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I just became a Clearwire subscriber the other day. They’re running a pretty good membership special right now, but that’s not the reason I signed up for an account. I’m using Clearwire at home for a few reasons:

  • Broadband backup – when Comcast goes down, I can still be up. Downtime sucks.
  • Bittorrent nirvana – I can transfer large files without saturating my primary network.
  • Better backwards compatiblity – I’m running a wireless router on the Clearwire modem at a lower security level (WEP) for devices that aren’t 802.11g compatible.

Plus, the modem will work anywhere there’s a Clearwire signal present – although I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a PCMCIA or SDIO solution will avail itself at some point. No matter, there’s a $15 Visa reward for every Clearwire referral. If you’re in Seattle, I’ll just connect you directly with the guy who set me up.

5 thoughts on “Clearwire Coupon”

  1. Nice for you that you are happy with Clearwire.

    Just make sure they don’t rip you off if you should ever cancel the contract. They might not tell you that they keep charging invoices as long as you have the modem, no matter whether you actively cancelled the contract or not. One of their “rules” is that their customer support does not even know they can shutdown your connection. So the support people keep telling you that you can always use the modem, no matter whether you have a contract or not.
    What a bullshit. Yes, very nice wireless technology, but it’s hollow inside. Now I have a good DSL subscription which is cheaper and faster and more reliable.

  2. My thoughts on Clearwire having used it for 2 years is that while it has it’s issues it’s been pretty steady for me considering I can’t get Comcast Digital Cable. Something a lot of people do not know is that you can sign up for a MONTH TO MONTH contract at the same price. If you are going to sign up for Clearwire get that if at all possible. They will not tell you about it unless you specifically ask. Afterall, they want their $220 contract breaking fee, or whatever it currently is. If you can only get a 1yr contract, or your 1 or 2 yr contract is expiring, and you are going to keep it then call them up and switch to a month-to-month contract. You will be happier when it comes to ending the contract due to moving, or getting a faster connection.

    Although, don’t ask me about playing online games with it. >.

  3. don’t expect “Bittorrent nirvana” it might work good the first few times u do it and then poof u will be placed into purgatory mode and you will be slowed down to speeds slower then dial-up .. they manage there networks very hard they did when i was working there and they still do. its in the terms of service u agreed to.

    and no u cant cancel because of that fact without paying the etf and yes they will keep billing you till the modem or cpe as they call it is back in vegas at inventory..

    i hope u cancel before your 7 day trial period is up because u will be disappointed

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