of my Vista machines. So it was possible, just not every company chose to get there. Just like it is possible to build every Windows app on OS X, just not ever company chooses to get there.

    Vista’s not perfect, but it’s working great over here for work and personal and I really only find myself using my beautiful (non-Intel) PowerBook to play with OS X only apps. With XP, I definitely used OS X every chance I got, with Vista, who cares, they’re both good.

    In a perfect world, maybe OS X would run on commodity hardware and have an ecosystem as large as Microsoft’s. It doesn’t, so the pragmatic part of me isn’t going to dwell on the fact that I miss Quicksilver.

  23. Hi Chris,
    I’m with you…I was first in line to purchase Windows ME(Ugh) and it’s dejavu all over again. It’s inexcusable that MS released Vista as it is.

  24. Chris,
    I took that next step, Went to a MAC PRO it is way fast and just works. I tried to install Vista on my VERY FAST computer to no avail. I got it to work in parallels no problem. Not much I miss about Vista/XP. I do use Thunderbird so outlook is not an issue.

    Good luck


  25. Chris Pirillo is right — it’s too early to attempt to use Vista for serious work.

    I am using Kubuntu Linux on one PC, and liking it a lot.

    And for the first time ever I’m starting to consider buying a Mac laptop so I can experiment with OS-X.

  26. Thanks for this honest review of Vista. I’m glad I haven’t spent the money. Once I have the cash, I’m switching over to OS X on new hardware and I’ll install Linux (Ubuntu, probably) on my older machines. If I need Windows, I’ll use BootCamp or Parallels.


  27. i am stunned at how underbaked vista is. bluescreen in my 1394 driver. complete spontaneous reboots. hangs when i try to install a printer driver. this thing is ugly. shades of windows3.0.

  28. Can’t hardly blame you – I’m realling enjoying my usage of Vista on an everyday basis, but I made a personal list back at the first RC I tried of what *had* to work in order for me to make the switch – it was near the end of December before all the things on my pretty-short list were checked off and I made the move for good. (and thats truly thanks to a couple of different applications getting new versions that worked properly with Vista)

  29. Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Vista. I haven’t tried it yet, but am keeping up with the “general consensus.” Between this and everything else I’ve read, I”m definitely glad that I am holding out.

    I’m just not sure it’s worth it. I read an essay that said,
    “let’s consider a world where Vista was not only a flop, it was a total crash and burn.”


    Sounds like reality, not a what-if.

    – Alyssa

  30. Chris,
    The WebDAV mounting in Vista has been merged with the drive mapping. It took me a few weeks to find it. Map a drive, and put the WebDAV URL in as the path, and it mounts it to a drive letter.
    I’m not sure yet wether I prefer that to XP’s way of keeping “network places” and mapped drives separate.

  31. Hey, sad to hear you have so many issues with Vista. I’m using it for over a month now – Full time, and I’m still hanging in 🙂

    1) Did you try using the drivers for your scanner from Windows XP? I find that all of my things work this way.
    2) I do not really use Windows Movie Maker but I did make one movie – no issues there.
    3) For IPFax – if dual booting is not an issue, and since you miss XP much, why just not install Virtual PC 2007 and Windows XP there and work like that?
    4) See you got a new camera thanks to Vista! 😛
    5) No comment 😉 On my dual core intel – all runs smooth – how much RAM do you have?
    6) NVIDIA – join the Class Action suit! 🙂 I find my computer working a lot better with Microsoft’s Nvidia drivers 😉
    7) ?
    8) Search is a withc, but I do not use it much. You know what search is THE BEST – Freakin Total Commander’s integrated. I use that on daily basis. Plain ol’ go thourh everything no indexes needed… Quite fast! And yea, Brandon’s a cool dude – did you see his Start++?
    9) FINALLY I FREAKIN AGREE! Geez, what-up with this? Is there a registry setting for this so we can change it from 3 to 3 million views to remember?

    Does Microsoft listen to posts like these? I trully hope so… I got a bunch of things noted on my site (1 month with Vista), but I do not even know where to report the damn bugs?


  32. Sorry to hear that Chris. I have not had any problems with Vista and I even like it. However I am loath to recommend that people actually go to the store and buy it. I just cannot justify the price. All the things that I consider it great for are really just things that have been fixed after after XP, like being able to install printers as a regular user.


  33. Darn right – I’m tired of hearing the media machine parrot the virtues of vista when it is not ready for everyday use. Enough said.

    Best Regards, Jim

  34. Who cares? Use what works for you. If Vista isn’t cutting it, go back to XP or a Mac. I don’t understand why one person deciding that Vista isn’t working for them and going back to XP matters at all. For that one person another thousand just bought new PCs/laptops with Vista (not counting how many upgraded). It’s a matter of personal preference and I haven’t had any major problems with my Vista install.

    Give it time and if your impatient, either go back to XP or get a Mac. I could care less.

  35. I’m with you Chris.

    I did exactly the same. I installed Vista RTM on my laptop and it lasted 2 days before I went back to XP. XP is great. I can’t find any good reason to run Vista yet.

    I’m using Longhorn on a server here, but it’s obnoxious to use. The security is better, but there are so many niggling little frustrations with the interface that it’s driving me insane. Today I realised it won’t let me Cut + Paste files in Explorer. I have to select them and then use “Move To Folder…” from the Edit menu. Where is the sanity?

  36. I’ve used Vista for two weeks and have had some problems. Just got a Vista-capable driver for my Canon printer this morning – yea! If I had a lot of apps to use as Chris does, I’d recommend waiting about 6 months for all (most?) the vendors to get their drivers and programs updated before switching to Vista. I wasn’t particularly ‘hot’ to get Vista, just the timing worked out that way. Overall, I like Vista, but it’s probably too early for a lot of people to switch right now.

  37. Hi Chris, I totally agree. I remember when I tried the Microsoft Windows Vista Beta and I was like, “I can’t believe the entire computer population is waiting for this!” The only thing Vista is good for IMHO is the free T-Mobile internet access!

  38. Well I’m sorry for you, I’m enjoying my experience with Vista, of course there are some annoying things like some final drivers from Nvidia, and the Explorer view thing… Vista is more intensive using all the hardware, maybe you computer have a hardware problem that XP didn’t notice?

  39. Chris,
    I find it extremely hard to believe that you could not get Vista to work the way you want it to. I tend to agree with an earlier poster that accuses you of agitprop.

    I bought my Vista Ultimate the night it came out and had it loaded and running full speed by morning. I have not had any issues with drivers, BSOD, or anything else for that matter.

    If you really want to be that faint of heart, then by all means carry on. But the Chris Pirillo that I am familiar with (by reputation only) is not the type of guy that would write such a bogus post.

  40. 70,000 employees, $6 BILLION dollars worth of “R&D” and 20-gigwatts of electricity later? This is the end result? A moth eaten OS but it does come in 31 flavors?

  41. Chris,

    In the interest of full disclosure… I am a Mac-Fan-Boy. But I’m not a Fan-Boy due to blind religeous ferver. I have used PCs and Macs over the last 25 years and really appreciate the good, bad and ugly of each new version of OS from MS and Apple. After downloading and using a program called Parallels, I have installed and run evey kind of OS you can imagine (including Solaris) at nearly hardware speeds. Fact is… I can run any OS in the World on my Mac Pro. Just think about that for a moment… I can run MS and Mac OS X simultaneously… with very little compromise. Eventually within the next 6 months I will also be able to run non OS X operating systems at full native GPU speeds. So go ahead, have it all… Mac OS X, MS XP, MS Vista, Linux, Solaris etc… on a Mac you can have any OS you want at full native speeds… no compromise etc… by the way I was able to get Cloverton CPUs working in my Mac Pro recently… so the Mac Pro will be on my desk for many years to come and I don’t have to pick a platform… I can have them all.

  42. I agree.
    This is the first time from Windows NT4 I’m not evangelizing for the newest Microsoft OS, but Vista quality does not pass Beta-1 standard.
    As a software developer, I can understand other software and hardware manufacturers delay in making drivers and apps Vista compatibles, and I cannot blame Microsoft, but there are too much bugs in Vista.
    Furthermore, during the 3 months from RTM (and subscribers download) to general release, Microsoft has not heared nor solved hardly any of the bugs the community has reported.
    I think there is a serious problem with the Vista development group, from the head and downwards, and I think Vista can be the begining of the end for Microsoft if the dont take serious measures.

