All Babies are Beautiful – or Ugly?

I don’t get it. All newborn babies look alike to me – except for maybe a few minor things like skin color, earlobes, etc. I mean, like right when they’re born – for the most part, I just can’t tell the difference in their faces! Every one of ’em looks the same to me. In the nursery, after they’ve had a chance to dry off and air out, maybe I can pick up a few of the more subtle features. Dunno. I’m not a daddy yet. But for the life of me, I just can’t tell the difference between a beautiful baby and an ugly one. Can somebody please enlighten me?

33 thoughts on “All Babies are Beautiful – or Ugly?”

  1. Haha – of course all babies are beautiful – just ask the mother!

    I personally think that all babies are ugly, but you are right – once they air out a bit they can become beautiful. It all depends on the baby and their genetic lot, for better or worse!

  2. If you’ve seen genuinely newborn babies, they are hard to tell apart — but most people rarely see them that early since we parents tend to keep them home or so swaddled up all you can peek at is a little hat and maybe a forehead. They tend not to have much fat on ’em, with scrawny chicken legs and faces still shedding skin cells, so yeah, unless they’re yours or you’ve had a baby of your own, they’re not much to look at.

    But if they are your own, their new-baby smell alone is enough. They don’t even have to have you at “Hello.” (Good thing, since that’s usually a couple of years off anyway.)

  3. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you ask a parent, their child will always be the most beautiful in the world, until teenage years. If you ask someone who has been suffering from a medical condition, an ugly baby is the one who got a bad case of genetics from their parents. If the mother had bad habits during pregnancy such as smoking – I’d assume the chances of having a noticeably ugly baby are higher.


  4. haha, I had the same very question when I was child Chris, asking my mother.

    People are just trying to be polite!:P

  5. I guess beauty here is defined in the baby’s fragility. I thought my babies were ugly when they were born (I think every mother thinks that the first two seconds!), but when I held them, smelled them, watched them, they grow on you like the next minute or two, and like magic, they transform. See and you’ll see more such ‘magical’ beauties.

  6. It’s easy Cris…. All babies look alike.. Except the ones you get to take home with you later on. They are, for some reason, the most beautiful.

  7. I thought my daughter was a bit scary-looking* whereas her brother, arriving a couple of years later, was a gorgeous looking baby. My wife thought the opposite.

    *although she rapidly became the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

  8. Yeah, most babies look alike to me as well. However I did have a friend who’s baby was soooo ugly I couldn’t believe it. You definately know when you’ve seen an ugly baby. Luckily the little tyke grew out of the ugliness!

  9. Ha, no not all babies are beautiful, we had two, and my wife agrees that the second one was like WTF TROLL. The first one was beautiful, and I’ve seen my fair share of cute kids and wretched looking murloc children in my day.

    (they even rawglrlrlrlrrlrlrrhh.)

  10. Most babies, even newborns, are kinda cute, and if they’re yours, they are beautiful. Mother Nature makes them that way so we will fall in love with them instantly. Having said that, I knew of one child who inherited the worst physical traits of both parents. He was truly ugly. Fortunately for him, both of his parents were brilliant and he inherited their brainpower as well, enabling him to become a brilliant professional himself.

  11. Not all babies are ugly. Seriously some are very cute. I know cause all three of mine were. Yes there are uglies out there but some are sooo cute.

    1. That’s a lie.
      No such thing as a cute baby. They are all ugly little putrid things,
      They’re intellectually lacking skill and did I mention they’re ALL UGLY!
      You think your babies are cute cause their yours . If they wernt then you’d agree.

  12. It aint my fault people call yo baby ugly u may even be one ugly hefa have a baby with a white man u ugly bitches

  13. There are babies that are very cute. But, I have seen ugly babies.
    All new borns do look the same to me too.

    P.s. Ponzi and your baby will be very cute and smart for that matter!


