The iPhone is Going to Kill

So, here’s what my brother (who wants to start blogging at some point) had to say about Apple’s iPhone:

This is one of the coolest pieces of technology to come out in a while… it’s like having a mini-laptop in your hands. The ultimate media device. The catch? Cingular has the rights at this point in time (they have the worst wireless phone service). If Apple had any brains, they would get this product in the home of every American family. After 6 months of exclusive rights to Cingular, they should release an iPhone on Verizon, US Cellular, every wireless provider.

If Verizon got this phone, I would find a way to buy it… takes the place of a phone, iPod, portable DVD player, Internet and email station. Oh, let’s not forget the 2 megapixel camera built-in.

What’s next? They are going to have a phone that does all of this – but then you can project an image on a wall and hook up a small keyboard and mouse and use it as a laptop, run Photoshop and Illustrator, or catch up on your spreadsheet work while in a airport.

My brother Adam isn’t a geek – and he’s never written to me about any other device (from Apple or any other manufacturer). It’s not even out yet and I already hate the iPhone… largely because someone else didn’t make it four years ago. Seriously. Apple gets the consumer in ways that no other company ever will. It makes my new Smartphone seem so… ancient.

19 thoughts on “The iPhone is Going to Kill”

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  4. I agree on the aesthetic aspects, and probably the widgets will make this phone absolutely fab. I am keeping an open mind on the keyboard, but I am surprised Apple didn’t put 3G on this. Having become used to using 3G, I can’t imagine not having it. And I am glad my Blackjack has two batteries, cause I often need to pull out the second one during the day.

    That said, as your post illustrates, this thing will still sell like hotcakes, especially in the US. In other markets, it will be tougher.

  5. I keep seeing comments all over the Internet regarding Cingular in reference to the iPhone. I’m kind of amazed I am seeing so many people complain about Cingular’s service. I have been a Cingular customer for quite a few years and have always been pleased with the service, quality of calls, etc. Maybe it’s because I live in a part of the country that is the heart of the original Cingular territory. (The southeast). Before it was Cingular it was called Bellsouth Mobility. Anyway since we are already Cingular customers, big time apple users and have been planning on getting at “smart phone” for some time we plan on going with the iPhone. No I am not employed by Cingular just sharing my experience.

  6. You know I love gadgets, but I am just not impressed with the Iphone. It might be the fact that a lot of my mac stuff doesn’t have a long usage life. For instance my ipod that I had less than a year just gave out.
    And my husband hate the over prices mac stuff and buys it for me anyway.
    So I think the Iphone is a no go in this house.
    We have Cingular service here. And I have heard nothing but complaints.
    So I can imagine the service when they get swamped with Iphone customers.

  7. iPhone requires two hands, not cool for phones.
    nearly ALL technology on the iPhone already exists in existing retail products. The only amazing thing about it is that Steve Jobs told you that it is amazing. He has a way with words, that’s all there is to it.
    random access voicemail already done in unlocked US phones and many out of the box phones in more advanced countries.

    iPhone = iPod – battery life – RAM + built in phone.

    Will it sell like hotcakes? Of course it will, it’s being bought by sheep who were told by Jobs to buy it, and it is being touted by everyone online. It’s a consumer product intended to be used by people who were confused by mice with two buttons, and that’s the majority of people.
    Is it a major technological achievement? Of course not, people don’t care about scientific breakthroughs, they care about flashing lights, smooth edges and hating Bill Gates, all of which the iPhone offers.

  8. Unfortunately, we all have to acknowledge the point that AT&T is NOT subsidizing the purchase of the iPhone whatsoever and yet demanding a two-year contract term at rates that I am paying for my subsidized TREO 680 today. This smells of corporate greed big time; take advantage of public demand to stealthily institute new billing standards and ravenously collect guaranteed revenue from a substandard network…

  9. This ‘list’ is not even a serious attempt. Obviously this person has a negative opinion about the iPhone, even while he has never even used one..

    And those ‘reasons’ are ‘phoney’ too: How many times have you bought new batteries for your mobile phones? Even ‘sealed’ iPods’ batteries can be replaced, so what’s the problem?

    I say Chris Pirillo is just trying to float on the huge iPhone hype!

  10. Truely, I am a geek. But I also learned the lesson about doing one thing and doing it well. I want a phone that I can make a phone call on. It doesn’t need to sing songs, tell stories, and teach me to dance. It’s a phone. An electronic teather to keep me from doing the things I’d like or need to be doing so I can have some pointless conversation with someone I’d rather not be talking to anyway.

    That said, one of the guys I work with is all about the all-in-one phones and the iPhone isn’t it by a long shot. The phone he turned off last month for the new one does everything the iPhone will do and it looks like a phone, not a note-tablet. His new phone is a 5 meg camera and does GPS in case he’s ever lost. Unfortuantely, these phones, neither of them, are available in the United States. When they finally are, they will contract with one provider or another in order to hike the already ludacris price and reduce the available goodies.

  11. Will the Cingular/ATT Network be able to handle all these customers?

    All i hear bout in my town is complaints about not receiving texts, calls going right to voicemail, dropped calls.

    Has Cingular/ATT did any enhancements to be able to handle like 1 million new customers?

    And dont you think it is fishy that you have to sign a 2 year contract but yet dont get a break on price? This iphone is also PERM. Locked! so after the 2 years, you will have to buy a new Iphone, even if another GSM carrier starts selling it!!! You have now been locked into ATT for EVER! EDGE will slow down once all the iphone users get online and the network will start to struggle with handelling 1 million more customers then usual, say Good bye to your STRONG signal and say hello to the imfamous “Network Overloaded” or “We cannot complete your call at this time”

    Because the network is overloaded with customers. The iphone does not work with corporate email, and unlike other EDGE enabaled phones, the IPHONE cannot recieve phone calls while sending data via EDGE… My current phone will PAUSE EDGE network while in a call!!! So say hello to ALOT of missed calls. Thats if you can even get ON your iphone, many users still dont have service set up because of a glitch that ATT says they wont know when will get fixed!!!

    ATT has also leeked that they KNOW This phone drops calls, and they were even slated to NOT SELL the iphone through any of there ATT branded stores, only online or through….Go and try buying the phone from YOU CANT! ATT 1 week ago almost BROKE contract and told APPLE to shove it, and take there phone somewere else. So lets see what other BUGS come about with the iphone

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