  43. My Movie Maker crashes too. Each time when I’m trying to publish movie to PC.

    Explorer losing folder view too. It doesn’t happens immediately after install, later, after several weeks.

    So annoying…

  44. Close to a billion dollars investment, more than five years of extensive research and what have we got? A half cooked product that doesn’t support other softwares (sometimes own softwares like media player)!! Bravo…
    I love you MSN.

  45. Funny how we encountered most of the problems and threw skip loads of perfectly good working kit like scanners and printers when we migrated from Windows 98 to XP.

    Plus ca change.

  46. Funny how we encountered many similar problems and threw skip loads of perfectly good working kit like scanners and printers when we migrated from Windows 98 to XP. SP1 improved things when it eventually slouched out.

    Plus ca change.

    Mike mine an imac.

  47. “(and leaping instead to Apple’s OS X), but there’s not yet enough momentum behind my willingness to do that.”

    Yeah, because then you would have more than 10 things that you have now and don’t work on it, but I bet you don’t write an article about that.

  48. Windows Vista will require 24 months to fully mature. Microsoft bite off more then they could chew with their Longhorn Vision. I’m going to wait 12 to 24 months and see how well things develop.

    For now Windows Vista is just a nice OS to visit but not to live with.

  49. That last paragraph makes it sound like you’re breaking up with Vista but leaving the door open to try and date her mom, no need for that bit at the end about recommending for some and not others…unless that some are people you truly, truly hate 🙂

  50. I tried the demo version of Vista on my father’s new MacBook under parallels desktop.

    It seemed to run OK, there didn’t seen any stability or driver issues. Not as fast as I would like though. Quite a few programs wouldn’t run. Annoyingly, it expired just as I wanted to test something.

    The Virtual Machine now has Windows 95 on to run legacy software.

  51. Give Linux a chance. you will not regret it.
    Try a Live Install (from CD) before you make your mind to really install.

    I did quit Windows for work and home back in 02/2005.

    All my hardware was recognized at install (Sata disks, wireless, sound on board, webcam, wireless keyboard and mouse, external USB DVD burner, everything…). As well on IBM laptop (T40p) as on my server at home.

    Distributions are mature and install like a breeze. You can first go dual boot (Linux install will see your XP and help you on that), then decide later you throw MS completely or not.

    I did not, as Flight Simulator is the only MS Software that is worth keeping. Has 20 years maturity and peers testing… 🙂

    As for distrib you can go either Mandriva or Ubuntu.
    The most easy ones for a newbie.
    I started with Suse 9.3, then 10.0 but lately shifted to Mandriva 2007. No sweat.

    Mail me if you are interested in my escape from the MS dungeon.

    O yeah I forgot… I was once a Mac user (Powerbook) before my corporate at the time forced me in the dungeon. Guess it did nurture my rebellion cells.

    Rene (now a happy feet)

  52. It’s bad when the company running the MMORPG I play tell their subscribers not to upgrade because they cant get the client to work with Vista. (And this game already runs on several very different platforms).

    And then there’s all this DRM crap.

    Label me a ‘Vista Resister’ ! Vive La Revolution !

  53. I like how there are so many things wrong with Vista but you’ll go back to it once SP1 comes out. What other unfinished products do you buy and would recommend to your friends?

  54. Would have to say I like using it, definitely DON’T love it though. Especially once you start running the various games on it as well. You go from running to walking and eventually crawling. Or if you’re like me lately having to reboot because thats all that solves the flickering screen problem after running Civilisation IV. And I’m NOT the only one finding this problem.

    As for drivers. Why should a company HAVE to write a driver for an operating system when Microsoft will change them to certify it anyway, especially for 64BIT, its just rude! I’m sure MS will make a tonne of money ‘certifying’ 64BIT drivers, part of their game plan I’m sure. And it does take time to write a driver, and it may not be worth the time when you don’t expect people to migrate to it immediately anyway, I know I sure wouldn’t as a developer! Just not worth my or my companies time just for the sake of picking up a few extra customers when 95% of your base is using it on XP anyway.

    Its an interesting OS, thats about all I’d say! But I would say I love The Register today for bringing up the petiton on the number 10 website. Come on people, sign it 🙂 Bring down Vista!

  55. Whine, Whine, Whine –
    Needless to say your “item list” seems to only list one real issue that has emerged as a “issue” from Microsoft itself, item 10. The list of software and hardware issues you’ve listed aren’t Microsoft issues, but clearly third party driver and software development related. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that one day Microsoft decided to pull an OS out of their collective asses and drop it on the world. They have for the past year to six months…even more if you want to go further back, Microsoft has released betas for public testing. On MSDN various beta builds were available weekly, the driver specs and SDK was published awhile back. The ball was dropped by the vendors, especially Nivida, they can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned. You place the blame wrongly on Microsoft Chris, when the issue lises predominantly with the third party developers.

    P.S. Movie maker crashes on a regular basis even in xp, but so does imovie under OSX.

  56. Vista is OK. Hardware vendors dropped the ball again.
    It’s the usual list of sluggish companies.. HP, NVIDIA …
    They try to let me buy stuff with working Vista drivers. They were right…
    I bought, Samsung printer .. and ATI videocard… 🙂

    As you see, this time I had a chance to vote… with my wallet.

    The biggest “BYE!!” is for HP. They even didn’t have XP X64 drivers so far..
    For Samsung it looks Customers are of a much higher priority (the way it should be)

    Enjoy !

  57. Vista is OK. Hardware vendors dropped the ball again.
    It’s the usual list of sluggish companies.. HP, NVIDIA …
    They try to let me buy stuff with working Vista drivers. They were right…
    I bought, Samsung printer .. and ATI videocard… 🙂

    As you see, this time I had a chance to vote… with my wallet.

    The biggest “BYE!!” is for HP. They even didn’t have XP X64 drivers so far..
    For Samsung it looks Customers are of a much higher priority (the way it should be)

    Enjoy !

  58. I had a huge problem with Vista that caused me to go back to using XP instead.

    As it was I was running a mirrored RAID system for XP and then on a different drive I installed Vista to be used a dual boot — My idea was that i’d gradually switch over to Vista.

    Anyway Vista doesn’t recognise my RAID drivers, I guess that’s annoying but to be expected. What’s a huge problem is Vista still insists on trying to mount the drives that ae RAIDed independently thus corrupting them!!! Luckily being that the drives are mirrored they can be restaged but for god sake whatever you do don’t install Vista with striped RAIDed drives connected as you can say goodbye to your data. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to get Vista to not mount drives automatically either (disk manager is still a load of rubbish).

    As it happens I do have a Mac as well before the fan boys spark up: yes it does have less compatibility problems buts that probably because half of the hardware/software I need doesn’t work on it.

  59. Erm is everyone forgetting what XP was like at first. Its a fact that if you update the OS old drivers will not work for it any more. Did all your win98 drivers run under winXP? Did all your old 98 programs work under XP when you switched within a month of it’s release? Did WinXP run faster on a high end PC than win98? the answer to all of these for me is no.
    Was microsoft supposed to go to every manufacturer and developer in the world and force them to make their hardware and software work under vista and get all the fixes built into Vista before it’s launch?
    I had lots of driver problems at first, but a bit of searching on the net found solutions. this is exactly the same as what i had to do after the switch to XP from 98.

  60. Sure all you geeks can get it to work, but for the common Joe, good luck. A pox on all you chumps giving Chris a hard time about being honest. Its even worse in an enterprise setting since the transition from XP to Vista needs to consider more than just the computer itself. Thats the real problem. Sure some of you chumps didn’t have a problem, either you are very good but I suspect very lucky that your individual situation worked out. This all part of Microsoft’s new angle on making money for them and their “partners”. To really get it to work you have to go out and buy all new equipment, peripherals and of course Office 2007.
    Good luck but Mac OS is the best!!!

  61. I have no problem with you deciding not ot use Vista, my question, why do you think the rest of the world worries about your problems?
    If you had had the right equipment before Vista you would have had no problems.
    I really don;t understand why people have to make such an issue one way or the other. If it work for you great, if not go to what does.
    Just keep it all to yourself, no need to make it into a big deal that isn’t.

  62. People such as yourself seem to enjoy putting blame where it does not belong, and seem to have such a short memory. XP had the same problems out of the box, and the same type of people bitching now about drivers and software compatibility issues are the same that were bitching when XP came out. This is a new OS, and vendors yet again have not stepped up to the plate as of yet. Blaming the OS or the developers for these problems is idiotic.

