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I’m sorry. I’m watching Comedy Central right now, with Windows Vista (apparently) sponsoring the hour of standup (even though Scrubs was scheduled to air). Instead of the regular din of commercials, the network is running nonsensical clips of some “old guy” teasing people to – where you’re pointed to an even more confusing teaser link ( The “old guy” keeps talking about making life “clutter free” but I’ve never, ever, in my entire life felt more confused about what a commercial was trying to communicate to me. I understand the unspoken meaning behind “that not-so-fresh feeling” a woman has, but I’ll be damned if I can make heads or tails of this Windows Vista campaign.

Dude. Seriously. No. This isn’t happening. Don’t take these links as validation – I’m merely baffled at what a horrible waste of resources this was. Microsoft: you had a TREMENDOUS opportunity to blow people away with what you put in Windows Vista. Instead, you send them to Web sites that don’t make any sense (though sports an RSS feed that will likely die in a month).

My god, even the “PC” in Apple’s Get a Mac commercials does a better job at representing what your product does.

Wow. Seriously. Wow.

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  8. I’m waiting a long time before I use Vista. Probably until my next computer, which will likely come with it. By then, all the kinks will be ironed out. Well, I’m waiting at least 6 months, if not a year. I feel fine with XP and I dont want to take a chance right now.

  9. Still laughing here. At first I thought it was a commercial for hallucinating seniors learning how to talk to computers, but then I kept seeing Vista popping up on this “infomercial” they are showing on Comedy Central.

    Speaking as a Linux guy, I have never laughed so hard. As a consultant for a “Windows-empowered” business however, I would have raised hell before this mess was ever put forth into the public light. A PR mistake would be a kind label at this point. Funny, but in a retarded-drunk-guy sort of way.

  10. I thought the whole thing was pretty fun. I don’t watch TV much and when I do I’m usually disappointed. Last night when I went to find The Daily Show I came across the “Person” special and enjoyed it immensely. I also thought the site was interesting but maybe that’s just me.

  11. chris why not screen capture the event of annoyance you are having so I can better understand your GUI issue thanks / and when is the next show have I been missing something it will be two month so. I love my new vista too


    Except ‘money’ in the world of Microsoft means something quite different to what’s in your pocket in the real world.

    Unlike the rest of us, the company are able to throw unimaginably large amounts at projects with NO risk of downside (such as Chapter 11 or complaints from shareholders) the result often being – as in this case – utter bollox, devoid of good taste, intelligence, accessibility or fitness for purpose.

    The in-house Microsoft myth of ‘playing the long game’ – funding loss-making products thru’ to Rev 3 by which time they’ll supposedly be really finely tuned and have found their place in the market – has *never* worked. It just encourages the sort of sloppy-thinking-without-accountability we’re seeing in this case (“after the dinosaurs, *anything* has to look better, so go for it”), and which was best illustrated by the Great Longhorn Reset.

    It’s a curse. Because who needs joined-up management when you’re never at risk of going broke?

  13. Look, Chris. I’ll try to be fair here. You look at Microsoft’s efforts through Apple-tinted glasses. Of course you’ll hate everything about them! But of course, you’re a blogger so you can put anything you want out on the web. Personally, I just find it so dishonest.

    BTW, I caught the video of Gates with Jon Stewart on and it just reinforced how I feel regarding Bill Gates vis-a-vis Steve Jobs. Gates is approachable and down-to-earth. Jobs is an insufferable egomaniac. The more I read the posts of Macheads on the internet the more I believe that Windows PCs attract people like the former and Macs attract the latter.

  14. Very funny, especially the first episode. You gotta love Microsoft for not taking themselves too seriously.

    M$ once again proves their superiority to Apple.

  15. What else Microsoft could say?

    We’ve got same stuff Apple got five years go, exactly dentical stuff, but we innovationed it 100% selves cause that what we good at innovation OK?

    This man our exceptionest leader see information please to do on new operating system featurets. You be blow way by smooth presentashion stuff.

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