  14. I find babies to be just slightly less appealing than fly larvae, which they resemble. I am getting tired of Christmas card baby cards. I think next year I’ll send a photo of my testicles…it’s where my potential future kids are. I’m sure that photo will be as appreciated by them as their larvachild’s photo is to me.

  15. I agree with the previous poster Mark. I would even use the same word…larval. Babies are squidgy, unfinished products. They resemble nothing more in the animal kingdom than the kangaroo Joey, which needs to continue developing in the mother’s pouch because it is unfinished when it is born. Human babies are just like that. With other animals, for the most part, infants are born looking more or less like smaller and cuter versions of the adult animal, and quickly develop enough to be self-sufficient. Human babies certainly don’t. And no, I don’t want to hold your baby. It’s not special. Billions of people have sex, and that leads to babies. Your brood is no more special than any of the others being continually popped out as our world gradually becomes more like that depicted in the movie “Idiocracy”.

  16. I am a young woman, 29, who dont find babies cute. I am thankfull for the care my parents had to me but i dont owe them nothing because i did not ask to be born, but i myself have seen my pictures with 2 or 3 days of life and what a ugly pink wrinkled thing. i think babies are weird, toothless, big heads,I am sorry but i also find them pretty boring and annoying. Their crying is awfull. On the other hand i find baby animals very cute. i love when i have a new pet at home, a small puppy or a small kitten. I dont want to offend anyone but i find pregnancy so much ugly. I dont want to have children. I never felt the smalest interest of it in all my life. I have things that passionate me such as playin music, travelling, hiking, photograph, nature, drawing, that fulfils my time and my self realization.

    1. I had to chuckle when I read your post. You sound so much like me when I was younger. I used to feel that way. You may change as you get older. It wasn’t until I was much, much older that my feelings changed. I didn’t try to change them. They just changed on their own. I don’t know why (I’ve never had children or had nieces or nephews). I, too, have always adored baby animals. But now (at age 54) I really adore baby animals and human babies. And I have heard from other women who used to feel that way changed when they had their own. Of course, your feelings may never change–but that is okay.

    2. You sound pretty pathetic but I’m glad that you have decided not to have children.  Stick to your baby mice and birds that are cute.  And yes you do owe your parents something.  You owe them love because of their love for each other to bring you into the world and raising you.  You just come across as an elitist.  It’s alright to have an opinion such as I don’t want to have children but when you say pregnancy is ugly and babies are weird, annoying, and toothless, you are going to offend people.  Babies have to be loved and nurtured by loving parents who raise children to be loving, caring, and responsible adults.  They don’t come out of the womb wanting to converse about the impressionist movement.

  17. lol to Mark,he is right, even fly larvae is more appealing than babies. not only are most of them REALLY ugly, but they’re also increasingly selfish. I mean all they care about is FEED me, CHANGE me, PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEE, they don’t give a damn about anyone else. and literally they have a face that only a mother could love, and i’m not sure why even they do, let alone act like that their little parasite is the most important thing in the world. and god forbid moms today should let their babies take the back seat to anything else once in a while, one of the reasons why toddlers today are such spoiled fricking brats. i mean i’m just saying, i’m not saying that i’ll never have kids of my own, or that i’ve never seen a baby i thought was sweet and cute, but this is just what i think of them for the most part

  18. yeah and btw i also find baby animals very cute too (baby bunnies, kittens, puppies, even baby alligators) its just people babies that are UGLY. and literally it seems from the moment they’re born, that human babies are destined to be selfish little troublemakers. i know it might sound crazy but i’ve seriously seen a baby that looked no older than 9 months old slapping his mom in the face in public and there was a video i saw once of a 6 month old trying to kick the family cat while in her baby swing. so theres another reason i really don’t find human babies cute AT ALL, and honestly, it really pisses me off when other people do. i also just wanna f-ing barf when i see a pregnant woman or hear about breast feeding videos, i mean EEECCKKK!!! taken to the next level!

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