Home Ownership, Marriage, et cetera

There’s nothing wrong with being busy, is there? Nothing will kill a blogger’s blogging schedule quicker than moving into a new home and getting married. Seriously.

I wanted to whittle my inbox down to ZERO this weekend, but wound up taking care of personal tasks instead: hitting Home Depot for primer and paint, running to Target for dog food and Kleenex, driving to E.E. Robbins for a new wedding band (since the tungsten didn’t work out, which I hope to blog about soon), etc.

Then, at home, the adventures continued: hanging a few random pictures and masks on the walls, washing the dishes that had been piling up on the countertop for darn near seven days, preparing for another disappointing visit from Office Depot (seriously, they’re at the top of my shit list), scribbling down names and numbers to coordinate with and/or contact throughout the week, etc.

When most people type “etc.,” they don’t really mean it. My “etc.” is really a list of a thousand more ceteras. Which reminds me: I have to sell that old Peter Cetera cassette tape on eBay when I get the chance.

How the deuce do people find time to blog these days!? Seems to me an imbalance between the amount of people who are producing (more) and the amount of people consuming (less). I can’t even remember the last time I hit my newsreader. I’ve been too damn busy with my own life to get caught up with everybody else’s.

Worse yet, I’ve now bored YOU to tears with the laundry list of items that I’ve had to deal with in recent days – WHICH REMINDS ME TO FINISH THE DAMN LAUNDRY.

[I actually wrote this on Sunday night. Didn’t get posted until now. Go figure.]