Global Warming: Save Us from Ourselves

Directly from tonight’s report (Will Technology Save us or Kill us):

CO2 in the atmosphere is off the charts – a logical (not just political) outcome from sloppy and outdated manufacturing processes and the increasing amount of nations reliant on fossil fuels. The more populations we industrialize, the more carbon dioxide we produce – it’s really *THAT* simple. It’s scary simple. “Technology” can save us, but it is likely leading us down the path of our own destruction. What we need to apply now is our knowledge, not just our tools. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from – we’re all in this together. Forget about our petty differences for just a split second and realize that we’re facing something potentially cataclysmic. This isn’t a future generation’s problem – it’s our problem. This isn’t happening in the future – it’s happening today.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

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  1. I don’t know….

    So far, for every report that says we are dead meat some other report comes out about that says we are fine….

    In the 70’s we were facing global cooling…
    Now it’s global warming…

    Not to mention that if just ONE volcanic blast takes place more CO2 gas is released into the atmosphere than everything humanity has contributed since before the 900’s….

    I say, until the scientific community proves that this is REALLY a problem, and not some politician trying to use this as a ploy to win votes, we just have to be careful – but not irrational about it.

  2. Buffalo had its warmest winters in 137 years!! – I heard, cos I have been here only for 6 months now.

  3. Exactly.

    The US government is alone in pretending climate change isn’t occurring. China, India, and Australia where there’s a serious drought) all accept it’s happening and are working towards doing something about it..

    Global warming claims first inhabited tropical island

    Plant zones in the US shifted north one zone from 1990 to 2006

    I’m blogging a lot about this. The political implications are obvious.

  4. Ya know. It always snows here in the boondocks of KY in the winter. This year we have only had a few snow flurries one day that lasted about an hour. THATS IT! THIS BLOWS AND ITS 65 DEGREES TODAY….IN JANUARY….W-H-Y

  5. There’s a fascinating article by David Perlman of the San Francisco Chronicle – on the web- dated 1/5/07 in which a group of scientists from University of Caliornia -Davis gathered evidence of fluctuations in ancient carbon dioxide levels by analyzing fossil plant leaves and weathered rocks throughout the American Southwest, ice cores in Antartica, Australian fossils, and coal formations in China. Very interesting links between lower levels of CO2 during the ice ages and higher levels as the earth warmed, and their conclusion is that carbon dixide is the major force in global warming. The scientists have no political ax to grind, so their conclusions should be taken seriously.

  6. you should watch al gores movies and watch VERY CLOSELY.
    not all of his facts are correct.
    example: “what IF the sealevel would rise 20 meters” (He never sead it would really happen.)

    and by the way, warming of the earth increases the amount of co2 in the air, its not the other way around.

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