    What makes this worse is the blind followers of Chri$$y take his word as gospel and will in turn spread the misinformation to even more wanna be geeks. This in my humble opinion is the biggest problem with Lockergnome and other similar communities. A clueless leader with even more clueless followers makes for a comical but at times dangerous combination. Chri$$y you need to watch what you say, and how you say it as you are doing more damage to your reputation and to the tech world in general than you realize.

    I agree that for those that need to use a computer for work, and need a stable platform that will work with legacy software that you might want to stay with XP for awhile longer. Vista will come into its own just as XP did. Anyone with any brains would have known this a long time ago and would act and speak accordingly. And the next OS from MS will cause the same growing pains. I professionally will not recommend Vista to my clients until it does come into its own, but that should not take long, within a year is my prediction.

    Angry American

  63. n00b!!!! wow chris you really are a n00b. besides partial agreement on #10, i disagree with all other points of yours. The scanner thing you cant blame on vista (mine works fine! go samsung). movie maker works great for me, i dont use IPfax or lifecam, but my quickCam runs fine. i dont use Quad FX but my core 2 quad actually runs a bit faster on Vista then on XP (even with aero) so blame AMD for that one. my nvidia chipset and gfx card (680i and 8800gtx) run great, again, could be some AMD problems.. for the explorer problem, it used to happen sometimes in the whistler beta and xp, but since xp sp1 and the longhorn alpha, ive never seen those problems, so you must have messed something up. i thought you were an expert man! you should know how to fix this stuff…. lol n00b

  64. Vista blows, lets just call ME Second Session (MESS). I have beta tested it for the past year and I have yet to find 1 feature that I call a “must have” Its pretty but thats what windowblinds are for, it has a faster search, thats what copernic, google desktop search and a host of others are for. Dream scene? Why? That is not worth the money. If you are working then you arent looking at the desktop!

    It is slow even with the Glass turned off, more memory a separate video card, a dual core processor for an OS. For a transparent window?

    To be fair I consider 2000 to be a fine OS. I turn off every goody on XP (classic start, classic search, no themes) you would swear its 2000 but its XP. Where is that feature in Vista. Yes I know they have a classic theme but its still a theme. Where is the classic search, the one that looks like 2000 search?

    Here are the feature I have been waiting for in a Windows OS
    Intelligent file renaming
    (If linux or OSX can handle this task then great)

    Window focus. when i’m typing in a window that window is the active window dont switch over to anything else

    A file search that searches all files, ALL FILES and remembers that setting so that my next search it searches ALL FILES without click 2 or 3 options

    Anyway I also detest IE7 and its inability to have configurable tool bars like version 6 5 and 4. If I want navigational buttons, an address bar, a google bar and links all one line I should have that option. Tabs take em or leave em but bring back my toolbar placement ability.

    PS Vista blows

  65. 9 should be an easy fix, it was an issue in XP and is still an issue in Vista because of the way Explorer remembers your folder settings. See this MSKB article:

    It’s been a while since I used XP but iirc the TweakUI for XP included an option to adjust the number of “bags” or folder settings. Anyway there’s the solution for that…

  66. Much of what Chris said is also my experience. However, I get around the problem by using removable hard drives, thereby running whatever software OS works best for whatever application/game I plan to run, and I run them all – DOS 6.11, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista – just plug in, and if something doesn’t work particularly well on one, use another. I also do duplicated hard drives using Symantic Ghost so I can restore when the system REALLY screws up! Vista back up and running in less than 30 minutes, for example, with all programs, settings, drivers installed and working after a total meltdown.

  67. I’m a Windows 2000 user, been using it since it came out. I do all my work and leisure with this OS.

    I’ve never considered switching to XP, and I still don’t regret it. I still find it annoying in some areas, especially when trying to set up file sharing and network printing, and all the firewall tango, and IE displaying all those ads, and the resource hog animations… no thank you.

    I boot my W2K system in 55 secs, from pushing the button until the last service finishes loading, that including SQL, .Net, ActiveSync, and others. I can live with that. I might have the hardware necessary to run Vista without any glitch. But why give away 40% or 25% or 10% of my computer’s processing power if I can work so well with this OS?

    I like the boot-from-flash idea, I like new memory handling scenario, I would like to have a Flash Hard Drive in my laptop, o a hybrid one, knowing that Vista would really make a difference on performance there.

    But that’s wishful thinking, it may happen and be affordable in a year or two. Meanwhile… I’m staying with W2K. I may try a newer OS, but that will be Ubuntu.

  68. I’ve used Windows, and before that DOS, since 1988… and now, with Windows Vista, I’m finally going to get a Mac as my primary machine. I have a little mini that runs great as a development server, but now the time has come that I’m going to flip MS the bird and head over to the dark side.

    True, Apple sucked the big one in the mid 90’s, and the original iMac did nothing for me. But the thought of Leopard on a dual-quad Xeon box is just too tempting.

    So it is soon to be farewell, Windows. It is not a sad parting.

  69. Noobs fix your PCs, and blame companies that were too lazy to make new drivers and software …. Vista works perfectly on my old AMD athlon 64 2100+, if you are not skilled enough to handle Vista don’t, just stop complaining about Vista.

  70. “XP had the same problems out of the box”

    XP didn’t have an extended public beta. It was released twenty months after Windows 2000, and thirteen months after Windows Me. It merged the consumer OS under the NT kernel.

    A hypothetical: if Leopard wasn’t due in the spring, would Vista be out now? Heck, if I were Microsoft, I’d refund people’s money, turn the current version into a time-limited release candidate, and treat SP1 as the commercial version.

  71. You have nothing to lose by switching to Mac OS X, because you can run any version of Windows from right within the OS using Or, you can install Windows outright onto the Mac using Apple’s Boot Camp.

    Sure you’d have to go out and buy a Mac, but I would highly recommend that route. I routinely use XP from within Mac OS for certain option trading programs, and everything else I do is Mac native. Give it a try!

  72. Funny, those “just wait for full moon, dance naked in THAT direction and do the incantations BACKWARD, you moron” posts.
    FWIW, I sympathise.

  73. I guess by now people are beginning to realize Vista’s real mission: putting an arm lock on digital media in order to control every aspect of PC audio and video by way of DRM. That’s where the money is.

    So why Vista? maybe Mrs. Gates needs a new pair of shoes.

  74. Our company shifted from 90% PC’s to 100% Macs over the past few months. I can honestly say that we’ve never been happier. A real close friend of mine and head of IT at a large financial firm here in Salt Lake City is also switching their company to 100% OS X. They’ve been investigating it for about 18 months and are now making the move. This will be a total of about $4,500 machines. They’ve projected their savings to be just a hair over $400,000 over the next 3 years in support costs alone.

  75. This is just deja vu all over again (sic). I had to rebuild my extreme PC when XP came out, simply because every (and I mean every) vendor decided they were not going to implement XP drivers for older products.

    A typical disregard for the consumer based on greed.

    And isn’t the “This application can perform better with a graphics accelerator” popup REALLY annoying? It’s bad enough to be told that your 1-month-old PC is Vista obsolete, without continuously rubbing it in.

    Enough said. MB.

  76. Chris, I have had several difficult install situations with Vista and Microsoft must be pouring big bucks into all of us helping them debug Vista. It would have been nice if MS would have given more lead time for the vendors to help get more drivers Vista ready. Most of my problems are related to devices that do not have a Vista driver ready and in some cases, will never. A very difficult situation with the Sleep option shich was standby in XP. You go to try and put Vista to sleep and it starts only to come back on again. Their tech support finally gave upa and said that it was my BIOS and get an update from my vendor SAUS. I suspect that isn’t the problem and asked MS for my money back. You could imagine what the answer was. I told them that if you bought a car and it didn”t run, it would be classified as a lemon and you would get your money back. I hope that we can all press the issue and make it public that Bill Gates released a product way too soon and we are paying the price for it. Jerry

  77. I’m putting it in this perspective – Being an early Mac OS X adopter- I know how Vista users feel. When I purchased it back in March 2001, OS X (the non-beta version) was so unfinished, it did not even have DVD playback capability. It was slow and unrefined. And none of the pro apps were compatible yet- I remember always rebooting into OS 9 just to get things done.

