How to Make Juice 2.2 Work in Windows Vista

Via Randall Lind (who sent an email to Todd and myself earlier), here’s how to make Juice 2.2 work in Windows Vista:

  1. Download, install, then browse to the installation folder
  2. Change the EXE compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 [right-click the executable, flip to the Compatibility tab, place a checkmark in the ‘Run this program in compatibili8ty mode’, then press the OK button]
  3. Open Ipodder.cfg with Notepad and change the output directory from “My Documents” to “Documents” – which is found under C:UsersusernameappdataRoamingiPodder [by default]
  4. Launch Juice

Apparently, that does the trick?

53 thoughts on “How to Make Juice 2.2 Work in Windows Vista”

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  5. It’s working just fine for me without all this… And you can change the folder simply in the General tab of the preferences.

  6. This is the second place I’ve read that Juice doesn’t work under Vista out of the box… but only my system, it works fine. I never did anything with compatibility. Vista Ultimate with UAC turned on.

  7. I had errors on startup and it would close until I search the web and found that solution. It really does sucks that no one seems to be updating podcatchers for Vista.

    If no one is having issues with Juice 2.2 then good but if people are that should fix it.

    I like PodNova but can’t even get the install program to run under Vista. I was told 2 weeks ago a new version was in beta that works in Vista. I have yet to find or read anything about a Podnova beta for Vista.

  8. thanks so much for this. i was pulling my hiarout trying to get this to work for about 3 days now. i love this program and i just migrated over to vista i was having a hard time with this and ffdshow cdecs for mpg4 decoding thanks for helping me with this problem.

    FYI: i assume many of you are like me and watch many podcastssome are not offered in all teh formatts we wished consequently heres a nugget of info i have came across.
    as of july 9 2007 most of the new releases for ffdshow (mpeg4 codec package for h.264 divix and xvid) are not working with vista media center. but an older version is working it can be found at after rev 1104 link here

    hope this was useful

  9. I believe the difference is if you have UAC turned on, Juice installs and then subsequently runs just fine. Machines with UAC turned off all seem to have this problem and thus this procedure for compatibility is necessary for those folks.

  10. Thanks for the solution. Worked perfectly. Had a little trouble finding the .cfg file, but eventually found it.

  11. Brilliant, thats the first time I’ve ever delved so deep into a computer to fix a problem! I just followed your post and actually got a little excited when every thing you said I found, when I changed the My Documents to Documents and went back to juice it worked fine. Thanks so much you guys rock!!!!

  12. Brilliant. Was getting a log error every time I tried opening Juice. Now it appears just fine. Thankyou thankyouthankyou

  13. If you’ve tried the above and it either doesn’t work or the ipodder.cfg file isn’t located at C:UsersusernameappdataRoamingiPodder then you might find it in C:Program FilesJuicedata. If so, copy ipodder.cfg to C:UsersusernameappdataRoamingiPodder and try to open Juice again.

    I did this and it worked for me, hope it will for you too.

    I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium and Juice v 2.2.2

  14. Having the same problem – but unfortunately I am completely vista illiterate!
    Firstly – what the installation folder? (is this just the program folder?!),
    How do I change the compatability? I dont see any tab! And when I bypassed that step and opened the cpg file there was no output folder… help!!

  15. Wow–I am so indebted to you guys. I was going nuts trying to find a podcatcher after migrating to Vista. I had used Juice for a couple of years and really like it. It took using Chris’ and Martins’ hints, but I finally got it to working.

    Thanks again

  16. OK, using your help, I was able to load Juice into Vista. Now I keep getting “Parsing Failure” when I try to open several lists of available podcasts.

    Is there any way I can fix this or is it a server problem?


  17. Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own, but missed changing the cfg file. Thanks again for posting the instructions. 🙂

  18. Thanks for the info on getting Juice running – I’ve been setting up my husband’s new computer, and we haven’t been able to get Juice operating – your advice took only minutes, was simple and clear and did the job. Thanks again

  19. The only thing I needed to do, was change the “My Documents” to “Documents”..

    And once the startup is fixed, you can remove compatibility mode again…

  20. After superhuman search, I found ipodder.cfg with search in unexpected place, in Main directory and not in C:programs folder.

    I gave up after many search tires at first, but days later — out of desperation — tried a counterintuitive search in main directory and found that elusive ipodder.cfg. In other words, I suggest you do not give up.

    And of course just use Notepad to change cfg to keep the file pure, so not to corrupt is with Word file junk.

    Thank you Roanld Land

    Juice is the best because it is pure too.

