Gnomedex 7.0 Dates

Congrats to Scott Beale for getting his photo of John Edwards at Gnomedex 6 into the latest issue of Time Magazine. Sadly, “Gnomedex” didn’t score any ink in the article – but that’s not keeping us from rolling forward with Gnomedex 7. If you wanna save the date, put August 9th – 12th 2007 on your calendar (Seattle, mixer on Thursday night, possible unconference on Sunday). Oh, and you might also think about penciling in the middle of January 2008 for a special Gnomedex back in Des Moines, Iowa.

We should be opening registrations for 7.0 very soon. I’ve gotta update a few more pieces on the Web site first (as well as identify a volunteer to help me manage the registration process).