    Windows vista users are suffering from the same thing. My only qualm with the new OS is that it is too busy when it comes to the GUI – i mean its cool to have choice, but not at the expense of productivity on your computer. Have yet to fully dig into it, so I am not passing judgement on the other aspects of the OS.

  78. You gave Vista a chance way too early. I remember similar behavior when XP had come out; that’s why I converted after most of the others. I was a big Win2K user for longer than I should have been, but when I finally upgraded, it was well worth it to eliminate those headaches similar to the ones you experienced.

  79. Wow, Chris I’m quite surprise by your Vista review so to speak. I need your advice on something. I’m in the process of upgrading to a MacBook Pro and I have the option of having either XP Pro or Vista pre-installed on the system. Which do you recommend I get?

  80. I just got Vista on a new PC tonight.. pre installed. and I’m upset that I didn’t research this more before hand. I don’t know what I was thinking. somehow I thought everything would just work. but almost none of the many programs I use even work on Vista. this sucks. i want to just install windows XP on this system but i’m not really sure how to go about doing that.

  81. I still can’t find a compelling reason to upgrade to XP let alone Vista!
    Windows 2000 is stable, fast and does everything I need it to do.
    The XP computers we have here are all sluggish even though they are
    newer systems with plenty of memory. Windows 2000 on the same systems runs like a rocket!

  82. Is Vista really any different then Xp when it was first released? If you just use the OS its cool.. Once you try to install drivers on any “New OS” you enter a world of pain.

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  84. Yeah… I’m with chris… Vista isn’t to my liking…. Can’t get anything to work…. My new pc came with it.. Now how do i get rid of it… I have the windows xp disc from my previous computer…. Do i have to reformat??

  85. Will all you Vista complainers stop moaning and groaning? Vista’s here, and just as there were those who mourned the demise of DOS and resisted the transition to Windows, there are going to be those who will likewise resist the change over to Vista.

    XP is dead. Finished. Kaput! This is reality, and if you’re having a difficult time accepting this, then just walk into a computer store and see what’s loaded into the computers. It sure isn’t XP.

    I’ve already received links to Vista upgrades by reading the riot act to several software manufacturers. I want my upgrade or I’m charging-back my creditcard purchase and I’m posting on the Internet the fact that their software is now junkware While they probably couldn’t care less about the chargeback, the mere mention of posting the issue on the Internet does get their attention. I’ve been in contact with Microsoft which has told me that the software manufacturers had ample noticed of what was going to occur, but many of them chose to ignore the inevitable. Now they’re paying the price, and so are we.

    The Vista operating system is BEAUTIFUL, and I’m especially impressed with its high level of security. But to achieve this level of security, the programs have to follow the rules or they aren’t going to run properly (if at all). Do you know that in Windows Vista you cannot drag a non-compatible shortcut into the startup folder and expect the program to run? Do a reboot and you’ll get a message telling you that a process isn’t going to be allowed to start, and this is GOOD! Maybe the process was a backdoor into your computer, or spyware that could record your keystrokes. I don’t wish to have my bank account balance transferred into someone’s bank account in Kahzakistan or Bucharest. Do you?

  86. If Vista wakes up as soon as it tries to go to sleep, try turning off or unplugging (if there is no on/off switch) any USB/Firewire devices you have attached. I have a Canon scanner which, when turned on, prevents Vista from sleeping. I also have a USB card reader which does the same. Since it has no on/off switch, I just leave it unplugged.

    If Vista won’t even attempt to go to sleep, try disabling any screen savers you have running, especially those which access files from the hard drive like photos. I used the Vista Photo screen saver without any problems until I changed the setting for the location of the photos it would display. From then on, sleep was hit and miss, but mostly miss.

    I like the sleep feature since it suspends my PC when it is not being used. This cuts down on the heat and the amount of duct being pulled into the system.

  87. I have to agree with you totally on taking the Vista track. I recently made the jump, safely on a test box, and with all the issues of drivers (Nvidia is among them), software incompatibility, and the overall restriction I feel when running it…I will stick with XP for the time being. I won’t remove it from the test machine and just see how it fairs between now and the first service pack.

    I cannot imagine where these stories of flawless operation are coming from. These users have to be using their PC’s for rudimentary office work, or they got a pre-configured system, or something that went against all that is an “upgrade”.

    IMO Vista is far from final, although it currently wears that moniker, and is still BETA if anything. I don’t see how anyone can call this complete.

  88. Everyone I know who’s gotten Vista has removed it and gone back to XP. I am recommending that to anyone purchasing a new PC or wanting to upgrade to Vista – just wait.

  89. Guess I’ve just been lucky. I’m running Vista on a Dell desktop, an Asus laptop, and a home-built desktop. Very few problems, and I don’t care to go back to XP. Vendors dropped the ball big-time when it comes to drivers for Vista, but I can’t see how MS is to blame for that.

    Things will only get better from here.

  90. did you consider partitioning your hard drive and instaling vista on one partition and xp on the other? thats what i did since i had problems with sli on vista

  91. Final release of Vista feels like a Beta. Lots of bugs, frequent blue screen errors, basic functions have been made more complicated, software compatibility issues. Have already had to do 3 clean installs with activations. At this rate, it will be a few more month before MS activation limit. Will revert back to XP at next crash and wait a few more months (or years) before trying Vista again. Can’t believe I actually paid to have so many problems!

  92. Installed vista for a while and just cant see it working for me in its present form. I use 3 pieces of software – VS6(C++,VB), fileexplorer and notepad oh and iexplore to ftp stuff to a web server. fileexplorer has just become unusable, esp. search and up button – i try and try to use it the way its designer intended, but fact is, its got one interesting ‘idea’ but its badly implemented and choked by redundant features and unnessary distracting animated bits ( the + on the hierarchy ). notepad has had NO improvement whatsoever and i use loads of the time, yeah i could use notepad+, but why not upgrade a useful tool rather than useless things like desktop backgrounds ? what the hell would i want a pc for just to look at fancy pictures unless i was mentally retarded ? are my friends all too ugly that i now look at the computer backdrop all the time ? doh …

  93. Hi Chris, you shouldn’t be too surprised that XP trumps Vista in performance. Any Windows version that came out ate more ressources than the one before. Load your favorite egoshooter in XP, take a look at the fps and compare it to Vista. 98 to 2000, 98 wins. 2000 to XP, 2000 wins… the same is valid for Office. Install a pre-2k version on XP, then Office 2k and the current 2007 – naturally the older version are faster 😉

    brandnew ≠ better

  94. It gives me optimism to see so many people trash Vista. I’ve been an MS apologist for years, but consider me the anti-evangelist now. Things started to turn south (IMO) with the MSN toolbar….crap like it causing IE to peg out at 50% CPU permanently (unless some more open windows start, in which case it literally took 5 minutes to bring up task manager before. Then came Visual Studio 2005. Again, the kind of frustrating bugs (like data loss when the IDE crashes..with no error) that make you wonder if MS even has a QA department or if they’re counting on MSDNers to QA the CTPs. Then they delayed the much-needed service pack (which fortunately fixed the worst bugs).
    And then there’s Vista. Someone take Explorer out back and shoot it. It’s seriously TERRIBLE. Status screens often don’t refresh, dragging icons on the desktop often show icons that I dragged hours before, file locking has actually gotten worse, some genius let this thing out with the Windows Features UI not capable of adding ASP.Net, and Safe Mode’s got a bug that locked me out of admin rights for 4 days (it took me emailing MS my SAM file!).

    This is the first OS I’ve regretted installing, and that includes betas for Win95, NT5b2, and XP.

  95. I agree with Chris. Vista is nothing more than beta software. I’m writing this from XP and will continue using XP at least until Vista SP1 is available, maybe longer. Heck, there’s already a site dedicated to Vista SP1. Check this out It’s a pretty long list for an OS that’s only been on the market for two months. What were all the beta testers doing for 2 years? I’ve tried no fewer than 5 clean installs of Vista and have encountered a variety of random hangs, crashes, and reboots. This on a mainstream P4 without specialized hardware or software. A simple Google search of “Vista crashes” or “hangs” tells the story. I haven’t found too many positive testimonials. Vista has potential but isn’t ready for prime time.

