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Stop the presses – I’ve finally moved from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2007! Granted, I didn’t have much choice in the matter. The decision was reached after I tried using Outlook 2000 on Windows Vista – and that experience was painful, at best. Then again, my Windows Vista experience has been nothing short of “so-so” to this point (far too many ghosts in the machine).

I’m still getting used to Outlook’s haphazard UI, but at least most of the speed issues with it have disappeared. Search is only as good as the last time the index was updated, however – which is frustrating if a message has just arrived and I can’t find it again by keyword. I’ll miss Net Folders, too.

Despite leaping to the new version, my outlook on Outlook remains the same; Microsoft needs to overhaul their PIM. And don’t even get me going on the mess that’s Windows Mail – as opposed to the slightly-more usable Windows Live Mail Desktop. Thunderbird kicks their respective digital asses (though none of ’em are true personal information managers).

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  1. Import and Export Wizard of Microsoft Outlook… okay, so let’s Import all my folders. Import from another program or file… next>> Personal Folder File (.pst) jep… that is it… next >> File to import… a path that doesn’t exists? Where is my .pst? Help! I need my folders and all it’s content… Cannot find this file. verify the path and file name are correct. ??? Where did you put it in the first place? Find it and put it back! Well it seems that I have just lost 1,5 gig on information that cannot be lost… where is it? Can someone help me with this Vista… and outlook problem!? Cheers…

  2. One problem I’m having with Outlook 07 is importing mail from Outlook ’03. I had multiple folders for my mail, and all of them imported fine except for my primary Inbox, which doesn’t import at all. I tried creating a secondary folder and moving all the emails into that one, and then importing it (thinking the problem may have been the fact I was importing the main Inbox), but it still doesn’t work. Once I get to the “select folders” screen in ’07 import, I click on the mail folder I need, and then the screen processes for a second, and goes back to normal, with the Inbox being left blank. Any ideas on this? Very frustrating!

  3. i have installed office 2000 onto my new vista laptop. all applications work except outlook. as soon as i open it, i get a message that it is not working and is going to close. syscrash … outlook.exe. any ideas.? i have tried a few things but to no avail…thanks

  4. HELP!! I ordered windows vista with outlook 2007 and ever since it freezes halfway through when I hit send/receive and will not bring any emails with attachments in at all. Does anyone have a solution to this???

  5. Chris,

    I have finally started using Outlook 2007 after a year of experimenting. It is actually faster (in my mind) than 2003 version. Thunderbird and Gmail really aren’t good alternatives for PIM stuff at all.

    Wondering if you have cracked the giant font UI problem yet. I am using Clear Type, which I love, and it may have an effect, I guess. Annoying to lose so much screen space to ridiculously large fonts.

  6. I’m using Outlook 2007…suddently I can’t send messages (can still receive). Talked with my ISP and they ran me in circles changing POP, etc. — nothing worked. They thought I had a virus…have run 3 different programs and found 4 viruses w/ 5 serious threats (Trojans), innoculated and sent to the “vault”. Thought that may have been the problem, but still cannot send messages (this started 1 day ago). Anyone else have this problem or suggestions to repair?

  7. I’m having problems sending attachments that are 100 to 200KBs. Either it’s slow to the point where it might start sending the next day, AND! / or it’ll send the email, I’m told, 60 times. Once it send the same email 120 times. As you can imagine, this is not good.

  8. Using Outlook 2007 with Vista Ultimate. Email problems do occur, however, seem to be ISP related.

    Some of the ISP’s limit your storage capacity and if you have checked off the leave message on server option in outlook you may exceed this and have emails bounce and not go thru.

    Double check that option.


  9. I’m using Outlook 2007 on a clean XP installation. Locks up pretty much all the time. I’m getting very frustrated. I started searching all over, and find that there are tons of people with lock-up problems. While I see that there is a fix for large OST and PST files, I don’t have that issue. Sometimes, when it’s locked, I can unplug my network and it comes back, so it’s not really dead, but something somewhere isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing, and it’s holding up pretty much everything. This is mostly when I’m getting stuff from my Exchange account.

    I’m not happy at all.


