Live Linux on USB

I’m featuring something awesome in the next Pirillo’s Picks (subscribe to get even more cool finds by sending an email to [email protected]). It’s so awesome that I had to share it here in a completely dedicated entry: USB Pen Drive Linux. This open source project puts Live Linux distributions in packages ready to load onto and boot from USB flash drives. This includes DSL Embedded, Knoppix, PCLinuxOS, SLAX, MiniMe+ SLAX, and Ubuntu! Yes, you can run Ubuntu easily from a USB key!

10 thoughts on “Live Linux on USB”

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  4. None of those distros will run on my AMD CPU? Always some kind of glitch.
    Booting from a USB is the easy part. Running Linux causes problems. Can someone give me any advice? Thanks.

  5. Would love to read what your webpage says but the photos on the left seem to be over the text.. any chance to move them? Thanks

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