  96. I agree with Chris, especially when saying one cannot sacrifice so much of his work time just in order to make things work as they did on the previous OS.
    I’m experiencing major compatibility software issues with many programs I use to work. I am not sure if there is a solution to them but even if there is i would loose weeks of work to solve them.
    My opinion is Vista, as for now, is worthless for a professional.
    May be good to a home user, giving better protection to the system without using 3rd party software, especially if it comes in bundle (and tested) with new hardware you purchase.
    An example: I’m still using Microsoft Office 2000 Premium to develop for some customers. In Access I have an error each time I try to open a table because: ‘Ordering function is not supported by this OS’. Vista is not even compatible with Microsoft products!
    I repeat, there may be way to solve this and other issues, but they are just so many I would loose too much time.
    I give up too, even if it means the trouble to install a Win XP on a new notebook and find all the necessary drivers.

  97. Guys… I join your club. I gave up on Windows Vista!
    Vista is not worth it at his point in time. In the past 15 days, I have returned two brand new computers due to Windows Vista problems. I am getting a third one this week and guess what… I ordered it with Windows XP.
    Just with the second computer I had, I did about 15 system restore points. I spent a total of about 10 hours on the phone with technical support trying to resolve several problems.
    My recomendation is, if you will use your computer for work or any other professional activity that requires reliability and a stable performance, stay away from Vista. If you will use it to chat, play music and surf the net, you might probably be lucky and won’t have so many problems.
    Just to list some of my problems with Vista read this:
    -Photoshop CS2 didn’t scan all of the plugins and made the system to shut down.
    – Illustrator CS2 v.12 suddendly shuts down the computer.
    -Epson Printer RX580’drivers ruined both DVD and the CD drives, they just died. I had to uninstall the printer and do a restore point.
    -InDesign CS2 sometimes did let me save my documents, sometimes didn’t.
    -Adobe automatic updates made the system to block some of the most importants startup programs such Norton, ATI Catalysts, iTunes updater, Quickplayer just to mention some.
    -Macromedia Fireworks changed the scheme colors from Windos Aero to Windows Basic.
    -My brand new surround sound systen with 7 speakers is not supported on Vista. I had to go with a normal computer sound without the full sorround experience.
    -Creative sound cards drivers ( I tried 3 different Creative sound cards) will make your computer shut down when playing music.

    Well guys, If you were not sure about investing on Windows Vista, I hope my experience helps you out to make a wise desicion. I would tell you to WAIT 6 more months at least and then reconsider upgrading to Vista. I will also probably think in about in a year.

  98. You missed the point: New windows means new hardware – and with Vista that probably means a completly new PC. Has always been like this with Microsoft’s operating system. The have to keep the OEMs happy otherwise the would drop Windows as preinstalled system

  99. weeelll! I was invited to the Vista Launch Party at one of our local computer shops at Midnight, so I went. Not a lot of people turned up, I regret to say. Not a lot of PCs were sold, either.

    Some time later, I was shown some _real_ eyecandy by a friend, who knew I liked Linux and who had Sabayon on his PC. Vista’s got some 3D, but it’s nowhere near as comprehensive as the Compiz/Beryl interface. I was also told that he wasn’t going to be upgrading to Vista until his customers (he’s a computer technician) turn up with Vista and push him into it. Which sounds sensible – if the OS isn’t up to the hype, and furthermore, fails badly on various things – communicating to the user on where everything is now is a good place to start – then it makes sense not to get stampeded into making that sort of investment.

    Just another thing I’ve noticed, just from reading the comments, and thinking – always a very, very dangerous thing to do, even if you’re not in the tinfoil hat brigade 😉 – about some of the comments. Microsoft knew that some of their hardware manufacturer customers were being lax with developing drivers. Microsoft chose to release a major software package, knowing full well that the driver support for some popular hardware was not up to scratch. Who should we blame then? In the Free and Open Source Software world, major software packages such as Linux are not infrequently released without various drivers, due to the laxity and obduracy of various hardware suppliers in supplying the appropriate information. Linux distributors are then blamed for this lack, when it is the obduracy and laxity of the hardware manufacturers that causes this lack.

    I’m trying to get my head around a world where Microsoft can ship software that is lacking in hardware support, and it is the hardware manufacturers who get the blame, and where a Linux distributor can ship software that is likewise lacking in hardware support, and it is the distributor who gets the blame. It’s like dividing the square root of -1 by zero – I just don’t get it.

  100. I have been and still am a Windows XP user, but that’s about to change. I’ve read up on all the Vista DRM and I just can’t live with that. I’m also not prepared to upgrade all my hardware to get decent performance out of Vista. XP has been getting on my nerves for too long now and since Vista is no option, I’m waffling on whether to go Ubuntu or Kubuntu. Vista eye candy didn’t grab me, but Beryl knocked my socks off, so I’ll probably try Beryl on top of Ubuntu/Kubuntu. I know Linux will have its own ways of testing my patience, but I’ve got no more for Microsoft.

    It seems there’s at least a little truth in this “promotion”:

  101. Purchased a COMPAQ with Windows Vista. The world’s slowest computer. But I found out that a half a gig is very good for XP but not enough for VISTA. My HP would not work and had to have a driver downloaded daily. The machine took 1 1/2 hours to warm up. Sleep mode lasted 3 minutes. All icons would register Not Reponding including Internet. I went online with COMPAQ chat room and chatted with a technician who wanted me to perform a Destructive Recovery. Right. Way too complex. I returned the computer for a full refund and had my old XP fixed. Got a new harddrive and added one gig of memory. Everything works great and fast. I hope to keep this machine quite a while and upgrade here and there.

  102. My experience with Vista nearly matches Chris’s. I had to make far too many concessions (not using needed hardware and desired software) to use it. I gave up after two weeks. I will try later. XP is working just fine on that box.

  103. Chris I am with you about Vista. I tried uninstalling it but it won’t go away. Is there a simple way to uninstall and put xp back on my laptop,


  104. guys i need to change back to XP from vista, how do i go about it, my system is partitioned & dont want to mess up my data partition.

  105. I’ve been on Linux for 4 months now – PCLinuxOS. I love it – a fresh new world without hassle, plus the stunning 3D Beryl Cube (years ahead of Vista Aero). If you haven’t tried Linux, please give it a full trial over a couple of months. I think you’ll find it fascinating…

  106. I tried vista & going back to XP . Overall I noticed no gains from vista, but did noticed many flaws ……Also the feeling of it i did not like, after all how many looks can u get for a folder???..

  107. Hmmm i always wonder why many people run down microsoft…but then they continue to use it..around 90% of computers run windows!! If you dont like windows then why use it or cry about using it? If i dont like a pair of jeans then i just dont buy them, i can not imagine to buy them and then complain about it..who fault is that? haha

  108. I have just installed Windows Vista Home Premium on my home machine. Do you think you could e-mail me to tell me how exactly I can remove Windows Vista and “upgrade” to Windows XP? I like Windows Vista, but I can’t get my Internet to work (and linksys refuses to create drivers for it) and that’s basically essential. Thanks!

  109. I got Vista standard on my new laptop and hate it . looks good, runs bad.
    i have intermittently working mouse / touchpad. I have to disable antivirus to update windows…
    I am experiencing a lot of software compatibility issues. Flash and Firefox don’t play together – even IE crashes.
    Is there a way I can swap my OEM Vista license for a OEM XP license?

  110. Vista I hate you, let me count the ways.
    All my games play slower then when I was running XP. All of them! This on the same rig, with Vista upgrade.
    Some game will not run, and others like Tiger Woods golf 2007, you need to press Ctrl Alt Delete and the Cancel between holes or the game doesn’t show you the next hole, it just freezes on the screen that shows your score.
    Nero 6 will not even install. (And I’m not buying Nero 7)
    Sure it looks pretty, but I don’t look at the desktop much, I am on the net, or (trying) to play a game. I am putting XP back on.
    Also my Printer and Scanner don’t like Vista, sure they are over 3 years old, so I can get new ones, but they sure worked great with XP.
    God I hate MS for this. When they has WOW on TV, they don’t mean it the way you thought. It’s WOW, this SUCKS!!!!

  111. Most people ‘moving away’ from Vista don’t understand the OS’s features very well. (Chris excepted) Vista isn’t perfect, but there is a built in way to make 98% of all XP and earlier software to work without a hitch. Right-click the problem program .exe file, click on the ‘compatibility’ folder, choose the flavor of MS windows you want to run it under and blamo, it’ll work trouble free. Problems with the Adobe CS2 suite? Use this and it’ll work flawlessly. Programs like AutoCAD 2005 are known to have problems operating in the Vista environment – doing this makes them work without a hitch.

