Gnomedex 7.0 Dates

Congrats to Scott Beale for getting his photo of John Edwards at Gnomedex 6 into the latest issue of Time Magazine. Sadly, “Gnomedex” didn’t score any ink in the article – but that’s not keeping us from rolling forward with Gnomedex 7. If you wanna save the date, put August 9th – 12th 2007 on your calendar (Seattle, mixer on Thursday night, possible unconference on Sunday). Oh, and you might also think about penciling in the middle of January 2008 for a special Gnomedex back in Des Moines, Iowa.

We should be opening registrations for 7.0 very soon. I’ve gotta update a few more pieces on the Web site first (as well as identify a volunteer to help me manage the registration process).

15 thoughts on “Gnomedex 7.0 Dates”

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  3. Chris,

    This might be the first time there has ever been a benefit to living in Des Moines. Glad to hear you’re bringing Gnomedex 8.0 here!

    Pencil me in!


  4. Chris, as an attendee of two of the first three Gnomedexes in Des Moines, That last sentence of yours brought my heart rate up a bit. I have penciled in “Special Des Moines Gnomedex” in Outlook (Although those pencil marks are going to look strange on my LCD monitor when I go to use other applications. Oh well) from April through October. That’s sufficient for the middle of 2008, eh?

    So if there’s any chance at all that DSM in ’08 might occur, from someone who hasn’t been able to get to the west coast version of Gnomedex and misses it greatly, you can pencil in at least one attendee. And I’ll bring friends.

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