Vanishing Point Clue

Heh heh heh. I was trying to learn more about tomorrow night’s Vanishing Point Game event in Seattle (Saturday night). The invitation link shared with me ultimately 404’ed. I checked Google’s cache and came up empty handed there, too. What about Live Search?

Vanishing Point

Pay attention to the fifth link. “Good, you’re paying attention. You’ve found something that very few others will…” Either someone forgot to edit a robots.txt file, or they just assumed nobody would ever think of using a search engine (Live or any other) to scour the site for information?

2 thoughts on “Vanishing Point Clue”

  1. Sorry, Chris. That’s actually part of a relatively old clue. The game has progressed much further since, and Saturday’s event is the “finale”, so to speak. As for the invite, you don’t need it to see the finale at Gasworks, but you do need it for the party afterwards. I hope you got it in time.

    As for why the link ended up in the search results, blame SEO. So many people have linked to it that are following the game, that it immediately rose to the top of the rankings.

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