    I was a beta and RC tester for Microsoft and now I use Vista Ultimate in the workplace. It isn’t perfect. Since the latest nvidia driver updates I have a BSOD every couple weeks unfortunately. But overall I’m extremely impressed. Sidenote: the latest video drivers for Vista increases gaming performance 10-20% across the board, so saying XP is better for gaming is now moot.

    As for general OS speed, once the OS settles into the user’s habits, it really begins to speed up with pre-fetch and super-cache. Outlook ’07, firefox, and my other frequently accessed programs now load in under 2 seconds, maybe even less than one second. The built-in backup and restore features of the software can’t be beat by XP, Linux or OSX.

    And those who say the DRM is the reason they’re staying away don’t know what they’re talking about. While typing this out, I’m ripping and encoding a DVD into xvid and haven’t had a single issue. I’m able to watch, record, and transfer everything I could do before in XP.

  112. Because you can futz with it to get it to work almost as well as XP is no reason to move to it, and agree to a disrespectful software licensing agreement, and possibly pay for it to boot. You should not have to give up ownership control (you have to agree to not try to work around limitations of the software, that MS can scan and disable media/components remotely, lose the ability to play high def unless your card supports encryption AND Vista is sure of it, etc.) just to get into your brand new computer if you get Vista on it.
    I still don’t see the reason anyone should take this kind of crap for a computer they pay for, unless the OS cost is NOT included in the PC and is given trully as a freebee they can remove.

  113. Seems like a lot of Microsoft Fan-boys want to put the onus for software problems and applications that don’t work in Vista on the publishers of all that software out there in the market. Your misplaced dedication to Microsoft overlooks one huge factor. What gives Microsoft the right to go into the market with a product that invalidates programs that were previously working just fine on both home and business computers. A huge case in point: Quickbooks 2007 is the only Quickbooks written to run on Vista. All earlier versions of Quickbooks may be adversely affected by Vista. So, if a small or medium sized business running Quickbooks (As many are), wants to upgrade to new computers and finds the only operating system available to be Vista, is it right that they should also suffer the expense of buying all new accounting software to replace a system in place that is currently working for them. Sorry Microsoft fans, but Shame On Microsoft. This is not the consumers fault, nor is it Intuit’s fault. Get some business ethics and morality here folks.

  114. i installed vista to the wrong area of my partition and then to the correct area and it has messed up my hard drive. nothing will install correctly and i can’t remove vista from the smaller of the 2 partitions (which is now full) and can’t make the largest 1 primary or put anything on it. can anyone help me .

  115. I work as Tier 2 tech support for a major OEM. The biggest issues are Vista Upgrades. The only responsible way to run Vista right now is a clean install. Also, before running Vista, ENSURE that all your hardware is supported. Driver compatibility is the single BIGGEST issue.
    Vista is quite a bit slower at a shut down and boot on most systems.
    At home, I find happiness on a P2/366 laptop running XUbuntu 7.

  116. I have to also agree totally with Chris. I purchased the Ultimate version to use on my Dell as soon as it came out. Once I got it working I made an Image of the partition. Needless to say I have had to restore it 3 times in the past 2 months. It works fine for a while then starts to hang and my programs start behaving eratically. I have most of the new features turned off and even then it is unrelaiable at the best even with my p4 2.5ghz, 2gb ram, and 128mb video card. The next time the crashes become frequent enough I am going to do a fresh install of xp. What a waste of $$$!!

    I also hate the way I have to approve everything in vista (a feature I turned off). Do I really need to approve (twice) moving a favorites icon?

  117. Vista is so so bad i cannot even begin to explain. my printer doesnt work and my computer has crashed twice in the space of 2 weeks and ive olny been using it for 3. i want xp back again

  118. My problem is that I purchased a computer with WindowsVista on it. I hate it. I would like to uninstall Vista and put XP (which I bought) onto this machine. The only thing is, Vista will not allow me to download XP. What is a person that is not computer literate supposed to do?

  119. Hi – Ive just recently purchased a Presario v6000 – and it had Vista business at the program – I was told at the stoles i will not have any problems connecting my handset (cell phone) to the built in blue tooth – but when i tried making the connection – so i can connect my cell to the pc to have internet connection via bluetooth – the pc could find my handset -but my handset couldn’t find the pc bluetooth – I sure vista is causing the issue. as i checked the manual for my pc Nokia 770sh – and it says its compadable to work with Windows xp, 2000, server4 + 5 – but doesn’t mention vista. Also i like to point accross, i tried to burn some songs on Window Media Player but when i play the cd, it comes up disorded, I have tried both my handset (cell phone) via blue tooth on a pc that ran – windows XP and it had no issues, same as burning a cd on a mates comp, and it worked fine. >>??

    So if u r able to assist me, can someone help me change from vista back to XP – as im not sure what to do…

    cheers Ranson

  120. My notebook VAIO SZ48GN/C came with Vista. At first, i was a little bit skeptical about the working operation of Vista. All the devices i have previosly connected with Windows XP works flawlessly with my machine and downloaded the necessary drivers for it.

    the only problem with vista is software/hardwre compatibility issue like the drivers that conjures these devices on older machines. anyway, i happy now with how Vista performs on my part. Experimented with it and has grown up a little bit in three months time. Finally, using Windows Vista requires little bit learning curve to operate with since mos features are disected many times apart like for example the control panel operations. Anyway, few of my favorite MMORPG game does not work with Vista. so it sucks a little bit.

  121. I bought a computer from Fry’s with Vista basic. Problem plagued is all I can say about Vista. I am putting that computer back into the box and putting my old computer back on line. Thanks for nothing Bill Gates, you little rich fart.

  122. I wish i had read this before I got a new pc yesterday for the office! As a natural “mac user” I’m just not used to the problems with this pap!

  123. Windows Vista only works with new computer that still in windows XP OS. Anyone that just buy their laptop/computer and still in windows XP can install Windows Vista easily without further problem.

  124. I love Vista!!!
    I started with a clean install on my laptop and everything worked better including my wifi so I upgaded my main desktop with it and the only thing that I couldn’t get working was my panasonic KX-P7100 printer and it was time for a new one of those anyway. I Have had them both installed now for quite some time and no problems at all. I just don’t get what everyone is complaining about.

  125. 1. My scanner doesn’t really work (Hewlett-Packard Laserjet 3052). HP hasn’t caught up with support yet, and software updates won’t be available until SP1 time-frame. The software works like a charm in XP – amazingly well, as a matter of fact.


    I don’t know if you knew this… but, there are compatibility settings that you can change to install software that are compatible on XP but not on Vista.

    Right clicking on the program and changing compatibility settings to Windows XP would allow you to run or install the program under Vista.

    If you already knew that, then you can ignore this. bye.

  126. My 5 year old notebook was getting long in the tooth so I decided to upgrade. Bought a Toshiba A35 series with Vista installed. Played with Vista for about an hour could not believe how slow the 2ghz machine was did a clean install of xp pro. Blazing fast the thing was. I was so stoked about my new, fast machine until it came time to find drivers. Spent a week trying to find drivers. Couldn’t find some core BIOS drivers so I took the machine back and bought a mac book. Even with a 2ghz intel duo processor and 2 gigs of ram Vista ran slower than my old AMD 2500+ with 512 mb.

  127. I dont suppose you can point me where to get all the drivers for the SZ48GNC for XP? I have a client who is also at his wits end with Vista, and I can’t get many of the devices functioning at present.

  128. Vista does have one good point. It makes you appreciate how solid XP is.
    I’ve been using vista on a ‘new vista ready laptop’ for the past 5 months and my productivity has plummeted. Vista attempts to solve it’s own problems. Over the past 5 months it has discovered 35 problems (most of which ended in a frozen system) and most of these it has no solution for.
    It is constantly updating and you have to waste alot of time trying to fix compatibility issues.
    Vista is moderately more prettier than XP but in everyday working the only feature that I have found to be useful (above XP) is the snipping tool.

    Does anyone known if a snipping tool exists for XP?

    I will be formating and putting faithful old XP pro on this machine for at least the next 12-18 months.

    the spend a lot of time
    has discovered 35 problems (without solutions

  129. Ive been running vista on my new pc and ive encountered no problems (except caused by my own idiocy) I havent had a single crash

    I just wish people would stop b***hing because A theyve been done over by a company not Microsoft.