  21. I just tried to install Juice on my install of Vista WITH SP1. The iPodder directory is getting created in C:Users[username]AppDataRoamingiPodder, but the directory is empty. There is not ipodder.cfg file to edit.

    Anyone else seeing these results? If someone could please post the contents of their ipodder.cfg file, then I could probably get this going. If I put an empty ipodder.cfg file in that directory and try to start juice I do get a ipodder.cfg.lock file, telling me that juice is at attempting to read it.

    Please help! I need my podcasts!

    Bill Lefler

  22. I tried the fix and it still doesn’t solve my problem. I still have to use a stupid work-around that I discovered reading the error message. For some reason, it wants to create the “My Podcasts” directory every time I start the program. I get an error message when it finds that the directory already exists.
    I simply drag that folder to my desktop, start the program, delete the new directory, and then drag and drop the old directory back into the documents folder. It’s very annoying but the only way I can get it to work.

  23. @Bob Brown: Try the workaround I found on the website below – it works whether there is a an IPodder.cfg file where it should be or not – as one on this website has been created for you!

  24. @Bob Brown: Website with workaround: “”

    remove quotes 🙂

  25. Try Mediafly SyncClient ( It works on Vista without anything special (but not 64 bit). And it can act as a downloader or sync your podcasts with iTunes or any MTP-enabled media player (e.g. Sansa, iriver, etc.)

    You can import your OPML file via the “add feed” link at the bottom of mediafly site. Select the bulk import option.

  26. Am blind and can not get juice working with my machine running xp service pack 3 home edition. Any suggestions? When I open it it says see
    c:ProgramFilesjuice|juice.exe LogFile for details.

  27. It works! I have used Juice for a few years and was so frustrated trying to get it to work on Vista. Your instructions worked fine, once I found the ipodder.cfg file by changing the Windows Folder options to show hidden files. Thanks. You guys always make me feel way more computer literate than I really am.

    Here’s how to find the hidden folders – scroll down to the Windows Vista instructions.

  28. Could someone email me their ipodder.cfg file? I did the instructions above but my computer did not create this file. I can’t find it anywhere. I see the application data folder, after unhiding it, but there’s nothing in there. I also looked and don’t have a folder called “data” under the juice folder in program files. Thanks for the help.

  29. Thanks a lot for this. New computer with Vista Premium. Can’t believe we have to go through this to get it working though! Bring back XP! 🙂

  30. Thanks a lot, you cleared my headache…it took me 5 minutes to apply your solution and get JUICE up and running while I had been struggling for half a day!

  31. This also works for Windows 7.
    You have to make sure you can view hidden folders and known extensions but once you’ve done that it’s easy and works fine.

  32. Hi. I had the same problem squeezing Juice into my Vista laptop. Your solution worked fine, so thank you.

  33. I tried all these solutions (using WIN7 64) and none of them worked. Juice windows won’t even open. At one point, Juice managed to take down Windows with it! Too bad, I liked Juice.

  34. @PG
    I have a new laptop running WIN7 64 and I followed Chris’s instructions and now I’m happy to say IT DOES WORK; Thanks so much Chris, it’s great to have Juice up and running again after so long.

    PG: I even put my own step-by-step instructions for this into a PDF file of my own (least I ever need it again); you’re welcome to have that if you want to post your email address, I’ll send it to you …most difficult part was actually finding the ipodder.cfg file in Win7,but without that step, Juice wasn’t working for me either.

    Thanks again Chris!

  35. Juice doesn’t even start in Windows7 and I keep getting this error

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 11, in ?
    File “iPodderGui.pyc”, line 3605, in main
    File “ipodderconfiguration.pyc”, line 469, in __init__
    File “os.pyc”, line 154, in makedirs
    OSError: [Errno 17] File exists

    Any help here?

      1. I’vr had this problem today — if I ticked “add to startup group” during installation. If I didn’t (I’ve had to play around with it a lot 🙂 ) it started but did not download; problem solved changing the ipodder.cfg file.

  36. If you run Juice is XP SP2 compatability mode, the program works fine, but you get an annoying “premissions” request from Windows everytime you start the program. If you turn off the compatibility function, the program runs fine, and you do not get the “permissions” request at start-up.

  37. The ipodder.cfg file mentioned above for Windows 7 is nowhere to be found, especially in D:UsersusernameappdataRoamingiPodder (mine is on my d: drive).

    This is the second attempt to install Juice. No wonder people get Itunes. It works. Too bad because they need the competition.

  38. Chris you have saved my digital behind once again. Thanks. FTR-This works for Windows 7 too. That’s what I’m on.

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