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Outlook is great. It’s great. So great, in fact, that someone just asked me to blog one of their greatest Outlook concerns. Not quite sure if anybody on the Outlook team gives a rip, but… here’s what Derek sent me earlier:

“When I put pictures into an Outlook HTML email, they are much less quality and significantly larger, even though Outlook reports that they are 100%. Images also seem to gain 300% more in file size (kb). Comparing them to the Image and Fax Viewer or other image editing software at 100%, Outlook inserts the image at 30% bigger. After doing some research, MS is using the Word Editor – which assumes images to be inserted at a DPI of 96, although most digital cameras go between 72 DPI (Mac’s standard) and somewhere around 200 DPI. Images inserted at 72 will be upsampled (using MS’s rather poor upsampling engine). Images larger than 96 dpi will appear smaller than the original image. To change the DPI (or PPI) value, you must open the picture with a non-Microsoft product, then resample the picture to the 96 DPI, just to have the image appear in the email appear correctly. Even some pictures with a DPI value of 96 will still be upsampled. This is a tremendous inconvenience for those doing email newsletters, and I can assure you novice users will not know why their images are changing in quality and size.”

I really wish Microsoft would issue an interim release of Outlook, much like they did with Outlook 98 (fixing with it countless bugs). This is just, kinda… irresponsible?

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  1. When I just think I was actually interviewing with the guys behind Outlook in Seattle a long while ago. Now I understand why I was asked by PM’s these questions:
    1) Design a universal remote control for a 8 year old kid
    2) How would you promote integration of kiosk computers at amusement parks and what could/would they be used for.

    Maybe they are always thinking about something other than Outlook 😉

    It could help to turn off Word as the default email editor I suppose. Is that even possible with this version?

  2. Since I installed windows vista, when I access the outlook web access for my company’s e-mail (bp), I can open the e-mail, read it, but if I try to reply or fwd. The message opens, but the screen where you would type, a little red x appears (kind of like when a picture does not load in a web page). The web access works ok with our other XP systems and within windows vista if I open web outlook using firefox. Has anybody experienced this? Any solutions? Spent 2 hrs w/ MSFT and they have no solution.

  3. Yes, I’ve had the same problem. I believe the problem is on the e-mail server because I visited a second exchange server and did not have the problem. Score 2 servers with problem, 1 server okay. Perhaps it is a
    needed patch for the server or an upgrade. ?

  4. Hi …. I have an infuriating problem that I wonder if you might help with. I recently bought an Aspire laptop that came equipped with Vista Hm Premier edition, and I installed Outlook 2003. All Emails coming from one particular University server that I rely upon, arrive exclusively as Text format – I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I installed Thunderbird, and receipt of properly formatted HTML Email is without problems … it seems something at the level of Outlook 2003, or some combination of Outlook and Vista.

    Heard of anything like this before … if so, comments VERY welcome

  5. Javier,

    I fixed the problem this way: when on outlook web, go into options. Somewhere on security it asks you to install an SM something. You do that, afterwards when you do e.g. reply, there is a line on top, which you click on and then install Active X. It works then. – Only problem that persists is that in “extensive experience” mode, Internet Explorer crashes anytime I try to send a mail. I have to use the basic mode…. Hope this helps, Markus

  6. Does anyone have a solution for the original problem re: Outlook 2007’s resizing of images in HTML email messages? Images are larger/softer than specified in the HTML. Is there a fix for this?

  7. Okay, I guess everyone but me knew the solution was to go into Word 2007, then click the Office logo, then click “Word Options”, then “Advanced”, then scroll down and click “Web Options…”, then the Pictures tab, then change the “Pixels Per Inch” under “Target Monitor” to 120? This seemed to solve the problem for me.

  8. This problem has been there for a while and hasn’t been fixed depiite the release of version after version after version?

  9. Does anyone know how to set pixels per inch value to 120 permanently (ie change default) under web options?

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