This is why the Mainstream Press is DOA

I get misquoted all the time, but… I’m pretty sure I’ve never said the following. An article on SDA Asia Magazine’s Web site (Zune Fails to Crack Top 10 in Sales) contains:

Chris Pirillo, a technology pundit said, “Clearly all the data isn’t in yet, but this definitely pushes the MP3 player out of the pocket and into the realm of social networking. The question, obviously, is what is Apple going to do about this and, as a corollary, how low Apple and Creative shares are selling as we speak? Perhaps MS could create a ‘Zune Inside’ logo for those guys? Or maybe fund a halfway house for under connected MP3 players?”

Are there any other technology pundits named Chris Pirillo out there!? I’m kinda frightened about this, actually. Have you ever had a quote attributed to you without you ever actually giving that quote in the first place? They say any publicity is good publicity, but…