  10. Jurgen Kleykamp , your problem is not a problem. The file is still there. It is a little stupid that Outlook 2007 can not find *.pst file when the file type is set to “pst file”. You just need to set the file type to be “All files”, then you can see ur pst file together with other files in the folder that u chose. I followed your step and just did that. Then I successfully import my pst file. I must say thank you for your first two correct steps!

  11. Hi
    I am a new user of Windows Vista, aren’t we all.
    For years I have used Microsoft Outlook, and other information databases to initiate telephone calls.
    I am using currently using Windows Vista, Microsoft Outlook and an ADSL connection but cannot make telephone calls.
    Can anyone advise?

  12. Diane – has your issue been resolved?

    I have not been able to send or receive emails through Outlook 2007 since mid-September. I’ve tried everything to no avail. My ISP has given up on it. Dell has given up on it. I’m using Thunderbird as a workaround but would really like to resolve this one.

  13. Diane & David, I’m having the same problem. Just got a new laptop and I’ve managed to transfer the old emails, etc. from the old laptop,Outlook 2002 (XP) to the new laptop Outlook 2007 (Vista).
    I have all the email settings set correctly, but I get the error message,
    “Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request…”

    Outlook IS set up as the default. I found a fix for Outlook 2000 & 2002 to change the Registry, but I don’t know if I should try it in ’07.

    Maybe someone will be able to help us!

  14. I’m afraid that, after a month of trying to fix this, I’ve given up. I’ve found a Poco Systems e-mail application called Barca that I really like. It’s going to cost me $60.00 but I’m out of options.

  15. I have Microsoft 2007 loaded on two different computers. I can open hyperlinks in incoming messages on my 7 year old desktop but can’t on my year old laptop. What’s going on?

  16. I have recently been unable to export mail from Outlook ’07. I use it to sync e-mail between two PC’s (one XP and one Vista) and it used to work fine, but now it just sits there, constantly, thinking, and never creates the PST file. Help!

  17. I’m using outlook 2007 & VISTA and Outlook freezes all the time. I TRIED THE XP fix as discussed by Desktop Search Removal but I do not have the “Show prompts…” option under the General Settings ion the Advanced Options Screen.
    Please help!!! I am about to do something rash.

  18. Using Outlook 2007, Windows Vista – outgoing emails going directly to Outbox. I found that Delay Delivery seems to be permanently checked to delay sending mail. This is a new thing started 2 days ago. Yesterday it wanted to delay mail to 2/25/08 @ 5pm. Today it say delay to 2/26/2008 @ 5pm. I uncheck the box, but if you open again, it is rechecked to the same day and date. How can I get this to stop? Is there a file somewhere that needs to be changed to corrext this?

  19. Please help anyone. We bough a new computer with Vista. Outlook 2007 is installed. We cannot get it to automaticall receive emails. We have to restart our omputer to get it to receive. It will send emails, but then the send/receive status stays a 50%. It is so frstrating to have to turn the computer off and on to get a response. The Geek Squad set it up for us.

  20. I don’t use outlook, since most of my mails arrive 10-20 minutes late even when we are networked together with friends in the same building.

    I use my good old messenger…get it right away..

  21. New Sony laptop with VISTA and outlook 2007. Unable to send email but can receive. Get error message. What can I do?

  22. Hi, I’m having problems when sending attachments that are 100mb or larger. The email remains in my Outbox but continues to be sent. I have just sent a large email out 49 times!! Please help.

  23. I too have Vista and Outlook 2007 and I can receive emails but not send them. The setting is the same as with my XP computer and it works fine there. The message I get is the following: Task ‘Moni Marketplace – Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC80) : ‘None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server.’

    Then why is incoming working???? Any ideas anyone?

  24. Okay, so it’s not just me having issues with sending email with Outlook 2007 on Vista. I thought I was being completely idiotic.

    I am so befuddled by this… I’ve taken to bookmarking my web access to the respective school and work email accounts in order to send responses. Since I don’t normally need to reply to my messages, it hasn’t created too much of a hassle, but I WOULD like to be able to just reply if I need to.