    Or theyre attached to some old piece of crud that should have been replaced by a newer model years ago.

    As for macs from what ive seen of the system i dont see what all the fus is about especially since the native gray bar look is depressind just like i-tunes.
    And that you have to pay a premium for decent hardware as it tends to be three or four of an outdated model. (except in terms of processers)

  130. Hey Bro,
    I’ve just looked at “MAXTHON”, after hearing that it’s your Fav. browser.
    As soon as I seen the way it looks, I was very suprised as it looks very much the same as “SlimBrowser” my fav. browser for 3 years now. If you have half a moment in your busy day please check it(SlimBrowser) out:)


  131. I bought new Dell laptop. Had i known what Vista was like i would have asked if i could stick with XP. Printer doesn’t work properly, have downloaded new drivers from Lexmark, printer will only print when i turn the laptop off and restart. Maybe 30 minutes later printer will print document. How goood is that!!. Can’t install scanner says i have to upgrade pc?? Jees my new machine should be twice as fast with twice as much memory and 120GB HD!!!!!!. Have downloaded something from HP website that allows me to scan from machine, but program not installed so i can’t jiggle anything about. PC itself keeps just hanging and have to shut off without closing down Today i spent most of am just trying to get on to desktop. Itr would load as far as lofon user ….then screen would go black, sometimes mouse curser would go round in circles (same as egg timer in XP) and other just had arrow. Would continually have to shut off machine and restart. Trying C. Alt & Del would do nothing.

    Can’t be right. Didn’t have anything like this with XP. The only good thing i can see from Vista is the Side taskbar with daily temperature and daisy clock and the folders with your pictures in. Also you can’t get any help from the HELP tab…….no onger valid with Vista …….no you can get help by phoning and paying. I wanted to put autosave on Excel, can’t remember how to do it tried help ………..nogo.

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  133. well most of those things like the printers/webcams are just drive problems that can be fiexd but it takes a while…and you have to remember with windows vista they didn’t build off of xp they started from scratch with brad new stuff…so there is likely problems…

  134. windows vista stinks, and they tell me that when you purchase a laptop w/vista on it,you can`t change it back since you never had one of the other programs prior to this. If this is true, this is an insult to those of us who want to switch. Referrng to my acer aspire 3680

  135. Yo! Just Get Vista Xp Ultimate Advanced Edition!
    Trust me it has tha look of vista ansd xp pro’s installation.
    Its Real Cool.

  136. Kudos. When I buy a friggin’ operating system, I expect it to at least work with it’s OWN components. At this point, Windows Vista is not even stable running other Microsoft products, let alone the Adobe CS3 products I use every day. I mean, hell even the latest versions of Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and Word take a dive on a regular basis.

    Vista has caused me too much frustration and lost time and I’m following (a bit late) in your footsteps…

  137. For all people who are not as computer savvy as many of these folks are, Windows Vista is not cool.I am not computer savvy. Just a lowly doctoral student. I was sold this Vista with my new computer. I get crap like, my Acer suddenly shutting down, or my new CA virus protection cannot be installed on this operating system. I just don’t see any benefit to Vista and I’m going to rip this out and go back to XP. If you are a Vista employee tell your communist cohorts that students cannot afford to have Vista messing us around.

  138. FreeBSD is the way man. Why are you guys sticking with Windows anyways? Aren’t you smart enough to pick a better OS?

  139. how did you remove windows vista because im having so many problems with it one major one is that its lagging my computer and also my surround sound doesnt work so i want to switch back but im exactly sure how can you help please.

  140. I’m a computer scientist and have been working with Vista for 3 weeks now on my new laptop. Vista is really bad OS, which is not at all ready for primetime. As an early adopter of XP, I can say that Vista today is much more buggy than XP was in its early stages. I’m really close to finding an old copy of XP somewhere and dumping Vista off my laptop. To me, it’s not the fact that they renamed everything and moved it around. It’s not even the fact that the performance is slower. The real problem with Vista is that nothing works correctly or consistently! Network sharing (among other simple tasks) has been an extreme sport which feels like wading through molasses. Has anyone else noticed that some of the UI design is straight from Win98/2K? For example, the Recent Items option on the Start Menu. They had this in 98, then did away with it in XP, then brought it back in Vista. What gives? Has MS research indicated that Recent Items is good UI design, or not? It’s like flipping bits just to do so. Vista is very pretty, but underneath it all is an unrefined mess of an OS. Seen in this light, Vista is most definitely a step backwards from XP and I don’t think users should tolerate this considering Microsoft’s billions and many years of development. MS used to come recruiting at my university and I know by some of my classmates who were hired that MS has many bright minds. It’s sad to see that this is the result. If MS’s next OS is as weak as this, I will be jumping the MS ship for a while.

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  142. Windows Vista isn’t working so well with me either. I have this program called RPG Maker XP which has become my life and vista won’t run it! I was just wondering if you could tell me -how- to ‘upgrade’ to XP. I bought my laptop with Vista on it and it freezes constantly and hates me. D:

  143. I am a software developer using a new Dimension 9200 from Dell with the Vista they installed. Beyond the driver incompat. and security annoyances, it has real bugs in the base OS. The USB driver freezes the machine, the kernel drops applications occasionally, and the entire explorer goes into “Not Responding” mode about twice a day.

  144. i’m together with MS-products since 1999 – there was unforgotable. now, after meeting Vista – no more MS in my home – there too many spy 🙁

  145. Vista was not ready to be let loose to the public. I had a client that bought two new Dell computers. Vista was incompatible with the hard drive and it would crash. You would then have to reinstall the OS, log directly online and get the update and hope you can get it before the system crashes again.

    Little more testing before put out your OS please Microsoft!

  146. I look at the amount of different versions of office that have sprung up and cant believe that this is acceptable behaviour from microsoft.

    so many versions and most people will not even use most features never mind corporate installers looking to upgrade across platforms.


  147. Maybe If You Had A Better Machine Vista Wouldn’t Suck For You, I Have Vista And XP Installed On My Comp And Vista Is So Much Better To Work With, All My Software Works Well With It And I Don’t Have Any Driver Issues XD

  148. as Banjo said – (…) the USB driver freezes the machine, the kernel drops applications occasionally, and the entire explorer goes into “Not Responding” mode about twice a day (…) – exactly the same is with my new machine running Vista. i just want to add Thunderbird to the “Not Responding” list, while explorer does it at every run. i just dont have the will and time to reformat the drive and spend a few days installing xp sp2 along with all the applications, all the settings, accounts, mail migrations, etc…

  149. It is November 26, 20007, well after the official consumer release of Windows Vista and I am here to say that, despite the various fixes Microsoft has released for product stability – Vista still feels like BETA.

    Most pressing are the network issues that still plague this release. Color me connected as an ardent researcher; I use the internet for my school research daily and the stability of Vista’s connection leaves little to be desired.

    I find myself constantly having to repair my connection, especially if I log in too quickly with my password. After paying good money being an early adopter, I am not too happy with this OS in the least. Fix this product NOW Microsoft or don’t charge me so much next time!

  150. Joining this club. I really enjoyed much of Vista for the last 5 months, especially as a tablet PC user. The upgrades to the handwriting recognition and interface are very nice. But alas, there has been too much frustration with the odd quirks people mention above and the incompatibility with so much third party hardware and software. I mean, why can’t you get a 2G SD card to work? I’ve tried the emergency patches, etc.

    The final straw came when I tried using my PDA with Vista. I waited a while because I was nervous about the whole sync issue on two machines, with all the third party configurations. It’s a Palm, and Palm after how long still hasn’t gotten their software to completely work with Vista (at least for my Tungsten T5). It was a disaster. I did go along and purchase a few programs that only worked with Vista (Acrobat 8) but it’s just too much at this point. I think I’m going to go back to Mac with my next PC purchase (after 17 years!),

  151. I would check the amount of RAM installed on your computer(minimum for home premium: 1 GB basic: 512 MB Ultimate: 1 GB) and your processor (minimum speed: 1 GHz) I have Vista and love it ecxept that games often crash.

  152. Had windows ME, hate it – junk, have windows XP Media Center Edition – love it, have windows Vista on my new Toshiba notebook – HATE IT – IT’S JUNK – NOTHING BUT HEADACHES. Alot of my XP programs won’t work and the ones that do – “HELP” is not recognized by Vista. JUNK I TELL YA, JUNK TO THE MAX. I’m goIng to, either figure out how or have it done but I’m going to, persue having XP put on the new Toshiba and TRASHING THE VISTA.

