World's Highest Linux Distribution

I’ve taken over a hundred flights in my short lifetime. Some experiences have been great (JetBlue), and others have been wildly less-than-mediocre. No matter what, I always appreciate the infusion of technology / entertainment options with mass transit. Boeing is sadly killing their Connexion service, and that probably means we won’t ever see wireless Internet access in airplanes. Delta put us on a newer plane last week, en route to Florida (to start our honeymoon). While there wasn’t WiFi, I had a personal digital concierge placed at my fingertips – literally. A touch screen system with plenty of options had been infused into the back of everyone’s seat. I watched a movie, flipped through some live TV channels, then decided to play some Galaga. Without warning, the unit locked up – and I tried everything to restart the buttonless, pinholeless PC. I couldn’t believe what I saw next:

Is that the world’s highest Linux installation?

9 thoughts on “World's Highest Linux Distribution”

  1. chris,

    sounds like you were on an embraer (sp?) e190. great plane. yes, the system does hang up some times, but SO much better than the usual crap. thankfully, air canada moved to these planes on their seattle to toronto run…


  2. Boeings high-speed service may be on life support and ready to die but expect several new competitors in this space very soon. You may start seeing high-speed Internet on domestic flights in 2007. It’s coming. Promise.

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