  25. I’ve been using Outlook 2003 on Vista for some time without major hassles, and using X1 for indexing. This weekend I decided to give Outlook 2007 a try and use the new Windows Search 4.0 to index my e-mail. The last time I tried to use indexing in Vista it was a complete joke. In my professional opinion the search function in Vista at that time (12-18 months ago) was a complete and broken steaming pile of code. All I wanted to do was index e-mail, not files. Nothing too hard I would have expected. Furthermore I have a pretty simple setup, 1 off *.ost and 1 off *.pst. I know how many e-mails I have. Still no matter how long I waited for the indexing service to do its part, it would never index all of my e-mail. In fact most times it would barely index 5-10% of my total e-mail and then stop, claiming that indexing was complete. One time, after I forced a rebuild of the index and left the thing over-night I found it had only indexed 173 items out of more than 50,000 e-mails. WTF!?! Seriously WTF!?!

    Here’s the screen shot I uploaded to a forum post at the time. 50,000+ e-mails, yet the index was happy with 173 items in total. Not bad for running all freakin’ night. πŸ™

    An even more laughable situation occurred when I was trying to figure out why not all of my e-mail was being indexed. I edited the folders that I wanted to be indexed to ADD EXTRA folders, and at that instant the indexed item count started going BACKWARDS! So, let me get this one straight… I increase the amount of stuff I want indexed, and the index decreases in size. Pure genius!

    Anyway, despite this nightmare experience back in 2007, I was hopeful that maybe Windows Search 4.0 has improved things. Also a number of my work colleagues are using Office 2007, and I have un-used licene keys calling my name, so maybe, just maybe it was my time to try again. So, armed with a bag full of hope, a new version of Outlook and a new version of Windows Search I walked back into an area where I have feared to for the last 18 months.

    So, on to the test of Outlook 2007. First I made sure that may hard disks are set to enable indexing (providing no excuses for it to not work) and installed Windows Search 4.0. I used the “indexing Options” dialog (painfully slow dialog BTW) to set my choices for indexing and set it to only index e-mail. This time around I note much less flexibility in picking folders. That is, you pick everything or nothing. OK, so be it, I picked Outlook and my Local Archive (*.pst). The indexed item count started to tick over and all looked promising so I went off to let it do its stuff.

    After letting the index run for a few hours (many times longer than X1 would ever need) I came back. Again, I know how many e-mails I have archived and yet again Windows Search index stopped well short of the total figure. It only made it to about 20% of the figure I was expecting. To be precise, it indexed 17,489 items when I have more than 60,000. Oh no, not again I’m thinking.

    As testimony to the fact that the indexing didn’t do its job, I try to search for e-mail that I know exists. I type in a term that I can see in an e-mail subject that is in an e-mail in an open folder right before my eyes. What does the search tell me? NO HITS!!! ARRRGGGGGHHHHH! I keep trying to search for e-mails I can see sitting in my folders, and still no hits. Now, something weird happens; a yellow information bar pops up telling me that search results may be incomplete because the index is still being built. But hold on, the status of indexing in the profoundly slow “Indexing Options” dialog said “Indexing complete.” Unless my definition of “complete” differs from Microsoft’s definition of “complete” then I’d say we have some kind of discrepancy here. The message also says to click on it for further information and it says there’s about 3000 more items across all open mailboxes to be indexed. Ah, OK. The number still doesn’t even come close to what it needs to be, but what the hey… I have all weekend to blow away on this guff so I’ll play along. So I wait some more. By this point more than 3.5 hours have elapsed and no sign of any light at the end of the tunnel when I know X1 could have indexed this quantity of e-mail 6-7 times over by now.

    OK, the disk seems to have settled so I try searching again. Again no hits!!! WTF!?! And yet again I get a message saying that indexing is incomplete and now out of the blue 60,372 items across all open mailboxes needs to be indexed. Well, the good thing I suppose is that number is much closer to what I expect, but the problem is now, what the dickens the indexing service has been doing the last 4 hours? OMG. So I have waited 4 hours (most of that time NOT at my computer, so there’s no excuse M$; it wasn’t waiting for me to stop working) to index what exactly? I’m also typing this message on a DIFFERENT computer so I’m not slowing down the indexing. So again I ask, what the bejeezers is going on?? I’m not sure how much more I can take of this BS. That encrypted backup I made of my system before I installed Office 2007 yesterday is starting to look rather appealing; even though that will take all night to restore, I know I won’t be dissapointed when I get up in the morning… πŸ™

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