Help! (the Yellow Tint Video)

Oh man, the video quality totally sucks – but at least I did it. Since I’m a YouTube Director, I can upload more than ten minutes worth of video at a time. “It” doesn’t really have a name yet, “it” was recorded this morning at 3:30am live-to-tape, and “it” is just the beginning (as I hope to record in higher definition with better screen switching soon). For now, this certainly works. Three things to note: (1) Cat Schwartz should be joining me soon, virtually; (2) Darth Vader’s floating head will be a regular feature; and (3) While the workflow isn’t perfect yet, my EyeJot widget is the best way for you submit video.

15 thoughts on “Help! (the Yellow Tint Video)”

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  3. I have been a web master for a number of years. Always on a PC. I recently saw a web site make with a program called “RapidWeaver”.
    I want to use this software on a PC.
    (1) is there some software that will let a modern PC run apple OSx?
    (2) is there a version of RapidWeaver for the PC?
    (3) what is the cheapest Apple that will run RapidWeaver?
    Thanks, Ken Edwards

  4. Great job, Chris! This format is really great, and you nailed the execution spot-on, especially for the first time.

    Definitely keep us posted with your Eyejot likes, dislikes, and wishlist!

    Daryn (Eyejot)

  5. Hey Chris, wonderful start so far, I should say! Wonderfully cool advice; *I* certainly was taking notes (computers and me mix together about as well as nitroglycerin and bungie jumping).

    However, my videographer ears perked up when I heard that you’d be looking for camera people in the Seattle area, of which I am a part! If youd be at all interested in a Canon XL-2 operator please feel free to contact me!

  6. That’s hot that Kat is on board. How about trying to get that other tech TV hottie that went to G4, Morgan Webb, I’d watch that woman do anything, and her personality lends itself well to the audience participation format.

  7. Dear Chris,

    I am an old Prillo fan – even purchased your book or, at least one of them. May I suggest that you have a search engine in combination with your daily column – then your fans could mine your archives just by entering a few words descriptive words of one’s need.


    Francis Beecher
    Sarasota, FL

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