The Deal with Twitter

Okay, I got bored – and now you can learn about my boredom any time I care to tell you about my boring life! Seems silly to do, but… I’m a silly guy. Silly people know me, too (as evidenced by today’s twitterpations):

  • Kitta Not really amazed that Anna Nicole Smith is dead, she was pretty much a walking talking pharmacy and a bad soap opera all-in-one 6 minutes ago from web
  • bbrooks IMAP + RDP + backed UP PST FTW 7 minutes ago from web
  • P_Dilly back from lunch, logging into Second Life to check out an idea I had. 8 minutes ago from web
  • NickStarr @Shooby Is it fast enough to support ReadyBoost? If so, I say take it. 8 minutes ago from im
  • Bwana Forgetting how to embed quicktime movies 9 minutes ago from web
  • rael Moving offices… Yay! 14 minutes ago from im
  • fraying At dinner with the museum folks. There is much French. 19 minutes ago from mobile
  • cvp putting together a temp site for the design firm.. until our backend is done anyway 19 minutes ago from twitterrific
  • wisequark Merlin on TWiT? Wow, Dvorak might go wackadoo…er 25 minutes ago from twitterrific
  • arstechnica [Infinite Loop] MacTech to publish “VBA to AppleScript” guide for Office developers – 25 minutes ago from web
  • leolaporte TWiT This Week: Dvorak, Wil Harris, Tom Merritt, and Merlin Mann 26 minutes ago from im

Have you been twitterpated? It’s the non-sequitur social center of the universe! I’ll be your random friend, sure.

4 thoughts on “The Deal with Twitter”

  1. I’m giving Twitter a two-week trial to see if its something I’ll keep doing, or will it be something I’ll lose interest in right away. I figured it would be something silly that I’d lose interest, but I’m finding it strangely addictive…. probably because it is a bunch of random but social non-sequiturs.

    But right now all of my “friends” are people I don’t know personally except by reading their blogs, listening to their podcasts, or watching their screencasts. That’s OK, because they are all smart, interesting, funny or some combination of all three… so their twitterpations are usually amusing. But I’m also hoping to convince some folks I know personally to try it out as well. But its a hard sell. Most of the folks I know around here, western PA, and of my age (low 40s) don’t/won’t use IM, and Twitter is like a random, public IM. But we’ll see.

    Your “friend”,

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