  153. This guy knows what he is talking about. I agree in all the points he brings up. I’m the chief software architect of a major hedge fund and I’ve been developing software for over 20 years. I can tell you if you are a power user, Windows Vista is a huge disappointment in all respects as compared to WindowsXP.

  154. i found this site while i was searching for a way to upgrade vista in such a way that i could USE this fawking vista, everything crashes all day long and now NOW when im supposed to install and play a new game i was so hapy of aquiring… ” it doesnt compat with vista ” MOTHERFU*CKER’s at windows… why WHY cant they make something that works 🙁

  155. As an experienced electronics engineer, someone who understands operating systems as I was involved in their conception, Vista is a total embarrassment to the electronics industry, yet most do not know the difference. Microsoft should be restricted to operate with a moral structure, and an intellectual desire.

    Vista will be seen as the failed pre-school experiment of operating systems, for Vista’s failure to create an inclusive creative platform and desirable moral direction for computing.

    Such is the view for our computing life? Visually desirable but so wasteful. A Vista straightjacket screwing a generation of creative ability.

    ps: I use computers to get a job done and to create stuff, Vista just wastes my time, creates uncertainty and has no improvements of significance when compared to the development speed of most other software packages. What arrogance and shallow vision Microsoft demonstrates in creating such a foolish investment!

  156. I found this site because of the exact same reasons.
    I want to back rev to Windows XP SP2 legally.
    Only MicroSoft wants me to pay for another copy of XP.
    Why should I?
    I bought Windows Vista, it obviously doesn’t work! It’s a farking pig!
    So MicroSoft should be legally obligated to give me Windows XP SP2 as a replacement!
    Instead, I’m going have to stuff around putting Suse or Debian Linux on my wife’s laptop.
    Well MicroSoft (Bill Gates), you sell crap, all you’ll get is pissed of customers.
    Please rename you current OS to Windows Freaking Pig and be done with it.

  157. G’day Chris.

    Dunno why u bother with windoze, i bought an iMac a year ago and never looked back, kept the pc just in case, but turned it on twice in twelve months (only to pick up a file or two) and finally took it to the tip just last week.

    My house is now a Micro$oft free zone, and we feel much better for it, and even my toast seems to cook quicker these days.


  158. Um, Windows needs to do better. Its ok but if they want the bigger bucks they are gonna have to come up with something better than this. In my opinion its just a brighter copy of Windows Xp. They need to redo the whole thing. Oh well i guess we are going to have to wait a whole 4 more years.

  159. (Website coming soon if you try to visit it, lol.

    Anyway, I talked my mom into getting a new computer, and of course it has Vista on it. I hate it, and so does she, and I really don’t have the time to play around with it, and see if I can fix SOME of the many errors it’s “thrown up” since DAY 1.

    Can anyone here tell me how to completely remove it, and install XP Home edition? I’ll go buy her a copy TODAY if you can, as we’ve both been totally frustrated with this situation.

    I’m not a “geek”, but a fairly good ‘end user’, so if someone could give me some precise steps to take, I’d REALLY appreciate it, and so would MOM. 😉

    Thanks and have an awesome day!


  160. I have tried Vista for 2 weeks. I should have downgraded right away. My wife tried it the first day and hated every moment of it. Too bad Dell doesn’t give you the option to downgrade. What the heck, when I am typing this, some of my keys are not being registered. Must b a indows Vista problem.

    I am gingto try BUTNU

  161. Well, I waited and waited to install this with the service pack only moments away I figured I would give it a shot It’s been a year drivers should have caught up right? – bought upgrade copies from Compusa when they went out of business for each of my machines that legally run windows XP. Tried to install with a clean install of Vista Ultimate it would not activate. Called the help center to activate by phone – no luck after 6 attempts – they gave me a number for paid support – Doesn’t MS have enough of my money? I am currently doing an upgrade over my upgrade (so now I will have 2-copies of Ultimate installed on the same machine) – to see it this will activate – it appears it does not like the fact that I formatted the partition before I started – If I have a Windows XP product key – isn’t MS bright enough to know when a copy is upgraded? The XP key I used for the upgrade will no longer check-in for updates. They burned cycles on My XP machine every time I did updates to make sure my copy was legal with genuine advantage – what’s the point? All of this adds up to the Ultimate disappointment. Hurray it finally activated – do I need to re-install the updates from the first install?, why is my anti-virus no-longer working after the second install? It was working after the first install. Now have two copies of Vista installed on the same machine – seems to me like one copy would be a waste of disk space all by itself.

    I feel like a loser.

  162. Microsoft needs to make what the users want. They can’t just go out and say here it is now live with it! I also have a bad feeling windows se7en is not going to go over well. They need to start from scratch and leave Vista behind! Don’t make it look like vista or even seem like it! Give it a whole new logo, look and programs. I’m trying to make my OS user based, and I think thats what Microsoft needs to do as well.

  163. I am a happy Macbook Pro user. I am also a .NET developer and have been using windows and VS.NET on bootcamp/VMWARE/Parallels for some time now. I recently decided that I couldnt justify the harddrive space and reduced speed just to run another OS on the same machine…So I purhcased a new laptop for work purposes.

    Vista was preinstalled on my shiny new windows laptop, as with all machines these days. I found myself excited to try this semi new OS. It hjas been out for a while so I fugured alot of the driver issues etc would be ironed out by now.

    Oh how WRONG I was!
    My road to upgrading to XP: (the OS that I wanted to get away from int he first place, hence the mac purchase!)

    1./Install Visual Studio 2008. (Im a contracter so need new version of most thingas to stay current.). Installer just hangs for hours and crashes.
    2./ Install .NET frame work 3.5 stand alone installer. Failed.
    3./ restart laptop. Vista exlporer opens in low resolution. I am unable to change it back!
    4./Restart. System goes into restore mode. Crashes
    5./Give up. Upgrade to XP

    Quite simply, I dont care to fis these problems myself by tinkering about with vista. I dont want to wait for service packs. I dont care if ‘All new versions of windows and other OS’s have issues’, I just want it to work! It doesnt!. It wouldnt be so bad if it hadnt come preinstalled. This means that ‘Out of the box’ most vista machines are ‘Faulty’ (as far as Im concerned).

    Anyway, XP works a treat. Indeed, better than it ever did on older hardware and these days, after 20 million updates, its rock solid (pretty much). I seem to remember Windows ME have similar issues and that dies a death. Will Vista go the same way?

  164. Joe, i feel the exact same way as you, i knew there would be “teething problems” with vista, but i thought i would give it a while then try it out, from what i have read here, nothing has changed…

    often i try install something like in point 2, the installer just hangs and crashes????

    Try dual booting with xp and ubuntu, for me, it is the best option?

  165. I totally agree on this! Vista gives me so many problems its unbelievable! I thought it would be perfect and the top of the line, new OS, but its just a piece of crap Windows 95/98 but it has a nice theme. Thats all it has if you ask me! If I could choose what Microsoft sells, I would say “Everyone, use Windows XP!”

  166. windows vista sucks i had mine for 3 weeks and it just turned off and never came back on

  167. so i thought keeping up to date would be a good idea… i installed windows vista and omg. had a lot of compatibility problems to start off with… so NM. i switched back to XP on the same day.

  168. Hate is an understatement. I despise this operating system, literally.

    I was one of the earlier adopters and after forking over much tango denero to buy this sorry excuse for an operating system, I some came to realize it would be littered with more bugs a 400 year-old wooden porch. Crashes occured daily, blue screens. You name it. And that is not even considering the lack of driver support. This GIGO operating system found ways to surprise me in a bad way.

    So I waited patiently, thinking SP1 would save the day. Last week, I installed SP1, only to have this operating system show me new blue screens of frozen tundra. Crashing daily, sometimes twice a day. Is now quite common.

    Gates, give me back my damn money! You should be paying me to use this!

  169. hello there i am getting alot of troubles with vista what’s happening i never seen this kind of thing how can i get my deskop again? it dissapears and never appears i am getting alot of troubles i just simply cant put anything on desktop ! i can’t move on my desktop the only one help i get is when i restart the computer i can come to the internet because when the computer starts you will see a folder

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